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  1. Anyone else feel like we’re on the cusp of being totally blindsided by some kind of cataclysmic event? There is such an avalanche of information and sensory overload with Israel/Palestine and Russia/Ukraine. The tangible underlying tension is palpable right now. (even if you totally ignore the news). I don’t mean 15 min cities, climate lockdowns or a financial collapse. I feel like something is going to blindside us that we couldn’t have foreseen.
  2. I think that might be going slightly too far into the macro rather than the micro. The average German foot soldier would have been no different to the average British foot soldier in terms of morals, values and patriotism. They were equally hoodwinked into laying their lives on the line. The whole Franz Ferdinand debacle was all manufactured and orchestrated by the cabal. As were all the other main events that carried both those wars right through to the bitter end. Keep in mind Germany and England were probably in the region of 97/98% white Christian European at the time. So would have been extremely similar peoples barring local cultural nuances. Slightly outlandish comment. But I'd rather be invaded by an army which are representative of about 90% of my culture. Than a muslamic caliphate which want to not only invade, but totally decimate and destroy everything this country stands for Don't get me wrong though. I do understand the Germans were being used as pawns just as our army were. And if they had invaded the UK, no doubt we wouldn't be far off the mess we are in today.
  3. @webtrekker yes, admittedly it was a slightly inflammatory title. But I wanted to create debate around the point that for the common people, whether that be german, English, french, Dutch, polish etc. there were no winners of those two wars. Only losers for us common folk. Did these brave soldiers unwittingly and inadvertently lay the foundations for the total destruction and dismantling of the west?
  4. Common phrases: "They would be spinning in their graves" "They died for our rights" "They died defending this country" Problem: Germans have gone rogue. We are at imminent risk of invasion. Reaction: Millions of strong, brave, predominantly white Christian men who were the backbone of Europe all get deleted or left too traumatized to exist within the span of 30 years. Solution: A weak vulnerable generation of "baby boomers" are left to rebuild the country. A total carefree attitude and booming economy leaves an entire generation thinking butter wouldn't melt with their own government. They lay the foundations for unfettered immigration, the total breakdown of the family home, the deconstruction of Christian values and the belief system of an ever-shifting Overton window. *Disclaimer: The levels of propaganda used to lure millions of European brothers and sisters to their deaths cannot be underestimated. These were undoubtedly brave, courageous and patriotic people. However I do believe they were duped just as badly as those who are now on their 5th booster.
  5. I think anyone would be hard pressed now to disagree that this isn’t going to end in a blood bath. With the indigenous population taking huge casualties. The question is. No one knows how severe it’s going to be before any violence is quelled. No doubt all outcomes have been accounted for by the cult. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in one of these illegal hotels. The amount of planning and scheming going on must be off the charts. I find it interesting you see more videos circulating from UK prisons online, than you do from inside these hotels. They must be sworn to secrecy to keep all their plotting totally hushed. Which in itself requires military discipline.
  6. I think you’re absolutely bang on the money. Because terrorism essentially took a 3 year hiatus during the scamdemic. To coin your analogy - people have come out of hiding now from behind the back of the sofa, having been lulled into a false sense of security that particular threat was seemingly over. Yes i know almost all terror attacks are state sponsored. But that doesn’t take away the fact there is real collateral damage. I always wondered what the tiered terror alert threats were really about post 9/11 & 7/7 which were always posted outside my local army barracks. Maybe they’ll use multiple grizzly active shooter scenarios to enforce some kind of terror based lockdowns. Using the terror severity rating system, similar to how the covid tiered lockdown system worked. Somehow using the emergency alert system to coordinate the fearmongering levels. The sad thing is. They’ve imported that many sleeper cells now. They’ve wound them all up with the palestine situation. They can pretty much just unleash them to cause untold carnage without the planning I believe was required for 7/7. I have many loved ones who refuse to wake up. I just hope they’re not dawdling around the city centre when some nutcase opens fire with an AK-47. They also need a mass terror alert to come down hard on any indigenous people who hold gun licenses. In order to round up the last remaining firearms people own in this country.
