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  1. 3 hours ago, pi3141 said:

    Rosicrucian Christianity Lectures



    P150 - 154

    The Jews located their temples so that the four corners pointed N.E., S.E., S.W., and N.W., and the sides directly North, East, South, and West, and like all solar temples the main entrance was in the East, so that the rising Sun might illumine its portal and herald each day the victory of light over the powers of darkness; this to bring to the nascent humanity the message that the contest of light and darkness on the material plane is but the counterpart of a similar contest in the moral and mental worlds where the human soul is groping its way towards the light, for the battle of light and darkness in the material world, like all other phenomena, is a suggestion of the realities in the invisible realms, and these truths were given to man as myths by divine leaders who led him until his growing intellect gave birth to arrogance which caused his benefactors to withdraw, and let him learn by the hard knocks of experience. Then he forgot them and has come to regard the ancient stories of gods and demigods as imaginary.


    Yet, even the early Christian church was imbued with this knowledge of the significance of the solar myth, for the Cathedral of St. Peter at Rome is built facing East, like all other solar temples, telling humanity of the “Great Light of the World” who is to come and dispel the spiritual darkness which as yet envelops us; the Light-bringer who shall bring peace on Earth and good will among men, causing the nations to beat their swords into plough-shares and their spears into pruning-hooks.


    The Jews greeted the Sun with the Morning-sacrifice; and took leave of him at sunset in a similar manner by an evening oblation, offering up on their sabbath an additional sacrifice to the lunar “Race-god,” Jehovah. Him they also worshiped by sacrifice at the New Moon.


    One great feast was Easter, when they celebrated the Passover; the time when the Sun “passes over” his “easter(n) node; leaving the southern hemisphere where he winters and commencing his northern journey in his chariot of fire, hailed with joy by men as their savior from hunger and cold which would inevitably result if he stayed in south declination always.

    The last of the Jewish feasts and the most important is the feast of the Tabernacles, when the Sun crosses it western node in autumn, having yielded to man the “bread of life” wherewith to sustain his material being until the next return of the Sun to the northern heavens.


    For the above reasons the six southern signs which the Sun occupies in winter are always called “Egypt,” the “land of the Philistines,” etc.—a name for something that is bad for “God’s people”; whereas the northern signs in which the Sun is in the fruitful season are “heaven,” “the promised land,” which “flows with milk and honey.”


    We see this in such passages as the one where the celebration of the Passover is enjoined “to remember the coming out of Egypt.” This feast is a rejoicing over the emergence of the Sun from the southern signs, also from the recorded fact that Jacob was with Joseph in Egypt when he died. At the winter solstice when the Sun of the past year has completed its journey and reached its lowest degree of south declination it is in the zodiacal sign Sagittarius. By reference to Genesis 49:24 where the dying Jacob speaks of the “bow” of Joseph, it is easy to identify him with the sign Sagittarius which represents a centaur in the act of drawing his bow, and thus the story of Jacob dying in Egypt with Joseph, is re-enacted each year when the Sun dies in the sign Sagittarius at the winter solstice.


    The story of Samson is another phase of the solar myth. As long as Samson’s hair was allowed to grow, his strength would increase; Samson is the Sun, and its rays represent Samson’s hair. From the winter solstice in December to the summer solstice in June the Sun’s rays grow, and he gains in strength with every day. This frightens the “powers of darkness,” the winter months, the Philistines, for if this Light-bringer continues to reign their kingdom will come to an end; and they counsel together against Samson to discover wherein his strength lies. They secure the cooperation of the woman Delilah, which is the sign Virgo, and when Samson, the Sun, passes through that sign in September he is said to have laid his head in the woman’s lap, and to have confided his secret to her. She shears him of his locks, for at that time the rays of the Sun grow shorter, and lose their strength. Then the Philistines or winter months come and carry the debilitated giant into their prison: the southern signs where the Sun is in winter.


