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  1. 3 minutes ago, Basket Case said:

    As Lake says........we're heading for the Chinese version of the internet.
    What to do, indeed.


    It's going to be back to bread and butter for most of us I guess. Phone books, landlines, email addresses and these 'Stand Up X' gatherings as small local networks. 


    To put a positive spin on things, lets just hope the above timeline does not play out and instead enough people wake the f**k up, to put an end to this madness. 

  2. @lake @Basket Case this is my fear. the web is almost a last bastion of free speech and freedom for many people like us. If they then turn the internet into a reflection of the 'real world' i.e. an extremely heavily censored reality where you can only access a very few select websites (almost like a companies intranet firewalled portal). 


    Where do people like us go for comfort (as sad as it sounds). The ramifications of this will be unreal levels of isolation, and will send many of us, almost schizophrenic with nothing to soundboard our internal thoughts with. 

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  3. When there is nowhere left to socialise, due to the decimation we see unraveling before us. 

    We will fall back onto the digital world in order to network. This forum, whatsapp, telegram and other mediums that can be shut down in a click of a finger.  

    I will personally suffer greatly if they begin policing the internet as they have done the ‘real world’. As I only know a couple of people in my physical circle who are open to any kind of rational discussion, this will double down on the isolation and dislocation. 


    Is it time to start learning how to access the deep web now, while I still can? 

  4. 14 minutes ago, zarkov said:

    Hi @2020member

    I got a cheap one of ebay about 15 years ago ~£40 iirc

    Similar to this

    or this one

    They have come down in price since then. The one I have has 2 silicone tubes one for air intake and one for exhaust. The intake draws air in via a filter that removes moisture via silica beads in a plastic capsule and the exhaust although a low relative output is enough to clean neutralise some of the chemicals that remain in the water - There is a water stone at the end of the exhaust tube to create fine bubbles which increases ozonation efficiency.

    If you decide to get one make sure you read about them, theres plenty of info on the internet. mines been going strong for 15 yrs and most people recomended I get a better one but it has been great for me. Lots of other uses for them too so read up before you decide.

    thank you very much for that. I shall look into the suggestions and read up on them a bit! 

  5. 30 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Mao's cultural revolution and communism basically. These days it seems like a mix of capitalism and communism there. They  have opened up the market a bit, but it still seems like there is no private property there. If I remember rightly, they have 70-year leases on homes for example.


    During the revolution they destroyed a lot of their history, like we see iconoclasts doing today. Now it seems like they're lost people. Individual lives don't seem valued, It's all about society as a whole, Xi and the CCP. With Mao's Great famine, I guess it was easy to make an obedient society because people were scared to bite the hand that feeds.


     If there is any hope for China against their surveillance state, it will be with the younger generation, because the older generation from the revolution are lost.



    Thanks for the pointers, i’ll look into that. 

    Having been there a few times recently i’d say there’s no hope in the youth of today. They are hopelessly addicted to smart tech and are distracted by a monumental rat race. Any dissenters are nipped in the bud. 

    My chinese friend who’s the meekest and mildest person you could meet had his WeChat profile suspended for a week for criticising the government. WeChat is a government owned app that they use to pay, socialise, date, maps, chat etc on. So he quickly had to get in line before his lifeline was taken of him.  

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  6. 15 minutes ago, FrankVitali said:




    VERY interesting..  This could point towards something!

    it could indeed. 

    As soon as i get more confirmation. All cash is being withdrawn! 

    (not that it’ll be worth anything mind you 😂)

  7. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for any videos which look at how the chinese model of control came about? 


    It's easy to find content on their current overzealous and invasive 'security measures' they impose on their population. However i'm interested in how they managed to get over a billion people into total servitude. 


    Here in the UK we are heading for this way of life at an incredible rate of knots, so i'm intrigued how it was first implemented, how it is maintained and how it links up with the greater picture of Rothschild's banking etc. I've tried to look for such content before, however have greatly struggled, any help would be massively appreciated!

