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  1. To throw a spanner in the works i’m not a fan of his.


    Although sometimes warranted... he tends to only attack the foot soldiers of the police relentlessly. People who often put themselves in harms way every single day, with little thought for their own wellbeing to save others. 

    I totally understand the police tend to only go for low hanging fruit, by that I mean; traffic matters, penalising the most vulnerable members of society and only scratching the surface of crimes that really matter. 

    Crimebodge tends to attack and berate those who are in the impossible position of trying to keep law and order. He tars them all with the same brush and often spits complete venom. 

    I wish he’d put as much time and effort into arguing the odds over a wayward traffic stop, as others do in raising the extreme corruption that goes right to the core of this government and the cabal. Rotherham, rochdale... the royals... parliamentary pedophilia.. 7/7 ... COVID.. things that really need the passion of a self confessed lawyer. 

    I’m aware I sound like an armchair critic. But in my opinion crimebodge goes for the low hanging fruit of bumbling police mistakes and at best misguided faux pas of legislation designed not to be understood by the average foot soldier. 

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  2. @FinallyAwake thanks for sharing that insight. I'm really happy for you, not in a sense that this information is enjoyable to digest. But moreso that you have been able to overcome terrible adversity, such as being blind - yet still follow your intuition and seek truth.


    I agree, there's probably a lot of misinformation put out there, but it's good to touch base on these forums and soundboard stuff you come across!

  3. Something which has always been a weight on my shoulders is how to process, internalise, rationalise and ultimately deal with acts of extreme evil. 


    The abuse of innocent defenceless animals and children. The neglect of the frail, disabled and the elderly. The destruction of our planet and natural resources. The deletion of cultures and the re-writing of history. In an 'idealic world' just one of the aforementioned would provoke feelings of anger and injustice, but just how dulled have we become? 


    People of the 'postage stamp consensus' genuinely believe that becoming a police officer will put the bad people in jail. Or joining the fringes of a political party and lobbying on a local level will help get to the root cause of issues. 


    The above is admirable, but for me it never scratches the surface because you are ultimately propping up the system whilst trying to fight manufactured parts of said system. 


    In examples of extreme evil which i'm seeing so much of today, a part of me dies every time I hear or see such acts. You try and help when and where you can and be the change you want to see. My biggest coping mechanism is having faith in the creator and that one day all the wrongs will be righted. I try to stick to the very basic principles of causing no harm, loss or injury to your fellow human. 



    What coping mechanisms do you employ when you see, hear, experience evil which is beyond comprehension?

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  4. @Mr H


    Thanks for adding your experience to the mix and I totally agree with you. If i'm so susceptible to street level drugs, the last thing I need right now is to burn the candle and both ends and end up doing irreparable damage. 


    My reasoning for taking 'aya' wouldn't have been to explore the wormhole of having an 'awakening' even further. For me.. as you rightly say, that is what we all naturally gravitate towards anyway, but this world is set up to pull us away from that gravitation as quickly as possible. 


    My reasoning for taking it would be to find peace with a long term health condition I have and also find peace with childhood trauma and the ripple effects that causes on one's life. It's not necessary I do it and if i'm being honest I think time has run out on such recreational endeavours anyway. I personally think the matrix is all coming to a head now and it's getting to the point where we're all going to have to make some incredibly tough life choices. 

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  5. the 3rd and 4th interviews seemed to be a bit of a re-hash of 1 and 2. This one was refreshing but equally harrowing as David mapped out the future (which we all know) he just conveys it in a way that no one else can. 


    Rose came across as quite arrogant and cocksure in his early interviews with David (prior to this run of 5), but I can tell he has been genuinely humbled as we see David's predictions come to fruition in almost carbon copy fashion. 


    When the seasonal flu/cold/pneumonia season gets rebranded 'COVID' and people can't put food on the table it'll sadly be totally hijacked, by design, by this psychopathic bastards. 

