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  1. @FrankVitali @oz93666


    I really appreciate the supportive stance. I totally understand what you mean. The issue is I can get called to private/public establishments a lot where you now have to wear masks. Also i’m finding a lot of people are now basically on the lookout for frontline workers who are not wearing masks as someone to lashout against. 

    The reason why i’ve gone down the official route and tried to gain an official exemption. Is i’m not a confrontation person by nature, and it’s highly energy sapping contantly having your guard up. We live in a world where everything has to be rubber stamped by authority now, otherwise you are there to be shot at. 

    I shall carry on for as long as I can, but i am truly staggered...where are the law firms and social justice warriors who would have had a field day with this kind of discrimination in the past? 

  2. Well i’d never thought i’d see the day but here it is. 

    As others on the forum may know from my other posts I suffer badly from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. For me it manifests itself as a permanent tired/lethargy headache which i’ve had since I was 11. I’m now 26, and have tried just about everything under the sun to get better. 

    I work from home, but approx a few times a month i’m what is called a ‘community first responder’ here in the UK. I don’t get paid for it, but its always been a calling of mine to be a paramedic. But due to aforementioned health conditions, i’ve had to settle with what I can do. 

    A blanket email went out a couple of weeks ago saying we all must now wear masks, regardless if the nature of the incident warrants it or not. I’ve let my line manager know this isn’t possible for me as on the couple of times i’ve trialled wearing a mask, it’s elevated my headache to immediate migraine levels. (Not that i’d wear the bastard anyway). 

    This email has been met with total apathy even though i’ve dropped in things like the Equality Act 2010 etc. I’ve now basically got to plead with occupational health to give me an exemption. With how draconian occy health are at the best of times, it’s not looking promising. 

    Ah well... i’ve done this role voluntarily for years now, it was my little escape and helped me pursue a variation of a career I could never do full time due to health issues. I never thought I’d see the day where all the conspiracies and such like finally play out at a level at which directly impacts me. 

    I’m thinking of fighting it, but the next thing is going to be mandatory testing and probably mandatory vaccination to carry on doing the role. If I kick up a load of dust and try and catch them discriminating against me, they’ll only beat me at the next hurdle. 

    I know it’s a defeatist mentality, but there comes a time I suppose where you have to stop propping up the system and put that very same energy into fighting it. 

    My first endeavour will be London this Saturday. 

    Please let me know if anyone else is facing this dilemma. Please excuse the slighty click-baity title. Couldn’t think of anything else to put as its a big chunk of my life/identity  i’m about to loose.

  3. On 8/10/2020 at 3:17 PM, greenheart said:

    Please comment on your reasons.

    i’d view a forced test and/or vaccine as a deadly threat on my life. Just as though someone was coming at me with a knife. I’d use force until i felt the threat was nullified. 

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  4. @Orange Alert I’m begrudgingly going to a restaurant tonight to keep up the appearances with a local neighbourhood group. Who all bought the official narrative, but in all fairness have been totally selfless in looking out for the vulnerable and needy in the worst of lockdown. 

    I’ll report back with any stupidity I witness first hand. Not holding my breath....

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  5. On 8/23/2020 at 11:10 AM, Orange Alert said:


    A discounted voucher meal could be costly if you are told to self-isolate, just because someone else in the restaurant tested positive for the CV-19.

    I wonder how many times Micky Mouse has tested positive for covid 😂

  6. On 8/23/2020 at 9:15 AM, shadowmoon said:

    I heard the scheme  was being used to track people's names/addresses.?

    You had to fill in the form containing  personal details?


    Nope. And also that’s the point i would have walked straight out. 

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  7. 16 hours ago, Chef said:

    The misses and I went out with the intention of eating in a restaurant a couple of weeks ago we got in the door to be greeted by a waitress wearing a mask, I looked round the dining room to see all staff masked up and I just couldn't do it and had to leave ended up with a bag of fish and chips each before the drive home. Shame that the first place we tried the staff all had faces but unfortunately fully booked.