  7. Absolutely abhorrent treasonous white British self loathing lefty lovey marxists
  8. It is incredible how the overton window shifts isn’t it?!
  9. Where i live they seem to be ferried off the rubber dinghys. With a e-bike, just eat backpack and smart phone -starter packs waiting for them. I find it very eerie and dystopian that these guys will be flying about on these e-bikes in years to come whilst the streets lay empty when no one can afford to drive anymore. Dare i say they’ll be ferrying our rations door to door in the 15 minute biometric hellholes.
  10. 100% the jabs. The standard of driving is either just downright dangerous or dawdling, plodding along at 15mph without a care in the world. There’s no inbetween anymore i.e how people we’re actually trained to drive. Drive efficiently, effectively and keep traffic flowing at all times.
  11. Funky prepper did a good short video addressing some of these points. https://youtu.be/4H06VzvotFk?si=FX3RWV4ExmEOsmj0
  12. Yes, they certainly meld into the background into all these various vocations you mention. There's so many thousands of them doing this on a weekly basis though. I think the sheer scale of it in the next few years will really begin to show. We are quite literally going to be overun. As theres no more nooks and crannies left to flll. All the voids are overflowing.
  13. Some interesting points you make there. Especially the "got no time" concept. Expanding on that point, technology and the rise of it, has definitely had a terrible impact on how we interact with time. Although things weren't great 30 years ago. I feel like society was set up to allow for certain processes to happen. Certain unwritten rules whereby people unanimously agreed things would take time to do. Can you imagine if we tried to fit into a day - making landline calls (and agreeing a time and place to meet), going to the bank to cash a cheque, going to the green grocers, going to the cafe for lunch, going to the pub to speak to a fellow human being in the evening?! No wonder every tom, dick and muhammed are flying about in their cars like absolute mad men at all times of day. Also funny how 15 minute cities would have actually worked 25-30 years ago. Yet now, so many services have been centralised and stripped back to nothing - there is no hope these utterly dystopian schemes will ever work.
  14. I don't doubt there will be some very vocal protests with pockets of violence from agitators. But i'd be very suprised if full blown riots break out. I am expecting 'terrorist' situations to suddenly ramp up though. I'm mindful this disharmious situation has been bubbling away for quite some time now. But as the big D.I say's himself. "When it comes out of nowhere and is suddenly everywhere. It's the agenda". I just wonder what we're also being distracted from?
  15. In your opinion why do you think they gave us a year’s reprieve between covid and now the lid blowing off ukraine/russia israel/palestine? they had all their ducks in a row. They should have pulled the trigger before so many people began questioning these world events
  16. Are we thinking this is another flare up between israel and palestine. Or is this going to be one of many battles that potentially ‘wins the war’? I just feel like the whole world is a tinder box right now. And this has got potential to tip people over the edge…
  17. We're a gnats whisker away from this becoming true now. Crazy times!
  18. Interesting video. hard to say how legitimate the information is. but i really wouldn't be surprised.
  19. i don't disgree. was merely making the point that i feel like things are at fever pitch at the moment. I've never known so many eqaully insidious elements of the agenda play out so aggressively before.
  20. Yes i've noticed this as well. any excuse to needlessly shut a lane and put up temp lights. they must be getting incentivised to do as part of the go-slow agenda.
  21. Yes, i agree. I would say the same for travel as well. My recent airport experiences have been hellish. Add a carbon footprint tax / limit to travelling and it would be so easy to throw the towel in and just stay at home. Which as you say...is what they want.
  22. Very well said and some astute observations made. Any anti-establishment movement with any hope of success. Has to be done in small off-grid close knit teams. Or just individuals acting alone. Anything more than a handful can and will be infiltrated by intelligence units. Small scale example but I took a disliking to a lot of the covid livery and signage that suddenly plastered my locale 2 years ago. I could have easily gone out mob handed with fellow awakes and de-badged everything. But i chose to do it on my own. As much as i liked them. I didn’t trust them to be as tactful as I was going to be.
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