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  1. Hi Folks, 


    As mentioned in prior posts i've suffered with Chronic Fatigue for 15 years. I was wondering if anyone would recommend an Alkaline diet and if so, what a typical day would look like on such a diet? i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


    Any help would be appreciated. 

  2. @Persephone took it for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which I've had for 15 years - made no difference over the course of a few months. 


    Also smoked CBD leaf cannabis (without THC) made me a little light headed, but nothing more. 


    Sorry, but I can't recommend. 


    I have also tried pure cannabis oil, but all that did was give me a crazy trip which almost me do something really really stupid, so this wasn't an option moving forwards. 

  3. On 9/12/2020 at 8:05 PM, Nobby Noboddy said:

    OK serious question (not the thread it might be in but you're all creative) about the attached snippit.


    Please tell me what you think might be being depicted here. It's not a trick question or anything and no prizes sorry. BUT I do want to know if anyone else sees what i see.



    A willy

  4. @Fluke thank you friend. It's very worrying and disillusioning isn't it...


    The worst thing is, i can quite easily see non compliance being met with terrible retaliation and violence. Having witnessed snatch squads at recent protests picking off the speakers, i fear that we could endure this same fate on a daily basis when the going gets really tough. 


    The sad thing is, i'm not a violent person or enjoy conflict whatsoever. I have to pump myself up just to go about my daily business, having every tom, dick and mohammed giving me weird looks when not wearing a mask in shops etc. Yet sadly I can only see this situation ending up in some form of violent oppression/resistance for those of us who don't toe the line. 


    I really hope enough people manage to urgently wake up. Todays news is a huge kick up the backside for some people and I know a few who have just today at least admitted they smell a bit of a rat. We desperately need strength in numbers at this stage...

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  5. Although todays news here in the UK does not surprise me. When you hear it spoken and put firmly into action there is something really eery about it coming to fruition. 


    I've just listened to Boris's speech and some of the stuff he said was beggars belief. 


    • Street 'enforcement marshals' for COVID 
    • No more than 6 people gathering or fines and arrest imposed
    • A huge emphasis on 'enforcement' by the police and extra funding so it seems
    • If you are tested and show 'negative' you can go 'back to normal' and do 'normal things' 


    Essentially it seems those who do not buy into this hoax, will now be increasingly marginalised and ostracised. I note the 'rule of 6' comes about when protests are really starting to take off now and gaining some great momentum. What a great way to be able to beat people into submission than make such gatherings illegal and allow the psychopaths to let rip. 


    Now they've done the field testing in broad strokes, it seems they are going to unfold this new lockdown far more individually and penalise those who will not toe the line. 


    Anyone else experiencing a bit of a sinking feeling? this could get very ugly....




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  6. 6 hours ago, Ecki Divad said:


    That's your interpretation of the incident.  Interesting that you choose to interpret it in the most adverse and scandalous way.  I watched the video myself and didn't see him using a phone.  He may have just taken his hands off the handlebars to take a phone out of his pocket.  So what?  You are allowed to take one or both hands off the handlebars.  This is fact.  It is legally permitted.


    I saw another of this person's videos in which he alleged that a woman had been assaulted by the police.  I watched the video and saw that in fact she assaulted the police officer.  I pointed this out in the comment section under the video on YouTube and had about a dozen people like you denying what was clearly in the video and insulting me just for pointing out the truth.


    If, as we claim, we're interested in truth and freedom, then shouldn't we extend the benefit of this to everybody and practice it in our own lives?

    Well said. It should be benefited to everyone. 

  7. @Smokestack Lightnin'


    although i thought your comment was a little abrupt, which is unneeded here as we are hopefully all singing of the same hymn sheet. 


    What I will say is I totally understand and agree with your points and rationale. 


    Just wished someone such as Crimebodge opened himself up a bit more to at least making reference to the fact this corruption is 'by design' and can be traced back to the wasps nest (for lack of a better phrase). 