    I always thought my job would be safe until the other day where I saw automaton burger robots, what's next robo fish filleters?

    it’s so sad isn’t it. I feel bad for persevering. I should have voted with my feet like you did. 

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  8. Me and the wife have just been out for a half priced meal courtesy of our beloved government and god how I regret it...


    We went to an upmarket area of town and I was cast into what can only be described as a Black Mirror episode. 


    Automaton waitresses who oddly all looked the same, with the same dead pan expressions all wearing face-visors you'd use when strimming grass or hedge trimming were our servers. We had to order via a QR code, which as you'd expect hadn't been optimised for phones so you actually needed the damned paper menu to read anything. 


    The atmosphere was totally dystopian and the food and service was total garbage. I couldn't relax being served by a hybrid gardener/robots and neither could I hear the damned things either with their voices being muffled behind the plastic shield. 


    I've learnt my lesson and will now only stick to local eateries I knew pre-covid who I can at least have a laugh and a joke about the whole thing with. Clearly they are priming us to get used to being served by actual AI humanoid dolls. As when Wave XYZ happens and they say humans are too much of a health hazard to work in such industries, obviously AI is going to be put forward as the saviour 🙄

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  9. 3 hours ago, Smokestack Lightnin' said:

    There are stupid people who of course don't know that they are stupid unless you tell them so.  The cards a great idea though as stupid people will believe what's written on them. If anybody is really stuck, just take off a shoe and and use it on your face.Tie a lace to the one already there to wrap around your head.  You can also use a lettuce with a rubber band with the added advantage that you can eat it later. 


    or what about strapping an actual nappy/diaper to the face? 🤣

  10. Hi @allymisfit first of all thank you for having the courage to ask for help and also kudos for doing so well to get where you are today. 


    I’m 26 and I’ve had CFS since I was 11 years old. A combination of vaccine, childhood trauma and school (prison) culminated in something inside me breaking, which to date has never repaired itself. 


    I’m at one of my lowest ebbs right now as I read your post. I’ve basically been bed bound for a week apart from the odd foray out and I’m in so much energy debt to myself it’s unreal. I’m sorry to say I do not have the answer for you, but I can tell you what things have made fractional differences over the years (fractions of improvement are massive for people like us). 


    1- Yoga (the breathing exercises and gentle flow has given me tangible pain relief during a yoga session)


    2 - Head massage (I had a head massage the other day and I felt tangible pain relief during it)


    3 - going to sleep before 12 and avoiding heavy stimulus before bed like; films, video games etc. then waking up before 11am - has started my days off on a better footing


    4- gentle swimming/sauna/steam room/hot tub - this has tangibly helped relieve tension 


    4 - ‘the way home or face the fire by JAH’ - this is personal and I’m not forcing it on you. It helped reaffirm who I am, where I am and who god and Jesus are. As I say, this is totally ‘optional’ and I only leave it here as a breadcrumb. 



    Is there one single cure, remedy or otherwise? In my experience no there isn’t. The ‘best’ I’ve ever felt was October/November last year. I had slowly built my energy up in the gym, I was eating a balanced and fair diet. I was taking a range of vitamins and supplements and drinking plenty of bottled water. I realised I was sat in the steam room in the gym one day and I was talking in past-tense to a stranger about the illness. I went back to the changing rooms and for the first time since I was 10/11 I felt ‘pain free’ and I hadn’t got my fatigue headache which I experience 24/7. I was total bliss and near enough made me cry. Sadly I caught the November cold (COVID) everyone had, and then Xmas and New Years totally wiped me out and that had a knock on effect right up to lockdown. Obviously lockdown totally screwed up my mental and physical health and I’ve never been right since. I’ve had a handful of good times, but mostly bad. 