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  6. 20 hours ago, karmaxxxx said:

    HI sorry for the delay in answering you, i could not honestly advise you on ayahuasca as its not for everyone. tread carefully on this one. if a joint has done that to you, i would advise stay clear. it was my path i was lead into it, my experience was the hardest of my entire life as i faced myself and all my add ons and demons. but i also saw how literally mad we have become.

    how we are nothing more than ego driven automatic response units.

    i was allowed to see all this and the pain hurt we push on to others, i was allowed to see other peoples reactions feelings and there pain but i would of never of learnt otherwise.

    i was then shown with utter amazement how soft and gentle nature can be, and was enveloped in pure love the depth i have never experienced ever before or since.

    i was shown how small i was and how huge i was, and that every action thought or deed has an impact on the universe we except it or not.

    it was the most humbling experience Ive ever had, and there is no words to explain how you see every person as a fractal code all emanating pure light and how the strands interweave  with everyone we come in contact with hope Ive given you enough of an insight


    Thank you for replying. It was as I thought/feared and I think i'll give it a miss unless I feel a massive calling and urge to have it. I'm not egotistical enough to think I won't see anything new from it, but I don't think right now is the best place for me, as i've had such crazy experience from a drug a lot lower down in the pecking order. 


    It sounds like your were broken down and built back up. And had everything re-wired wiping all the bullshit you will have been spoon fed in school. I have a lot of admiration for you doing that. I bet it took an incredible amount of bravery to live through that experience and not totally freak out to the point were you were put in a nut house. 

  7. 8 hours ago, Smokestack Lightnin' said:

    Being a White, British, indigenous, heterosexual male living in London from 2007-2014 was my awakening. Getting arrested four times in Islington, once for writing a strong letter to the NatWest bank manager complaining about the appalling standard of English  written on a memo displayed in a branch in Archway in three different locations. (I was an English teacher.) NatWest, who are a subsidiary of RBS had Fred Goodwin at the helm and had just carried out the biggest 'bank job' in living history and here was this bank manager employed by them who couldn't even read or write while I was unemployed at the time.

    RBS bank had to be bailed out with billions of pounds and here they were employing this guy who wrote a letter that would have been fine if you had stumbled upon a small bank in the middle of the Amazonian jungle written by the local manager. My letter to this moron was written in a sardonic, mocking tone but he deemed it to be racist and I spent 8 hours in a cell for that one. No charges in any of the arrests were ever made. No charges were ever brought in any case because no crimes had actually been committed.


    In another case a Nigerian security guard from Sainsbury's said that I called him a Black African C*** when the police arrived after I told him to let a shoplifter go. (He was a well known homeless guy in the area and would have been on CCTV.) In both cases my crime was that I was a White indigenous native who could articulate better, speak sharper and make them feel foolish because English was their second language.   (18 hours for that one but admittedly it didn't help when I took the piss and laughed throughout the police interview at their stupidity.) The police can deal with drugged up psychos but it's smart arses who take the piss that they struggle with. That's when I knew something was very f***ed up.  Yassif Iqbal is the name of the guy who signed the memo.


    As jon wedger would say “the police only go for low hanging fruit”

  8. 20 hours ago, Given To Fly said:


    yip, i've read many articles about spirituality and i remember one saying that the demons/dark filth are also aware of those who 'volunteered' to be here to bring light/awakening, even probably from birth, who are targeted individuals -- which is why so many TIs don't have a clue why they are targeted.


    I saw an interview with David years ago where he was asked "how come you haven't been assassinated yet". He basically responded saying he was operating on a frequency where he was not fazed by them. It took me some years to figure that out, but now I know what he means. If you know your true purpose and you know exactly what you are fighting for, their bullshit is water of a ducks back. Ironically those of us who are awake... our biggest road blocks are the brain dead zombies that go along with said bullshit which then makes the fight doubly difficult. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Orange Alert said:

    Stansted Airport - staff wearing masks, also the Essex airport plod, but the Boarder Force officers were not wearing masks when they were mingling between the arriving passengers. One could get fined by an unmasked, boarder guard for not a wearing a mask. I love British double standards!


    Hypocrisy is the motto of england at the minute. 

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  10. @Truthspoon thanks for the response. At present out of paranoia i'm going to keep a slight sense of vagueness to my post(s) as I always do. Just because in some people's eyes at the minute questioning COVID, puts you in the h0l0caust denier category.  I'll probably speak more freely a few weeks down the line. 