    They put out his eyes or deprive him of his light and at last bring him to their temple, their stronghold, at the winter solstice; there they subject him to infamous indignities, believing they have vanquished the light completely, but with his last remaining strength the fettered solar giant shatters their temple and although he dies in the effort, he overcomes his enemies and thus leaves the way clear for another Sun-child to be born to save humanity from the cold and famine which would result if he had remained bound in the toils of the powers of darkness, the Philistines, the winter months.


    The lives of all the saviors of mankind are also founded upon the passage of the Sun around the circle of the zodiac, which pictures the trials and triumphs of the Initiate, and the fact has given rise to the erroneous conclusion that these saviors never existed, that the stories are merely Sun-myths. This is wrong. All divine teachers sent to man are cosmic characters, and the ordering of their lives is in accord with the marching orbs, which contain, as it were, an anticipated biography of their lives. Each came with divine spiritual light and knowledge to help man to find God, and therefore the events in their lives were in accord with the events which the physical light-bearer, the Sun, encounters on his pilgrimage through the year.


    The Saviors are all born of an immaculate Virgin, at the time when darkness is greatest among mankind, as the Sun of the coming year is born, or begins his journey, on the longest night of the year, when the zodiacal sign Virgo, the Virgin, stands on the eastern horizon in all latitudes between 10 and 12 P.M. She remains as immaculate as ever, after she has given birth to her Sun-child; hence we see the Egyptian goddess Isis sitting on the crescent moon nursing her divine Babe Horus; Astarte, the immaculate lady of Babylon, with her babe Tammuz and a crown of seven stars over her head; the lady Devaki in India with her infant Krishna, and our own Virgin Mary giving birth to the Saviour of the Western World under the star of Bethlehem. Everywhere the same story: the immaculate Mother—the divine Babe—and the Sun, Moon, or stars.


    As the material Sun is weak and has to flee from the powers of darkness, so all these divine light-bringers are searched for and forced to flee from the powers of the world; and like the Sun, they always escape. Jesus fled before King Herod. King Kansa and King Maya are his counterparts in other religions. The baptism occurs at the time when the Sun passes through the sign Aquarius, the Waterman, and when he goes through the sign of the Fishes in March we have the fast of the Initiate, for Pisces is the last of the southern signs, and all the stores laid by from the bounteous gifts of the Sun of the previous year are nearly exhausted, and man’s food is scant. The fish-food of Lent which occurs at this time is a further corroboration of this solar origin of the fast At the vernal equinox the sun “crosses the equator” and at that time the “crossification” or crucifixion occurs, for then the Sun-god commences to give his life as food for his worshipers, ripening the corn and the grape, which is made into the “bread and wine.” To do that he must leave the equator and soar heavenward. Similarly it would benefit humanity nothing spiritually if their saviors stayed with them, therefore they soar heavenwards as “sons (or suns) of righteousness,” ministering to the faithful from above, as the Sun does for man when high in the heavens.


    The Sun attains its highest point of north declination at the summer solstice; he then sits upon “the throne of his father,” the Sun of the previous year; but he cannot remain there more than three days, then he is carried downwards towards his western node. Likewise the Saviors of mankind ascend to the throne of the Father, to be reborn from time to time for the good of mankind, which truth is embodied in the sentence of the Nicene creed: “thence he shall return.”




    There is one glory for the sun & another for the son of God ✝️

  2. 2 hours ago, The All Eye said:

    The KJB was formed in 161 after the Hampton Court Conference based off of the 1604 Book of Common Prayers from English translations from the 14th Century by followers of John Wycliffe.  From the 14th Century to 1604, and after, the books were revised several times and went trough further translations.  The last revision was 1769. The translations of the text are based off of the translation itself, which can be inaccurate to the original word meaning, and the accuracy of those actually doing the translation. So saying it is the nearest you can get is lazy and untrue.  


    The nearest we can get to the original texts of Scriptures and Gospels are from the Dead Sea Scrolls (Est. 3rd century BCE to 1st century CE) and Nag Hammadi Scriptures (3rd and 4th centuries CE).  Most of the Scriptures and Gospels we read now in the Bible, any version, are based off of translations from texts that were written decades and centuries after the "life" of Jesus.