  8. On 10/6/2020 at 4:20 PM, Basket Case said:

    lf you're in the UK, l'd recommend a mega-home distiller.
    Keep it clean inside (use a scourer between runs to remove scale - it's stainless steel so easy to keep clean) 

    Keep the top cooling unit clean from dust and fluff with a hoover.
    Glass or BPA-free plastic collecting jugs.
    Charcoal bag in spout to be replaced every couple of weeks.
    Had mine for around 2 years....all good so far.
    l wait until the jug has cooled to room temperature before l use it.


    megahome distilller.jpg


    very similar to my set up. did you have a slightly strange tang to it, within the first few runs? 

  9. On 10/3/2020 at 1:08 AM, oz93666 said:

    I used to drink distilled regularly at one time ,  I still think it's the best , reverse osmosis is very close second .... As for taste , if it's true distilled it shouldn't have one , but you may perceive that it does because  you are used to normal water and it's a change , you notice the change and perceive that as a taste ...


    What is taste or smell ? it's chemicals activating receptor sites in tonged of nose , but there should be zero chemicals in pure water , so it can't have a taste ...


    So it could be you just need to get used to it ...


    or alternatively it really does have a taste (is very mildly contaminated) ... If a new machine the heating element could be giving something off , after a few runs this will go and taste should be gone ...another possibility is volatiles in feed water , which pass over with the steam  unlikely ...


    One type of distiller I used had a small charcoal bag and the water dripped through this after distillation , this will remove everything , I guess the manufacturer was worried about chlorine passing over with the steam , which will happen if feed water is chlorinated.


    Did you make it or buy one ? if I saw the model I might have more thoughts... 


    Edit ... just checked ebay , they sell these small charcoal bags for distillers , same size as tea bags 




    If your water drips through one of these after distillation it will be guaranteed 100% pure 


    Thanks Oz, it's just a cheap table top one off ebay. i think the taste is from the heating element. i have some of the charcoal t-bags now 🙂

  10. I’ll be honest I hadn’t heard of Carl Vernon prior to Covid. What do people make of him? 

    I personally enjoy his content and basically use him as my daily news. As he highlights the insanity we see being rolled out in 2-3 minute videos. 

    I must admit his content does get a bit depressing and disillusioning after a while though (i’m not shooting the messenger).

  11. Hi Folks, 


    I’ve recently started using a water distiller and was wondering what other people’s experiences have been? 

    I’m finding the water tastes like kettle water, once its cooled down. Or the taste of drinking water from the hot tap. 

    I’m just wondering if that’s a normal aftertaste ? (Obviously that would make sense considering the whole machine is like a giant kettle). 

  12. If being ‘alternative’ is now going to become popular, i’m all for it. We all know she’s a sorry excuse for a pied piper (if that). But at least we know once your thinking changes and your 3rd eye opens. We know people will learn to only use her as a stepping stone into this sphere, rather than seeing her as gospel. I take what David say’s with a pinch of salt sometimes especially when he totally censors himself about WWI/II.

  13. @Persephone took it for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which I've had for 15 years - made no difference over the course of a few months. 


    Also smoked CBD leaf cannabis (without THC) made me a little light headed, but nothing more. 


    Sorry, but I can't recommend. 


    I have also tried pure cannabis oil, but all that did was give me a crazy trip which almost me do something really really stupid, so this wasn't an option moving forwards. 

  14. On 9/12/2020 at 8:05 PM, Nobby Noboddy said:

    OK serious question (not the thread it might be in but you're all creative) about the attached snippit.


    Please tell me what you think might be being depicted here. It's not a trick question or anything and no prizes sorry. BUT I do want to know if anyone else sees what i see.



    A willy

  15. @Fluke thank you friend. It's very worrying and disillusioning isn't it...