    I am so glad to be out of the goldfish bowl that is the U.K right now. I hear the odd tourist chuntering about COVID, but I just think to myself... have a f*cking break! you're on holiday for christs sake. 

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  11. I thought i’d do a write up to help other forum members who are curious/concerned or otherwise regarding current air travel. 


    I’d booked to go to a middle eastern country way back in 2019, and the holiday had been on and off throughout all of the UK lockdown right up until the ‘last minute’.


    I have a hidden disability and usually notify the travel company before hand who then inform the airport and I usually get the pleasure of wearing a lanyard which say’s ‘look at me i’m a human’ which cuts down on all the endless queuing and degrading processes one usually experiences in a airport situation.  


    Whilst booking this I began to query the mask situation with the robotic special assistance travel agent. At the time of checking in over the phone, it was totally mandatory and there seemed to be no way round it. I threw some far fetched health issues at him like hypoxia and such like to see if that could get me a medical exemption, but it all blew up in my face and the robot was then worried I was too ill to fly, and I had to get a medical form filled out by my Dr to state I was fit to travel (I tried folks, and that f*cking form cost me £30). 


    Travelling to the airport my mind raced at what to expect. Frisks with barge poles? meter long swabs with COVID on them? endless waiting in quarantine pods?… upon arrival at the airport car park other travellers were starting to mask up as though preparing for some kind of impending doom. I held off, and luckily the driver of the transfer mini bus didn’t seem to care and overloaded said minibus with masked up families and myself.


    Upon arrival at the airport itself, everyone was then masked up and it was at this point I was prepared to make a concession or simply not fly at all (this was not easy to make). I put the surgical mask which I had prepared earlier with a hole puncher around my neck. Yes you read that right… I had used a hole punch across the front of the mask as I simply cannot breathe with those damned things on and I also wanted to check whether anyone would pull me up on it. Or whether simply wearing ‘any kind of face covering’ as per government guidelines with the whole agenda, to essentially muzzle us from social contact. 


    I put the mask up to around mid chin level as a sign of my dedication and intention to wearing it and to show I was a true conformist and believer so other  zombies wouldn’t attack me. I also donned my hidden disabilities lanyard as an extra layer of protection and to make staff think twice and question their legal grounds on discrimination before approaching me like a wild banshee. 


    I managed to wear my mask below my nose and mouth all the way up to the bag check in desk, where I pulled it up for a few moments. Bizarrely the check in girls behind the bag weighing scales were the only ones I met that day not wearing masks. But fear not… they had a plexiglass screen which will have protected them from biowarfare attacks from a front position only, they wouldn’t have faired well if they had been flanked. They asked me to take my mask off which I gladly abided by as they cross checked my passport photo against my face. 


    Moving on I then had the pleasure of going through security, which for once was fairly quiet and stress free due to the severely reduced footfall from the lack of travellers. It was at this point it started to dawn on me that I had been in the airport for well over 30 minutes and nothing had been broadcasted or mentioned otherwise about the deadly threat from terrorism. Instead this fear mongering had been replaced like for like, with an invisible killer and a much deadlier one so it seemed. As many people were wearing welders masks I thought to myself we could have done with those when nuts and bolts were flying through the air during the countless terrorism attacks we’d seen at U.K airports previously. Anyhow I proceeded through a security scanner i hadn’t encountered before. It was two parallel walls which you had to stand between which no doubt gave me a lovely dose of radiation to set me on my way. 


    Passing through I was now in the duty free area which was like walking through madam tassauds. The perfume and aftershave staff were stood like statues looking vacant as the odd passenger dripped and drabbed through this area. In yester-year they would have basically heckled you like an Egyptian bazar, instead they were locked into position, due to all the samples and freebies being removed, for signs which basically read “look but don’t touch”. I felt sorry for them, wishing they’d called it a day, but sadly I imagine they think this will all go back to ‘normal’ any day now. 


    I carried on and found another ghost town of the usual array of shops totally shut down apart from boots and WH Smiths. I forgot to mention at this point since security I had been wearing my mask at mid chin level and still had not been challenged. As mentioned before, simply having one about your person seem to have a calming effect on enforcers. 


