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  1. I was drawn in by youtube to watch the daily covid briefing by the coked up clown (our prime minister).


    Couple of concerning talking points are:


    1 - They are aiming for individual isolations soon (a.k.a those who don't tow the line)


    2 -  Bill gates is coming to the U.K imminently for the global vaccination summit (johnson is doing the keynote speech)


    3 - Contact tracing will be a virus in of itself as once it starts to spread, it'll be a game of 'tag' for those who basically want to see the world burn (a.k.a sheep that don't know they are sheep)

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  2. 22 hours ago, Edgecrusher said:

    I said to the missus before Monday that we're going to get loads of people coming out now that have been sat indoors for three months - and they're going to be annoying.


    I've just been doing what I want when I want since the early "lockdown" scam, and tbh, I found that most people out were fine, or they wouldn't have been out anyway, I also found people in general were ok too. Only had one issue with a park ranger and a member of Tesco staff but nothing with anyone out walking their dogs having a stroll etc. I sort of had the feeling I was out with like minded folks 10/11 weeks ago at the height of the scam. Now though, all the tin foil hat wearing BBC conspiracy theorists are out in full force.


    This week alone I've had three people mumble under their breath when they've given me this huge wide berth and expected a thank you, which I am not going to start doing. I refuse to thank someone for being a moron. I've literally just had a woman move twenty feet away from me and stand behind a car - I just carried on walking while she was "mumbling away about a thank you would be nice etc..."


    I have ignored all three completely but feel I should have some witty remark ready, like "sorry, I won't thank conspiracy theorists..." or something. I generally don't react well with these kind of things so tend to keep my mouth shut and stew but they haven't annoyed me, I actually feel a bit sorry for them.


    I'm always very considerate when out and about but these people are part of the problem, and I will not thank them for their ignorance.


    Should I carry on just ignoring them, or have some remark ready for next time. Suggestions and similar experiences this week welcome.


    i think i'm just going to start saluting them or something. i've had a few sarcastic remarks myself when i've just marched straight through a tight gap whilst they've had to scuttle to one side in fear of the invisible and rampant virus that is going around. 


    The people i've had sarcastic remarks from have oddly enough been from 40/50+ year olds, whereas i'm in my 20s and can look quite intimidating (not that i'm trying to be) - so strange how they'd want to provoke a confrontation with an unknown quantity. 

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  3. It has indeed been a recurring theme that US cops have been heavy handed with black suspects. But I also think the pendulum has swung the other way in recent decades and whites have become more and more marginalised and impoverished (as per George Soros and Co. agenda). 


    Here in the U.K blacks seem fairly well integrated into society, but Soros and Co. are always keen to keep them dumbed down and in crime - in addition to eroding the indigenous populations culture here in the U.K. 


    What I can't wrap my head around is surely blacks are pretty well intergrated in the US. You'd have thousands of them as police officers, military and emergency service personnel (what i'm trying to say is patriots / those who enforce the very rules blacks have to live by). 


    Yet Soros and Co. keep trying to flare up perpetual race wars, but when they do this every 5+ years, surely the black community are more and more well-intergrated? What's the end goal with race riots? White's aren't going to go anywhere in the US and even though they are trying to erode them, it would take decades for them to become a minority. 


    Can anyone clear up the agenda here for me on this one? As right now, it's just looking like organised chaos to me, and it also compleltey goes against the lockdown they're trying to keep us all in. Surely the last thing they want is people protesting in groups, as it'll pave the way for anti-vax and anti-microchip/5g protests in the coming months?!!


    Have the cabal dropped a fat one here, and really f*cked up the 'stay indoors' mantra?...

  4. On 5/28/2020 at 1:01 AM, Koru25 said:

    So, I am sitting in the spare room after having an argument with hubby about all this...one of many arguments. I couldn't sleep, so here I am. I haven't posted on here before (I don't think) and it's reassuring to read what other like minded folk are saying. I actually was looking up the DI at Wembley vids to remind myself of some stuff, then sadly remembered they aren't available anymore and couldn't find them here. Anyway I digress...

    I agree, enough is enough. For me the past - is it 9 weeks?! - have been such an emotional rollercoaster. I have been gradually becoming more aware of all this stuff for 10 years, but this current situation hit me like a bus. The first week of lockup I cried every day (one of my sons did too, whether he picked up on it, or it was from his own shock...probably a bit of both). Ups and downs and lots of big arguments with husband and we don't usually argue very much so it's been very unsettling. 

    I struggle to understand how he can't see how everything is connected. He just doesn't get the totalitarian tiptoe at all, no matter what I throw at him (and I don't mean plates lol!). He just thinks perhaps this is the way capitalism and humanity was going anyway. I get what he's saying, to a point, but there are so many other factors and events that have happened that point to something much greater.
    I'm going to encourage him to watch Thrive as I think that's a good low-level starting point that addresses it all in a way he will appreciate.