    My apologies - The KJV is the Bible I read now & will be in the future. I find that all these other new versions have been changed very badly from the KJV & it's a deliberate ploy.

    The KJV maybe harder to read but the 'thy' 'thee' and the 'thou &  'Ye' all mean something, and when you find all these taken away for easy reading it changes the context entirely.


    In early modern English, beginning in the late fifteenth century, thou, thee and thy were singular forms for the subjective, objective and possessive, and ye, you and your were plural. In the 1500s and 1600s, ye and then the thou / thee / thy forms, faded away, to be replaced by the all-purpose you.


    Well you got one thing right I am lazy but not when it comes to reading  :classic_biggrin:

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  3. 20 hours ago, Grumpy Grapes said:

    The Bible and other Christian texts are too symbolic and cryptic and have been re-translated too many times to be taken at face value, so it's quite possible that Jesus and Lucifer are cryptically similar, e.g., they are light bringers. They both descend to Earth.


    The King James Bible is the only Bible that hasn't been messed around with & as for Lucifer/Satan he is the creation of God,

    I make peace, and create evil: Isaiah 45:7


    Lucifer used to be known as the morning star until God kicked him out of heaven.

    How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! Isaiah 14:12


    As for Jesus, he didn't descend to earth, he was born here & ascended to heaven.

  4. On the spot fines for any of the above offenses.

    Where is this leading us ?


    Traditional children's activities were also curtailed, with Rugby council banning climbing trees or flying kites and Wiltshire outlawing possession of catapults and stones.



    Councils can ban anything they choose too.



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  5. 1 hour ago, pi3141 said:



    Disciples of Light

    As Laurence Gardner states, both Christianity and Judaism are the suppressers of learning and knowledge.


    The Essenes

    Gardner also claims the Essenes received medical knowledge from the ancients and practiced medicine accordingly. In fact, Gardner noted the title “Essene” likely derived from the Aramaic word Assaya , meaning “physician,” which corresponded to the Greek word essenoi . 68 Essenes were a mystical order of physicians and scientists in the spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, modern medical organizations, and the original Royal College physicians.



    What amazes me is that you will totally discount a schoraly work written years before Gardener was born just because Gardener has heard of it. Yet this author quotes Gardener and uses his info and you accept it without issue.


    Seems a bit funny to me.


    The reason I detest Laurence Gardener's books he claim's Jesus didn't die & ascend, he went off to France with Mary Magdalene, got married & had kids, utter Blasphemy.



  6. King James Bible
    Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.


    The gospel according to St Marked... Row erupts over unconventional Reverend at Canterbury Cathedral slammed as 'vain' for her tattoos but church hits back saying it is 'saddened' at the abuse she's received

    The gospel according to St Marked... Row erupts over unconventional Reverend trolled for

    With her unconventional appearance, Reverend Wendy Dalrymple (left)was bound to take the traditional world of the church by surprise.  But Canterbury Cathedral's (right) newly-appointed cleric has had to brave a slew of abuse after online trolls attacked her for her heavily tattooed arms.  Ms Dalrymple has become the subject of a Twitter storm as critics accused her of being 'prideful' and 'vain'. 

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  7. 11 minutes ago, pi3141 said:

    I'm a bit confused - I read through a couple of the excerpts and he quotes Laurence Gardner twice in his works in the few sections I read.


    Are you sure you are reading the right book ? If Gary did mention Gardner you can be sure it weren't to give him any praises. I detest Gardner and all his books, they are just full of lies.

  8. 1 hour ago, timjulius1122 said:

    While I understand your concerns, it's crucial to rely on accurate information. The COVID-19 vaccines have undergone rigorous testing and are approved for their safety and efficacy. Many politicians have chosen to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their communities. If you have questions or need more information, feel free to ask.


    Have I just read this right ? :classic_ohmy:

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