    I moved onto the only restaurant that was open which was fairly busy as it had a captive audience of anyone who wanted a sit down drink or meal. I had to navigate some kind of assault course to actually enter it as barriers funnelled me backwards and forwards until I made it to a track and trace welcome table and huge bottle of hand sanitiser. Alas, I had come prepared by filling up an empty pocket size bottle earlier in the day with water, which I liberally applied showing my willingness to conform. I then was seated by a mask clad waiter who whisked me away before I could put any fake details down on the track and trace form. 


    I sat at a table with ample space around me and a QR code to scan if I was to have the pleasure of eating or drinking. I said to the waiter I didn’t own a phone (I do) and asked if he had a paper menu. He chuckled and said I could use his phone quickly to order from. I did just that and chose a veggie english breakfast and a mug of tea. As it was being prepared I looked around and weighed up the pro’s and con’s of living in a post apocalyptic world. I liked how for the first time under the guise of an invisible threat I and many others have been treated like humans for the first time since 9/11. The mandatory spacing etc, meant that people could no longer be herded like cattle through all the various rat runs of an airport. On the other hand, it was a sad, dull and emotionless environment and was straight out of a black mirror episode. The tea arrived, oddly enough I was given a mug of boiling water and a tea bag placed next to it. It was a though if whoever arranged this cup and saucer, had worried i’d have been given COVID if they’d simply but the bag in the water. 


    I finished up my food and headed down to my gate. It was by this point I had totally given up on my mask and I scowled back at passengers who tried to give me a look as though to say “you inconsiderate bastard”. I witnessed a lady wearing a strimmer visor and gloves race to the hand sanitising station as if to say “look at me, look how good i’m being!” i felt like throwing her a dog treat on the floor for being a good dog. As I approached the check in girls on the gate, I raised my mask to just below my nose as to not draw any attention, but again I was much obliged to remove it so they could cross reference against my passport for a final time. 


    As expected on my budget airline, not a seat was spare and there were the usual array of complimentary crying babies and people hustling and bustling to go nowhere in a rush. The usual introductions were made but they announced that masks had to be worn covering the NOSE and MOUTH, which scuppered my plans somewhat. When the flight got going the mask clad stewardesses raced for the trolly service and from then on it was all about selling as much stuff as possible. I got some food as during this period I could take the mask off as per the captains allowance for those who were eating and drinking. I made this period last as long as possible and then wore the mask below my nose for the rest of the flight. I found the mask did come in handy when the stench of alcoholic hand sanitiser reached tipping point. And when a babies nappy was full of shit and the parents made no effort to stop him screaming or clean him up. 


    Upon arrival at my middle eastern destination I had to fill in a brief form to say I hadn’t got COVID and where i was staying. I was apprehensive as I didn’t know what to expect. I briskly walked ahead and had to pass through a funnelled area with a thermal camera pointing vaguely towards where I walked past. The man operating it didn’t gaze up from whatever he was reading, so I felt total relief at this point. My mask was fully on at this stage as to not draw attention and then I passed the border control box, where the police officer duly stamped my passport and waived me on. 


    I was now free from the insanity and went to the prayer room near the carrousels to thank the watchful eye for getting me through the experience unscathed. I picked up my bags which just so happened to be first off, and exited to the airport unaware as to what world I was going to find waiting for me. The 40 degree C heat hit, and I thought to myself…there is no way i’m wearing this damned thing in this climate. I found my pre-booked taxi who’s driver sprayed my bags down with disinfectant and offered me up a cold bottle of water. On the drive to the hotel he wore his mask below the chin, so I followed suit. Desperately scanning the street with my eyes for signs of sanity I was relieved to see most of the local populous had not conformed to stupid and I felt at ease. 


    Upon arriving at the hotel I was greeted by the only member of staff wearing a mask who aimed a thermometer waywardly at my arm and wrote down my temp on a bit of paper. At this stage I had the mask on below my chin as a sign of willingness and then removed it once in my room. I took a cold shower and went straight out without a mask, to get a stiff drink. Whilst talking to the locals most of them were open to the concept that COVID was bullshit, or at least an ulterior motive from America was playing out. The streets were fairly empty in what was once a bustling tourist town and I felt sorry for the lovely locals who had worry in their eyes. They all expressed concerns over finances and were eager for me to bring good news concerning more tourists coming out to the destination. 