    I also at the same time just don't think it's possible for everyone to see the truth. Some people aren't meant to see it, or maybe knowing it in their bones is enough and to verbalise it is too much for their souls to bear. 

    Before the current situation I never wanted to become a prepper as it felt too negative. Right now though, the inclination towards self sufficiency is becoming much more prominent. I think this is a time when likeminded people are coming together and I am thankful I have some good friends and we're having amazing discussions. We are planning on making an Orgone Generator to have a positive intent (yet to be set) on our nearby town. This feels like a positive step, even when we don't know what the future holds. It feels less like we are sitting ducks so to speak.

    I would urge others, if the call is there, to investigate dowsing, the Zero Point Field (The Field is a great book on that I'm currently reading) and how to try and help influence this situation and the energies of our planet positively. Not that I am an expert on that front, I have had my fair share of tits up days!

    I agree with truthseeker27


    I just don't think we can carry on along this plane without 'good' stepping in. Good always prevails and so does truth.....eventually, whenever that eventually is. 


    thank you so much for sharing. i really feel for you. i live with 3 other people who don't 'get it' whatsoever. All I can say is, keep chipping away and don't let your own health suffer from other peoples ignorance. it is only ourselves that can live our own lives. and if your spiritual at all... you'll know that it is us that have to stand before the creator and account for ourselves on judgement day. stay safe and stay strong. 

  5. On 5/27/2020 at 11:58 PM, TruthSeeker27 said:


    If you feel as though you want to say something I think you should say it. I've been on this forum for a month now, and even though I don't post a lot, I do read a lot of stuff and the folks here are very understanding. This whole forum is our safe place, and we should feel free to post our thoughts here. So long as you put your point in a respectful manner all is good.


    But yes, it seems as though you went through a period of awakening like I did just long before me. I could see through the lies and spins in the media, but never realised just how deep the rabbit hole went. And yeah, it goes DEEP. Deeper than I ever believed possible.


    I also agree that they have made an error in rushing this through. Something about the early stages of COVID-19 feels wrong. When you exam it, lots of things don't add up, even if you assume deliberate steps were taken that look dodgy (China witholding info, etc), it still doesn't add up. I feel as though the Brexit situation and Trump pushed them into striking a little too quickly, and it could be their downfall. For some people it's been a case of too much too soon and they know something is wrong. That's why I think we must try and wake them up, because LOTS of people are on the fence and just don't know what to really think. Of course it's perfectly okay if you don't feel comfortable trying to wake up complete strangers. I get that. I just feel I can play a part because, even though I'm a loner, I do have a silver tongue when I need it and I'm putting it to good use, epescially when combined with knowledge... But yeah, in a way, this whole thing has brought the best out in me. It feels nice to use my powers of persuasion for something good instead of just for self-gratification. Haha.


    I know it's hard when you have problems in your family. I hope your partner can understand. My family unit has been rocked by this as well. Usually I'm living in North Wales at this time of year working, but the caravan site I stay at has been closed, so I'm back with my mother for now and grandparents. And yeah, we're having disagreements almost daily at this point. But I'm slowly winning my grandmother over to my side.


    Anyway, before I wrap this up, let me just say this. Don't despair, my friend. We ain't licked yet! And yes, even if they "win" and in 2050 everything is as they want it, it won't remain like that forever. The force of good itself will intervene if it has to, in order to prevent evil itself from taking over. It may feel tempting to just give up, but that isn't the way. Allow me to once again quote Tolkien (this time Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings).


    "So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of evil."


    Mr. Icke himself is a symbol of that very force. His massive awakening didn't happen by mere chance...


    Take care and keep the faith.

    thank you for sharing. i 100% know what its like to have the daily disagreements. 

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  6. On 5/27/2020 at 11:36 PM, Fluke said:

    Well I feel you OP and i think many others here will echo those same fears. I am of a different mindset as of late which has proven not to be all to popular. But it works for the most part for me and i would go as far as saying it is the only thing that works.


    The real problem with a significant dare i say the majority of people who are awake to these things is they have a mindset where they need to wake others up. As long as you have that mindset you are then almost by default waiting for an outcome. For instance it could be a social media post, a conversation, a video if you put content or ideas out there and are waiting for others to see it, (truther stuff) thus you are then usually waiting for an outcome (most people.) It wont come with most people. In fact you will just be unliked. 