    The worst thing is, i can quite easily see non compliance being met with terrible retaliation and violence. Having witnessed snatch squads at recent protests picking off the speakers, i fear that we could endure this same fate on a daily basis when the going gets really tough. 


    The sad thing is, i'm not a violent person or enjoy conflict whatsoever. I have to pump myself up just to go about my daily business, having every tom, dick and mohammed giving me weird looks when not wearing a mask in shops etc. Yet sadly I can only see this situation ending up in some form of violent oppression/resistance for those of us who don't toe the line. 


    I really hope enough people manage to urgently wake up. Todays news is a huge kick up the backside for some people and I know a few who have just today at least admitted they smell a bit of a rat. We desperately need strength in numbers at this stage...

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  16. Although todays news here in the UK does not surprise me. When you hear it spoken and put firmly into action there is something really eery about it coming to fruition. 


    I've just listened to Boris's speech and some of the stuff he said was beggars belief. 


    • Street 'enforcement marshals' for COVID 
    • No more than 6 people gathering or fines and arrest imposed
    • A huge emphasis on 'enforcement' by the police and extra funding so it seems
    • If you are tested and show 'negative' you can go 'back to normal' and do 'normal things' 


    Essentially it seems those who do not buy into this hoax, will now be increasingly marginalised and ostracised. I note the 'rule of 6' comes about when protests are really starting to take off now and gaining some great momentum. What a great way to be able to beat people into submission than make such gatherings illegal and allow the psychopaths to let rip. 


    Now they've done the field testing in broad strokes, it seems they are going to unfold this new lockdown far more individually and penalise those who will not toe the line. 


    Anyone else experiencing a bit of a sinking feeling? this could get very ugly....




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  17. 6 hours ago, Ecki Divad said:


    That's your interpretation of the incident.  Interesting that you choose to interpret it in the most adverse and scandalous way.  I watched the video myself and didn't see him using a phone.  He may have just taken his hands off the handlebars to take a phone out of his pocket.  So what?  You are allowed to take one or both hands off the handlebars.  This is fact.  It is legally permitted.


    I saw another of this person's videos in which he alleged that a woman had been assaulted by the police.  I watched the video and saw that in fact she assaulted the police officer.  I pointed this out in the comment section under the video on YouTube and had about a dozen people like you denying what was clearly in the video and insulting me just for pointing out the truth.


    If, as we claim, we're interested in truth and freedom, then shouldn't we extend the benefit of this to everybody and practice it in our own lives?

    Well said. It should be benefited to everyone. 

  18. @Smokestack Lightnin'


    although i thought your comment was a little abrupt, which is unneeded here as we are hopefully all singing of the same hymn sheet. 


    What I will say is I totally understand and agree with your points and rationale. 


    Just wished someone such as Crimebodge opened himself up a bit more to at least making reference to the fact this corruption is 'by design' and can be traced back to the wasps nest (for lack of a better phrase). 


    I just think he's a bit too focused on getting a 'one up' on fairly low level stuff (which i totally get). But some of his followers take this too literally and essentially believe they can change the culture of these foot soldiers by doing 'audits', which generally come to nothing and just gets them on police watch lists. 

  19. @Ecki Divad thank you for that very well written comment. 


    Sadly i'm out of 'hearts' for today. 


    All I would add to that is although i don't expect him to be going after the royals and the MPs. He himself has gained a huge following of generally speaking 'angry young men', with little direction. 


    I'd love it if he advocated the Stand Up X rallies and how much police abuse has gone on during COVID. All he seems to want to do is get a 'one up' on the police by splitting hairs on infractions of their own policies they will continuously break. 


    I'm extremely aware of police corruption having been a victim myself. I have also witnessed horrendous corruption during these recent protests, and it would be greatly appreciated if he could put his energy and efforts into highlighting as much. And also direct his followers into this arena too. 


    Nether the less, i think he's got tunnel vision and is too busy trying to spot minor breaches and infractions to fuel this 'got one over on you' mentality. 



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