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  1. Do you notice the all seeing eye poster in this clip from coronation street ?
  2. I know they are empty of ice I'm missing my scotch on the rocks
  3. Mind the royal fingers! Prince Charles and Camilla cut a slice of cake using a sword as they brave the heat at a garden party celebrating 70 years since he became the Duke of Cornwall Does this cake remind you of a toilet seat or is it me https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-11024473/Camilla-carries-parasol-shade-blistering-heat-steps-Penzance-Charles.html
  4. It's bloody started Heatwave proves I was RIGHT all along about climate change, says Prince Charles While speaking at an open-air event to mark his 70 years as Duke of Cornwall, Charles said national commitments to reach net zero have 'never been more vitally important'. 239 comments 21 shares
  5. What right does this pair of clowns have to wade in on US politics ? Prince Harry wades into US politics AGAIN as he slams 'the rolling back of constitutional rights' and the 'few weaponizing lies and disinformation at the expense of the many' as he makes keynote speech at UN for Nelson Mandela day The Duke of Sussex, arrived with his wife Meghan, and weighed in on American politics as he slammed the 'rolling back of constitutional rights' during his speech. I noticed who's in charge here.
  6. I wonder if they have this much trouble in other hot countries ? Headlines today in the Daily Fail .......... Heatwave to peak on Tropic-hell Tuesday: Highs of 43C predicted forcing hospitals to cancel operations, threatening power cuts and bringing more travel chaos after UK sweated through 'warmest night on record' The increasing temperatures are putting extra pressure on the NHS, with planned operations now having to be 'scaled back' as operating theatres are 'getting too hot' - a measure that was last implemented during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. A&E departments across the country are being overwhelmed due to ambulance trusts experiencing a surge in the number of emergency calls amid the sweltering temperatures. Health bosses are now urging Britons to 'regularly put on suncream' to ease the pressure on the NHS and keep emergency departments from being filled up with Britons suffering from heat-related illnesses. Meanwhile, travel chaos is expected to continue on the railway network today with Britons facing yet more delays and cancellations.
  7. What photo is this then ? All's I get when I click on the link is some video
  8. They/ he/ it are bloomin awful Sounds just like I imagine hell would sound like. Can't imagine how horrific the movie must be.
  9. She's probably swanning around on her Luxurious yacht at sea, didn't she have some project going where it involved living life on the ocean ? Just found this;
  10. 'You are so, so inspiring': Adorable moment boy, 16, who wore a sequined tuxedo jacket and vibrant red ballgown skirt to his prom is blown away after receiving message of support from Drag Race UK star The Vivienne Korben Green, 16, from Norfolk, appeared on This Morning alongside his mother Nina where they were left close to tears after receiving messages from Drag Race UK stars. Sixteen-year-old Korben's bold fashion choice went viral on Twitter earlier this month after his mother, Nina Green, tweeted photos of his stunning outfit to showcase her support. DM
  11. Think it's hot now? How Britain roasted in TEN-WEEK heatwave during summer of '76: Temperatures hit 36C, criminal trials came to a halt, towns were plagued by swarms of insects and water was rationed as country faced worst drought in 250 years https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11013619/How-Britain-roasted-TEN-WEEK-heatwave-summer-1976.html
  12. There's food everywhere if we look, God wont let you starve.
  13. Oh No! God help us all
  14. I remember reading about Lincoln's letter a few years back, thanks for the reminder I have copied the bit where Lincoln writes about the giants mounds, I hope you don't mind. Makes you wonder how he knew.....
  15. IMO CERN are going to be the ones to open up the bottomless pit as quoted in the Bible. Like in the days of Noah is what it's going to be like towards the end days. So are they going to release the Nephilim & the fallen ones back onto earth ? Are they going to bust through our earths magnetic protective field ? What a coincidence they called their project 'Alice'. And your right odds the Swiss guards at the Vatican do look like clowns & why did they always have a court Jester at palace Banquets ? Your videos have really got me wondering......
  16. This also explains why the Royals, Rothschild & certain celebs etc etc, behave like they do (completely mad) as these are all of the same blood line as the Nephilim. I know all this sounds utterly bonkers but what other explanation is there for their eccentric evil behavior. And why are they so hell bent on turning the masses into gay approving citizens ?
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