    In addition to the above I’ve tried everything from; living in hot climates, oxygen chambers, numerous types of physio, counselling, every diet under the sun, fasting, exercise, no exercise, every sleep pattern known to man, every supplement under the sun, lived in radiation free environments, water filters, positive reinforcement… you name it. 


    I can only say the only time I’ve felt good is when I’ve put all the above pieces of the jigsaw together over a long period of time and as mentioned above, it culminated in me feeling on top of the world for a short space of time. 


    We live in totally fucked up times right now, and its OK to not feel OK. By in large I’ve found peace with the illness which I’ve had for the vast majority of my life. I’ve readjusted my expectations on life, just as someone who has no legs has to get used to not walking, I’ve done the same with myself, and I’m a lot kinder to myself than I used to be. 


    If you or anyone else has any key ingredients that i’m missing to help heal chronic fatigue, please, please do post your thoughts and wisdom here. 

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  11. @Itsjaybigjay thanks for sharing mate. And thank you for standing up to the ‘goons’ as you so rightly put on our behalf. 

    I’ve heard that condescending tone they all snarl in, like they’re telling a toddler to put on a seat belt all to often.. it’s disgusting. 

    I like how the very people who enforce masked madness are the very same people who will have lied on their job applications saying they champion equality and diversity. 

    Once people get an inch to discriminate they’ll take a mile. Even if you rightly choose not to wear a mask because it’s ludicrous. They should assume a disability is present until otherwise. 

    i’m glad you fucked morrisons off and went and supported a local chippy. 

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  12. Thanks @Yasmina


    the sad thing is I went home to tell my family... yet because in their eyes “this is me being difficult” i get treated like the aggressor. 

    Deep down I don’t care though. I’ll never confirm to this nazi state. I’ll never wear a mask, never get a test and certainly won’t get a vaccine. I know in my heart that it’s all wrong and all satanic. That’s all that matters. 

    These people don’t believe any of this bullshit with their heart. They are only following their mind blindness as David would say.

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  13. @Fluke yep this was the UK. I was enraged inside, but when you’re on the frontline in these kind of situations, the likelihood of a non-zombie ready to back your corner is very slim. So best to stay composed unless a physical threat takes place. 

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  14. In one of my few foray's out into the wilderness I had to go the laundrette's today. 


    Whilst stood in line I had a mask wearing customer (also in line) come within 1 meter of me to remind me that I should be wearing a mask, and that it's unlikely i'll be served if not. In a dead pan tone I stated "i'm exempt", she recoiled as though to apologise with her body language and moved away from me. 


    Whilst waiting in line I allowed another mask wearer to go in front of me as she was only collecting, I made a throw away comment about "them taking ages". 


    When I was finally beckoned to the doorway, the delightful team shouted from behind their plastic riot shields "YOU NEED TO WEAR A MASK!" (meanwhile they weren't wearing one). I shouted back "I'M EXEMPT!" cogs began to turn and they didn't know what to do. I took the initiative and walked in, whist one of the staff said in a snide remark "yeah we're really busy today aren't we?".


    I ignored her and proceeded to pay with cash, which raised an eyebrow, and I got "no one ever pay's in cash these days". I ignored the comment and proceeded with dropping off my bundles of sweat soaked gym wear that hadn't been washed in a week. 


    I wonder if there was a real virus they would have realised they are now coming into direct contact with virus ridden sweat soaked clothes, without masks or gloves!! But fear not... the plastic visors that lined the tops of the counters will protect them from 'COVID'. 


    Anyone else encountered such stupidity today? 

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  15. I know his full story mate. 

    I’m was a supporter of his that’s been and gone. 

    He’s stuck in a loop of bitterness and lashing out at the tip of the iceberg that largely know no better, due to the compartmentalised nature of public services.

    I wish for his sake he took the fight a bit further up the ladder. Energy better spent in my opinion. 

    I’ve got nothing more to add. I understand where his supporters are coming from. 

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