    So while i share your anxiety for the world that awaits I am still opitimistic to a certain extent. You mentioned forced vaccinations but we still don't know if that is going to go ahead. What percentage do you think will reject it? Lets say 10% reject it do you think the elite will care if the majority gets it? My concern all along is that they will use social pressures to shame those that don't conform, we have seen examples of this during the lockdown. 


    So when we try to live as best as we can, talk to like minded people that is enough. As soon as people get over the fact that salvation is not coming, and that no speaker, guru, is leading us, we may develop within ourselves and surround ourselves with those we love. 


    This lockdown has given us the biggest red pill will ever have. We now know who we cannot trust in our lives. Your neighbours, the ones who make condesending remarks at you at a supermarket for not "social distancing". Your hysterical family members. The mad neighbours clapping for "the heroes". But most of all we cannot trust the journalists, the mainstream media who pretty much have silenced any descenting voice against this lockdown. The civil servents. You now know the names of thw civil servents who have been promoting this lockdown. You now know which ones in your community you cannot trust. And the cowardly citizens of this country who have obeyed and trusted whatever the mainstream media tell them. The phrase should not have been stay home stay lives. It should have been stay home destroy jobs.


    Learn from it, but don't them take your happiness, creativity, and love. And when i stopped worrying about the masses waking up those things magnified inside of myself. More so, i didn't want them to wake up. Because most people... they've revealed themselves during this lockdown and well its not great is it.?


    I echo your thoughts about participating in a system where you KNOW its morally corrupt. But don't cut your nose off to spite your face. 


    thank you for sharing. 100% you have to be the change you want to see. and exactly... this whole saga has certainly been like panning for gold or sorting the wheat from chaff or whatever analogy you want to give it! 

  7. On 5/27/2020 at 11:05 PM, Edgecrusher said:


    I know exactly what you mean.


    I've always felt "awake" or whatever you wanna' call it. My mum is a Jehovah's witness, and I was brought up being told about "armageddon" from as long as I can remember (I'm not a Jehovahs Witness, organised religion is not for me) but some of it sticks with you, especially Revelations haha I'm 47 now btw.


    My brother always told me politicians were puppets and I've always looked at how the world worked and felt it just doesn't add up. Had an overall interest in war from Napoleonic times too and I think reading about war can teach you a lot about what really goes on and why...


    Since 9/11 and the mess caused in the Middle East, the mass migration, the weird LGBT narrative being pushed on MSM, climate change etc, I've just felt, we're heading towards "something" but it was the seemingly overnight switch with the BBC "it's the Russians" narrative after the Sergei and Yulia Skripal poisoning that I thought, we're heading to something sooner than I thought. I have also looked at the BBC for quite a long time and felt that much of the main news was actually seriously fake/staged.


    I've never voted either, as never felt it would make any difference. When you step back and look it's obvious things get taken in a direction regardless of who's in power. Nothing I do stops me paying taxes or not being part of the system but I was always proud I never put my tick in the box of the wrong person just because there wasn't much of a choice...


    I've had an eye on Mr Icke since the Wogan thing, and have always shown an interest on and off but haven't read all his books. When I have read them they just seem to confirm what I've always "felt" anyway, you're sort of busy trying to enjoy the status quo as it is, getting on with your job/life otherwise what's the point - I wonder how David Icke has done it all this time. I hope with all my heart that he hasn't wasted his time.


    I don't feel this has meant to have happened just yet but think Trump being in Office, us coming out of the EU, and what obviously seems like a massive paedophile ring about this close to being exposed any minute has bought it all forward a bit but not by much - with 2030 always being thrown around for the NWO and 2050 for it being all done.


    I haven't seen one alternative media person say this hasn't NOT caught them out either, so for us I think it's an even bigger shock. I've seen many say we're grieving as we have lost out lives, and we know it. Ignorance is bliss...


    I feel sick when I think about it and have up and down days. Sometimes I think they've gone too far too quickly and that too many people will wake up and the lot is going to come crashing down around them... I do see sense people are asking more and more questions, and also walking around (in the UK) people seem to me to not really be that bothered, and I think if they start trying to force mask wearing they're going to say what for, and the school thing is going to be a massive part of this.


    Other times I think I just haven't got the energy for the fight, and feel like lying down and hoping I don't wake up as I feel, as has been said, the walls are closing in on me, and I don't want part of it. I don't want to be separated from my partner, that's the thing that worries me but I will be saying no regardless of whatever they say they want to do.


    I also am not very good at having conversations about this without getting so fucking annoyed with people, so I don't come across well. If I was more articulate and had thicker skin, I would have actually walked around my town hading stuff out. Sometimes I talk myself out of things as when I see the sheep, and they are the majority, I just think no wonder "they" want to depopulate the planet... 


    Talking on Twitter and a forum isn't really achieving much. I don't want to say what I do think people should be doing as it won't look good on the Forum.


    thanks for sharing. what you say really resonates with me. 

