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  1. not to sound elitist. But once you know the formula. You’ll just instinctively know when a false flag is happening. You won’t really need the internet as such to confirm your instinct. But i do understand that we need that comfort blanket to confirm our suspicions. It’s cruel beyond comprehension to deprive us of social interaction. Whether than be digital or physical.
  2. It's going to be back to bread and butter for most of us I guess. Phone books, landlines, email addresses and these 'Stand Up X' gatherings as small local networks. To put a positive spin on things, lets just hope the above timeline does not play out and instead enough people wake the f**k up, to put an end to this madness.
  3. @lake @Basket Case this is my fear. the web is almost a last bastion of free speech and freedom for many people like us. If they then turn the internet into a reflection of the 'real world' i.e. an extremely heavily censored reality where you can only access a very few select websites (almost like a companies intranet firewalled portal). Where do people like us go for comfort (as sad as it sounds). The ramifications of this will be unreal levels of isolation, and will send many of us, almost schizophrenic with nothing to soundboard our internal thoughts with.
  4. When there is nowhere left to socialise, due to the decimation we see unraveling before us. We will fall back onto the digital world in order to network. This forum, whatsapp, telegram and other mediums that can be shut down in a click of a finger. I will personally suffer greatly if they begin policing the internet as they have done the ‘real world’. As I only know a couple of people in my physical circle who are open to any kind of rational discussion, this will double down on the isolation and dislocation. Is it time to start learning how to access the deep
  5. thank you very much for that. I shall look into the suggestions and read up on them a bit!
  6. Thanks for the pointers, i’ll look into that. Having been there a few times recently i’d say there’s no hope in the youth of today. They are hopelessly addicted to smart tech and are distracted by a monumental rat race. Any dissenters are nipped in the bud. My chinese friend who’s the meekest and mildest person you could meet had his WeChat profile suspended for a week for criticising the government. WeChat is a government owned app that they use to pay, socialise, date, maps, chat etc on. So he quickly had to get in line before his lifeline was taken of him.
  7. it could indeed. As soon as i get more confirmation. All cash is being withdrawn! (not that it’ll be worth anything mind you )
  8. Loosing count now of how many people have said that. Wow!
  9. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for any videos which look at how the chinese model of control came about? It's easy to find content on their current overzealous and invasive 'security measures' they impose on their population. However i'm interested in how they managed to get over a billion people into total servitude. Here in the UK we are heading for this way of life at an incredible rate of knots, so i'm intrigued how it was first implemented, how it is maintained and how it links up with the greater picture of Rothschild's banking e
  10. 2020member


    I'm not sure if this has been covered. But I am totally bewildered as to why Sweden have been the flag bearers for not locking down their country! Is this the same place that was shipping migrants in by the boat load? the first to pioneer microchipping citizens? Systematically destroying their culture and masculinity? had an extreme-left government and mirrored societal rhetoric? was the breeding ground for terrorism and other such related crimes?! Am I missing something?
  11. @Basket Case just out of interest what is the expiry date? i only ask as many are reporting their bank cards expire in 2022. which goes hand in glove when things will be cashless/mandatory vaccine will be in place (on the armageddon timeline).
  12. very similar to my set up. did you have a slightly strange tang to it, within the first few runs?
  13. hi @zarkov thanks for the reply. how would i go about getting a ozonator? and how does it work in conjunction with the distilling process?
  14. Thanks Oz, it's just a cheap table top one off ebay. i think the taste is from the heating element. i have some of the charcoal t-bags now
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