    I then set about finding a bureau de change, and found one which said ‘masks are mandatory’ on the door with the military police a little further up the road looking at me. I walked in and asked if they were mandatory and the owner replied “it’s up to you”, I said “no” and we proceeded with the exchange. I went and spoke to a promo worker for one of the restaurants and asked if the police were going to cause me issues. He informed me I needn’t worry and they were only there to ensure food workers adhered to some rules I couldn’t care less about. 


    My next mission was to find a dentist to deal with the fact I hadn’t seen one for 6 months due to all dentists refusing service in my home city in the U.K. Within 15 minutes I was sat in a dentist chair in a stunning dental practise and had been greeted with friendly smiles and no bullshit. I was done within an hour and felt 100 times better for it and was eternally grateful for their no nonsense approach at half the price.  


    Over the next few days, I have seen braindead U.K tourists walking around in 40 degree C heat in masks sweating their bollocks off. But I refuse to conform to stupid and bring stupid with me from a fucking stupid country which is the U.K. 


    I hope this insight helps anyone who is on the fence with regards to travel. 

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  12. 8 hours ago, karmaxxxx said:

    well for me i sort of always knew things didn't tally realised this as a child, i have always been a fringe dweller so to speak, but more so now.

    what catapulted me head long was my fathers death, NHS misdiagnosed him. i  started a quest of serious seeking starting with religous material bible sacred texts kaballa you name it probably read it. on that path led to my now deceased teacher and DI then i got the courage and blew the doors off my mind i did 4 days of ayahuasca i learnt more in them 4 days than the whole of my life, and healed a very deep trauma. and that i thank my lucky stars for, so my aim is to be around like minded people hopefully help in some way and carry on my learning.


    If you don’t mind. Would you be able to expand on your ayahuasca experience? I ask because I’m extremely sensitive to any kind of intoxicant. If I have cannabis it’s enough to basically have me crawling on the floor crying out for god to save me. It’s a wormhole into how terrifyingly f*cked up this world is.  I’ve actually still not recovered from a cannabis hit I had two years ago. It physically moved me into a different reality. I lived through heaven, hell and everything in between from that joint. If I have ayahuasca I’m scared i’d never recover from that ‘high’. In your opinion do you think I would not benifit me? In that too much soul searching can be dangerous and cause irreparable damage. 

  13. 22 hours ago, Captainlove said:

    My awakening was two things one, i was working for the NHS for 15 yrs and slowly after seeing many patients over years i saw that no one was ever really cured just given loads of mostly useless medication. The second thing was i noticed that large charities dont ever seem to help anyone,I mean what happened to all the money from live aid and children in need.

    This got me thinking big time.

    Bravo. After 15 years in the NHS it would be easy to put a set of blinkers on and plow through to retirement. 

  14. 1 hour ago, Problem child said:

    Funny, I only found out this year that my Dad is a real conspiracy theorist and a hardcore one too. I always knew he had alternative ideas about health, as do I, and avoids the doctor like the plague but I never knew he was so open to all this stuff.

    He never pushed anything onto me or revealed any of the bad that went on in this world throughout my upbringing.  Although growing up, almost anything I said he would counter argument it, to the point where I would become so frustrated as he would always put the other side across. If I ever said 'well everyone else is doing it' he would say 'thats not a good enough a reason'. When I got my first Nokia 3310 when I was 16 he insisted that I put a 'wave blaster' on the top, (small foam thing to soak up the radiation). I got the piss taken out of me but I humoured it.


    My first big awakening was about 5 years ago finding out myself about the lies from the food industry about fat and sugar, all that crap about too many eggs being bad and them putting people on statins to reduce the cholesterol that we actually need in our bodies. Looked into big pharma and their bullshit drugs. Started to realise paedo's were not just the odd wierdo's in the world and it was actually organised and systemic.  

