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  1. @novymir you need to chill out shitting all over these posts man. Your passive aggressive and confrontational posts drag every topic down I see you invading on. An observation is you probably have a lot of unprocessed anger and trauma and you’re just lurking on these forums looking for low hanging fruit to prod and poke at to unload onto. This thread was started for like minded people to network. There’s thousands of other threads for you to go on if this one is just going to end up with you getting everyones backs up. Which is what you’re achieving here. Why not start your own topic and draw like minded people onto that? I’d hazard a guess you can’t, because it would be an echo chamber of you spewing your hatred into an empty tin can. So instead I see you jumping all over posts that never called for a confrontational stance. But there you are. Every time. We’ve got your number now. And we’ll be calling out your BS to mods on this forum when I see you stirring up needless confrontation. When people are looking to unwind and have pleasant discourse. Stop it. It’s not welcome and it’s dampening everyone’s mood.
  2. Indigenous White English are now a minority in London, Birmingham and Manchester. With huge ghettos appearing in all major cities. Thousands are pouring in everyday. I have a friend who works in immigration enforcement and he said as we speak there are around 50,000 confirmed criminals who are illegal immigrants, that have absconded where the government haven’t got a clue where they are. @Grumpy Owl yes the Islamic Party could win huge seats from massive voting areas in London, Birmingham and Manchester. The Mayor and PM of Scotland are Muslims for petes sake. Along with thousands of other local woke Labour and Green councillors. But they will let Starmer have a term or two. They need it for the optics more than anything. Once the country is truly and utterly, hopelessly broken when his glove puppet regime has destroyed everything that is left. Whilst millions more africans and Middle Easterns have flooded in. It will be totally primed and ready for an Islamic Party to come to power. I don’t think the masses realise how much of a dire situation we are in. Starmer will absolutely run this country into the ground with an all out attack on anything we hold sacred.
  3. Think it goes without saying on this forum the entire political apparatus from local parish councils up to Whitehall are all controlled. However, when Starmer wins the next election hold onto your hats because Agenda 2030 is going to go into overdrive. Particularly a total overhaul of this countries demographics. I'd say he'll last possibly two terms. After that, the Islamic Party will then get into power and this country will be totally and utterly finished.
  4. Nice to see this thread has been totally hijacked and subverted away from like minded people networking. Cheers for that
  5. Saw a video earlier saying they'd just implanted the first neuralink chip into a willing candidate. (how true this is. Is anyone's guess) I got me thinking about where this all fits into the agenda though. Right now in the UK at least, I would say your 'average joe' is very much focused on surviving week to week. The general cost of living, the non-stop warmongering and fearmongering, the endless stream of illegal immigrants and the great replacement, the war on cars and drivers, the push for the next pandemic (to name but a few distractions). I feel like most people are all too caught up in the shit storm they've created to start even contemplating getting a chip in their brain? Surely they'd need a society more akin to China or some false utopia like parts of California where any chance to virtue signal will be taken. Rather than a broken society like Britain?
  6. The standard of driving and general awareness from “other road users” such as cyclists, pedestrians and scooters etc has become absolutely shambolic since the vaccines. Wherever possible I try and do all my driving after 8pm these days. Even so you can still come across someone driving at an absolute snails pace at midnight on a totally empty road who is absolutely oblivious and will not show any road etiquette by pulling over for 5 seconds to let you pass. Driving boils my piss these days. But it’s all by design. Driving / travelling is freedom. We all know they need to curtail this by 2030.
  7. Prince Andrew was a scapegoat to appease the masses. Bearing in mind his only “crime” so far is potentially having a sexual encounter with a 16 year old in his 30s. Which by law is unbecoming, but not illegal. We all know this is the ABSOLUTE tip of the iceberg. This satanic blood thirsty family are sacrificing children and drinking their blood most weeks. This whole Andrew / Epstein thing is just a fraction of what they get up to.
  8. It’s a total “toss up” of what the next lockdown could be in order to usher in the digital industrial revolution that they need in place. Could be climate, pandemic, financial collapse, civil war, migrant crisis, internet meltdown the list goes on. We know it’s coming before 2030. All we can do is be vigilant. In saying that I’d say a good 10% of the population is aware of something coming down the tracks. (Yes there is a sliding scale of awareness within this quota). So i’d say it’s more likely a black swan event like Covid happens. Where only a tiny fraction saw that coming. What we do know is it’ll be very divisive and it’ll exploit our innate need to feel safe and secure. Requiring some kind of acquiescence in return for getting our inalienable rights back.
  9. Hi Steve, Thanks for the kind and welcoming post. I was totally athiest > agnostic > new age until around 2 years ago. I got to the end of the rabbit hole with conspiracies and couldn't go any further. Becoming a Christian was essentially an inadvertent process of elimination for me. Hope to hear from you soon, Blessings
  10. I think it’s becoming glaringly obvious now that the next big hoax is going to be so outrageous and so insultingly audacious that they'll need to eradicate how the internet is currently used by the masses in order to control the narrative. My best guess is it'll be a combination of a controlled demolition of the internet in its current format (open source / open access) whilst simultaneously using whatever hoax is playing out (and the backlash that ensues from people like us) to justify making the internet intrinsically linked to our digital identity and a closed access platform. Thus removing all anonymity and in turn freedom to speak that the internet currently offers. One of my neighbours who isn't that old (early 40s) remarkably hasn't got a bank account and doesn't use the internet. I find it pretty cool that he'll probably be one of the few people in a 1st world country to have totally bypassed using the internet. As when the whole system goes down imminently I doubt he'll be getting his biometric ID to use the internet!
  11. I didn’t know any of this regarding him being an internet presence. I was merely offering up my initial gut reaction. I get twitchy when I see it going to the very top of the mainstream i.e. Piers Morgan within hours of the initial incident. I will absolutely stand corrected if I turn out to be wrong. But I think they plant these incidents, to push forward the agenda. Even if it’s by a fraction. It’s still a fraction in the right direction. It’s like if you leave a dripping tap. One drop seems absolutely insignificant. But you leave it for hundred years it would ultimately destroy everything around it. I think thats what these little incidents achieve in the long term.
  12. Sorry but my scepticism snd cynicism on this one makes this all seem to good to be true. I watch and follow many channels which go out and get their inalienable rights absolutely trampled on and abused at this migrant hotels and surrounding areas every single day. And they get a few hundred views at best. This YouTube video is already doing millions of views and no doubt similar numbers on social media (which i’m not on). As David says himself. “When it comes out of nowhere. And is suddenly everywhere. ITS THE AGENDA”.
  13. What’s been the most plausible reason for this? During Rona I definitely bought into them testing 5G in big cities when everyone was smashing their pots and pans together and tooting horns at 7pm.
  14. Hey dude. well done for calling the 'black swan event' about a month before they announced they are going to do one. You're on the money
  15. Has anyone else stopped and thought to themselves “what actually is north korea?”. A land mass annexed onto the biggest communist regime and potentially biggest threat to the west (China). Which seems to act with impunity and total flagrant disregard to its citizens whilst absolutely no one is allowed to be outraged or intervene?! (Not even Antifa!) It’s as though every country has signed the equivalent of the Antartic Treaty, but for North Korea. My personal opinion is North Korea is just a Chinese lab rat. Where they carry out even harsher social experiments on the citizens than they can even get away with in China. Whats everyone else’s thoughts? p.s can anyone recommend any good documentaries or books on North Korea which explain what is actually going on there. From an alternative media POV?
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