    I just think he's a bit too focused on getting a 'one up' on fairly low level stuff (which i totally get). But some of his followers take this too literally and essentially believe they can change the culture of these foot soldiers by doing 'audits', which generally come to nothing and just gets them on police watch lists. 

  8. @Ecki Divad thank you for that very well written comment. 


    Sadly i'm out of 'hearts' for today. 


    All I would add to that is although i don't expect him to be going after the royals and the MPs. He himself has gained a huge following of generally speaking 'angry young men', with little direction. 


    I'd love it if he advocated the Stand Up X rallies and how much police abuse has gone on during COVID. All he seems to want to do is get a 'one up' on the police by splitting hairs on infractions of their own policies they will continuously break. 


    I'm extremely aware of police corruption having been a victim myself. I have also witnessed horrendous corruption during these recent protests, and it would be greatly appreciated if he could put his energy and efforts into highlighting as much. And also direct his followers into this arena too. 


    Nether the less, i think he's got tunnel vision and is too busy trying to spot minor breaches and infractions to fuel this 'got one over on you' mentality. 



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  9. 14 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    The CCTV footage of the suspect has only just been released.


    The whole "major incident" story will no doubt be 'played down' now. Like I said earlier, black people have been stabbing other people (as well as each other) in Birmingham for some time, so this isn't exactly new.


    As Sadiq Khan would say "part and parcel of living in a big city".


    West Midlands Police just find themselves in the 'uncomfortable' position of having to make enquiries and try and apprehend a 'young black male' while the spectre of Black Lives Matter is looming over, with all its accusations of 'systemic racism' being bandied everywhere.


    Like I said earlier, I don't care about race, there is a murderer on the loose, and this person needs to be apprehended before anyone else gets killed.

    making it impossible to police such a situation. All by design. 

    Makes me sick...

  10. 20 hours ago, Nobby Noboddy said:


    Yeah and you,  Rachel Underhill and 2020member  completely know this. 


    Do you share the same office?


    You seem to be lashing out. My original post was essentially paraphrasing. 

    If I thought david was a fraud I wouldn’t be here. 

    I note your last post had to be edited by a mod because you used profanity. 


  11. 8 hours ago, Bohica said:


    Appreciate the honesty, and totally agree.


    I figured it out today as I was driving down the freeway.  The Archons love feeding off our negativity - all the confusion, anger, frustration and fear.  They are dining at a huge smorgasbord at the moment and seem to be insatiable.  They are speeding down their own freeway with a heavy foot on the gas pedal and no intention of slowing down.


    The best I can do is avoid feeding the archons.  Stay strong, stay true to the soul and be mindful of the controllers.



    thank you bohica

  12. Not that i’m bothered if David felt so passionate about getting to London that he donned the mask, to get the ferry over. 

    But based on how strongly he felt about not wearing one, does anyone know if he managed to do so without a mask? 

    I notice on his latest bitchute videos shed loads of comments are being deleted and some are saying it’s related to the above mentioned. I also notice he and gareth seem to be coming under some real fire for being deep cover masons/shills.


    It’s been a weird week since London. I thought i’d come away feeling liberated, but instead i’ve totally tanked with energy levels and optimism 🥴

  13. 2 minutes ago, Seeker said:

    Considering they can’t make effective vaccines and couldn’t make a coronavirus vaccine in the past, I know this one won’t be effective either. The tonsils is our first line of defence against coronaviruses, not an injection into the bloodstream, it isn’t natural. And we suffer from colds and flus due to an immune system weakness, usually from a vitamin D deficiency from a lack of sunlight in winter sun, I could ramble on for hours but I’ll leave it here

    Where i am in the UK the summer seems to be rapidly drawing to a close (HAARP etc). 

    I’m already worried about total lack of sunlight, especially when the seasonal cold gets re-designated ‘COVID’ and we all get locked down again. 

    Do you know of any vitamin D supplements that are actually strong enough and work? 

    I had my top off last xmas walking around as it was a totally sunny day with no wind, so actually felt a little warm in direct sunlight. Those are the lengths i go to, to ensure I don’t go deficient.

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