    When Corona kicked off I was hook line and sinker for the fear for the first few weeks,  then when the clapping started I felt weird and had a strange feeling in my gut and couldn't do it,  then my Dad sent me short vid of David Icke on LR asking why none of our governments had given advice about building our immune systems. It was the first bit of common sense that I had heard so far and it all fell into place. I have then been on a 6 month bender of latenight youtube and bitchute vids. Its horryfying sometimes but has strangely made me feel more grounded, I would prefer to know the truth than just have a vague feeling of somethings not right.



    WOW. awesome story, thanks so much for sharing. Sounds like you have a great dad who had the impossible job of being a parent in this f*cked up world. I like how he gently kept nudging you in the right direction, when really he could have let rip at any moment and screamed from the rooftops about the 'real' state of the world. 


    If I was to ever be a parent, I think that's the line I would take. Dropping breadcrumbs rather than force-feeding said bread! 


    Try not to overcook it on the videos everynight. I know how exhilarating it is when all the moon and stars aline and you are on a rampage of discovery. But we do have to keep one foot in 'reality' and actually have to interact with people that don't speak our language at all. What i'm saying, is it's good to keep grounded (for the time being) albeit the lid is well and truly about to be blown clean off.  

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  15. I could have probably done this in a poll. But 'qualitative' 😏  answers interest me more! 


    I've already told my personal story in a prior post so i'm not looking to re-hash here. I'm more interested in what factors eventually cause someone to totally pull themselves out of the coma they are in and mentally break free from the matrix. 


    In my experience the individual has usually been through so much trauma and soul searching, that they eventually wash up on someone work such as David's. Then it turns into an exhilarating race to find the truth, which never comes in the usual lineal closed book-style you get at school. It instead turns into a rabbit hole of sorts, where you find an anchor to stop you totally loosing your marbles. 


    It could be God, religion, spirituality, yoga, fitness, diet, literature and/or many more which serves as safety net, once you learn the 'truth'.


    What factors would you say triggers a total awakening? Or have you been lucky enough to have never known anything different (such as being the child of a 'conspiracy theorist'?) 

  16. 20 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

    I refuse to wear a mask full stop, but is easy for the consumer I feel sorry for my sister who works in retail with the public & has to wear a mask all day or she loses her job.


    She finds it really uncomfortable & suffers from Asthma.. I tried to tell her there is easy ways out, but shes too scared of getting fired or being declared an unmutual.


    It's so frustrating when people see themselves as so powerless. When in actual fact if she (and millions others) realised we only need to have a little bit of back bone, this wouldn't need to be suffered. 

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  17. @Fluke


    i’m seeing it too. They’ve MASSIVELY ramped up the spraying in my city. We never get a clear day anymore. 

    I’m under no doubt this goes hand in glove with vaccines, 5G and just general dumbing down and lowering of immune system. 

    It’s very sad and it only serves to encapsulate my current feeling of despair with Wave 2 and mandatory masks now taking effect.

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  18. @greenheart my first experience today.


    Went into a tesco superstore late at night (my preferred time when it's really quiet anyway). The shop was dead, maybe around 5 shoppers when there would normally be 200+ in the daytime. I got a few puzzled looks from staff as I walked in and a random shopper jogged past me with his shirt pulled up over his nose, like he'd just smelt a fart, and said something about a mask. I immediately took it as hostile and told him to put one on, but then he clarified himself and said he'd forgotten and was going to get one out of his car. 


    I then carried on shopping and came across a very abrupt shelf stacker on the dairy aisle who told me I needed to be wearing one. I immediately threw it back at her and stated "have you ever heard of hidden disabilities?" this seemed to shut her up instantly as obviously she will have been shit scared about a discrimination complaint (play them at their own PC game). 


    The rest of my shop was uncomfortable from then on, with the security guard walking past me around 3 times, but not having the bottle to say anything. The checkout was also very uncomfortable and the self check out staff just stood there gawping at me like I was an alien. 


    I left feeling very downhearted and upset that we've got to this point as a race. I appreciate other people have had positive experiences, but this left me feeling a bit shook thinking to myself... is every shopping experience going to be a passive aggressive war with zombies.


    From a spiritual point of view, I know what it's now like to have your land invaded by a foreign threat now. As that's what it felt like... being invaded by a hostile zombie mentality where you are the odd one out in your own country for simply not conforming.   

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