  8. 21 hours ago, TruthSeeker27 said:

    I'm in the unique position of "enough being enough" happening at the same moment as my awakening, or soon after. I had always had my doubts about this world, and just knew that forces existed beyond my comprehension. One way or another, I knew that the bloke or woman in Number 10 Downing Street wasn't running my country. I always knew that forces existed beyond that, pulling the strings on a global level. But I never gave it much thought. I am essentially your archetype loner. I love my family, but enjoy being alone and indeed, spend the majority of my time alone, isolated from the potential madness of the world, choosing instead to focus on my own little world, and how I can do my bit to help others in it, those who I see or interact with on a daily basis... But now everything has changed.


    Yes, this plandemic has forced me to sit up and take full attention of what's happening. But it's so awful because yes, it is like a tidal wave that's suddenly arrived before me. It had always been a distant speck on the horizon. But while you and clearly many others on this forum had noticed it creeping closer and closer, for me it went from being in the distance to being literally upon me, right on my doorstep. The world has seemingly gone mad... But now I know it was crooked to begin with. Filled with dark forces and so many fools willing to do whatever the state tells them to do.


    Enough is enough for me already. The week that changed everything for me was the week between the 17th of March to the 24th. Those days were among the most significant in my life. That's when the awakening happened and now it's just about planning ahead. It's getting to the point where I feel lost. I am determined not to slink away. I do not blame those who choose to flee from society. I actually envy you... But I feel it would be pointless. In time, "they" (you know who they are) will come for you. The powers that be will not let people break away unless they want them to. I believe the only hope we have now is fighting back from within and that's what I'm trying to do on a daily basis. Trying my hardest to wake other people up and I am having some success. If you're not doing so already, I do highly suggest that everyone who reads this tries to wake other people up. It may seem pointless and you may get mocked. Have patience. They don't get it. But they are more willing to listen now because they know that something is rotten somewhere. This whole global event has changed everything, for better and for worse. 


    I honestly believe that these summer months will be our last of freedom (or at least, a certain, pathetic form of it), and our last chance to wake other people up. We can't waste this chance. We have to fight back... And yeah, it may end badly, but...to quote Thorin Oakenshield (from The Hobbit)..."If this is to end in fire...then we will all burn together!"

    Thank you for sharing. I too 100% agree that this summer of unbelievable weather is a real last blast of freedom. I am constantly thanking and praying to the creator for offering up such beauty amongst chaos. And yes, 5 months ago 5G all the way to David Icke himself were never conversations for the dinner table. But not I feel compelled to speak my truth all the time. And thats a recurring theme all over. 

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  9. 2 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:

    Brian Rose promotes the Holocaust like all the MSM



    Yes we all know the guy is nowhere near the level of enlightenment he needs to be at. But at least he’s providing a platform and a voice. 

    And yes he’s a bit scammy/shilly but i’d take him over BBC etc any day of the week. 

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  10. Can anyone tell me why Mark Steele is being made out to be a shill in some areas of the alternative community? 


    And if so why was he allowed onto Dave Murphy's event 202 show...

  11. I, like many on here, discovered the essence of David's work many years before the biggest overhaul to this planet we've ever seen since WWII. 


    Don't get me wrong the walls have been closing in for a long time, and this way of life has been at odds with my ethical and moral compass more and more. But... this way of life up until late, has been just about bearable and i've managed to co-exist with the state forcing the will of the few onto the many. 


    Mandatory vaccines, microchips, contact tracing, biometric passports, 5G et al. Is where I will personally draw the line and lay down everything to stop this becoming my new reality. And when I mean lay down everything, I mean everything.


    If family ties have to be cut, marriages have to be broken and fleeing the city to live off-grid with like-minded people is the only option to preserve a life that does not go against everything I have ever believed in - then so be it. 


    As long as you don't think that some group like Q-Anon are doing all the graft behind the scenes on our behalf. Then i'm afraid these are the tough choices many thousands of people will have to be making in the coming years, or maybe even months. 


    I'm wondering if others on the forum are of the same opinion who have managed to grin and bear it up until now. People such as myself, who have managed to coexist and work within the system even though they know the truth. I think the charade is going to come to an end soon and those who relentlessly duck and dive the vaccine (and the system in general) will have no place to hide and will eventually become social outcasts. 


    The only fall back is a new system and way of life for people like us as we reach this fork in the road...


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  12. I too, would love to hear some boots on the ground reporting on this. As I have a holiday booked for August. 


    I'm worried the COVID test swabs are laced with something. so that's just a complete no-go for me if it's tacked onto the already draconian measures operating at airports (obviously off the back of the last biggest false flag 9-11). 

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