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  1. Yeah, what is that ? Maybe it's wearing a mask, I mean they are very real life the masks they make today.
  2. Purves how appropriate. Funeral director's advert on the window of the Queen's hearse is removed WHILE her coffin is driven from Balmoral to Edinburgh The funeral director's carrying the Queen's coffin from Balmoral to Edinburgh yesterday were faced with a blunder when eagle-eyed Royal watchers noticed its logo on the window of the hearse. A large sticker with the name of the undertaker William Purves was spotted as the vehicle left the Royal Scottish estate around 10 am this morning. By the time the hearse arrived in the Scottish capital, however, the advertisement had been mysteriously removed.
  3. Well there's an unintentional coincidence.
  4. Here is the pdf https://www.google.co.uk/books/edition/Eden_The_Knowledge_Of_Good_and_Evil_666/_BVhDwAAQBAJ?hl=en&gbpv=1&dq=prince+william+born+on+summer+solstice&pg=PA226&printsec=frontcover
  5. He's a prince, quiet, charming and into politics but not in an over powering way, born on a summer solstice, every thing the Antichrist is proclaimed to be, so who knows.
  6. The lyrics back in the 1600's were very different from what we hear today: London Bridge Is Broken down, Dance over my Lady Lee. London Bridge, Is Broken down, With a gay Lady. Alice Bertha Gomme suggests that the “London Bridge Is Falling Down” rhyme refers to the use of a medieval punishment known as immurement. Immurement is when a person is encased into a room with no openings or exits and left there to die.
  7. Cadbury's make them & cover them in ......................
  8. I posted this story on Bombadil's thread 'Bombadil's Emporium of the Bizarre, the Gross and the Utterly Ridiculous' which is actually true. Fright night for one lady in waiting. Why Elizabeth I body lay in state at Richmond it was watched every night by ‘six several ladies’. Elizabeth made it clear that she did not wish to be disembowelled following death (as would be customary). Yet shortly after the queen died, Rober Cecil left orders with the surgeons to do so, while he went to London to proclaim James VI the new King of England. And so the queen was embalmed and her body transferred to a lead-lined, wooden coffin. During the period in question, Elizabeth Southwell (lady in waiting) reports how there was a loud ‘crack’ from the coffin as Elizabeth’s ‘body and head’ broke open from the pressures of gases released as the corpse rotted. While the force of the explosion splintered the ‘wood lead and cere cloth’, people speculated on how much worst might it have been if the body had not been opened and disembowelled after death! It is interesting isn’t it, that the story of this event occurring after the end of Henry VIII is much repeated, and seen as a sign of his obesity and gluttony. But here we have the same thing happening with his daughter, who was not subject to such vices! https://thetudortravelguide.com/2019/07/20/the-death-and-burial-of-elizabeth-i/ It makes you wonder, do these Royals actually shape-shift after death ?
  9. Ah! The center of earth, bulls eye. Apparently Lizzy always preferred to sail up far north on Britannica. Very strange.
  10. This is a shame, I'm sure we'd find out something very interesting.
  11. I don't reckon they are going to hang around either, they've done enough of that. I reckon Charley boy wont be long as King.
  12. My thoughts exactly - Thank you
  13. Well instead of me proving it to you, why don't you prove to me that that they are luna rocks, any one can repeat from a text book. They have these luna rocks somewhere in Amsterdam & I'm sure that they have been proven to be fake.
  14. I know, I watched this episode, it was so obvious what they were up to, this is one of the reasons why I watch the soaps, I like to see what they are trying to cover up. They did the the same with the jab & flat earth.
  15. How ridiculous is this, it's just barmy
  17. How many of you on here have signed this ?
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