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  1. Yes I'm very familiar with this verse, it's one that I take very serious & gives a lot of thought to these mythical creatures which IMO they really existed & maybe some of them still do which may come to light during the end days. Revelation 9:3. I don't know whether you've read the book of 'Jasher' but in one of the chapters it talks about some of these strange looking creatures coming out of the sea.
  2. Hi Base12 & welcome to the forum. It's great that you agree, you must be into the Nephilim or Mythology to positively answer yes ? Who IMO was Eve.
  3. Thanks to @DannyUK
  4. Things will have to be really really bad on earth before God destroys it. You see God is patient and wants as many souls saved as possible. In Noah's day he gave the masses 120 years to repent before splash down. It was water the last time, this time it will be fire. & A thousand years for us is but a day for God.
  5. God will destroy the earth once again, when he's good and ready. I'd say we are on amber now.
  6. It's getting more & more pushed in our faces, it's the same with the soaps & the masses seem to be excepting it as the norm. It's true what the scriptures say, that in the last days the world will become more like Sodom & Gomorrah as God will just hand them over to their own delusions.
  7. IMO the fifth dimension is heaven/God's throne & the fourth dimension is Satan's domain. David has it right but fails to include God in the mix.
  8. Not at all, I believe the ancient ones knew exactly what they were looking at & were more knowledgeable in astrology than we gave them credit for. Read the book of Enoch. The cataclysm they experienced was caused by the deluge and not some rock hitting the earth as there has never been a comet or an asteroid to hit the earth.
  9. God doesn't throw rocks at the earth
  10. I've never trusted Musk ever since he was supposed to have put his Tesla in space
  11. As Jesus is God as a man, why would you have to lead me back to God ? It is some clever deceptive being who has interpreted the pagan festival (the solstice Dec 25th) as the date for Jesus's birth.
  12. For someone who spouts off ill of the Lord you do half know your Bible well, but saying this so does Lucifer. BTW The New Testament doesn't tell us when Jesus was born, but at a guess I would say around September. https://youtu.be/myI3J78gEIs
  13. Asked, said, spoken - Doesn't mean that God is the sun or the moon, God created them along with everything else. Only God can stop the sun & the moon, just as the prophet Isaiah asked for the Lord to take the sun ten steps back for Hezekiah.
  14. I take it all back after watching this video; Don't worry I'll shoot myself
  15. JENNI MURRAY: I give Charles six years until he hands over the reins as King... he looks so weary Like the late Queen, Charles has very publicly pledged to dedicate his life to service and he is known to have a ferocious work ethic, but his mother was 27 when she was crowned. I hope the King has inherited the extraordinary genes that took his grandmother beyond her century and his mother and father into their 90s, but I don't recall any of them looking as tired and spaced out as the King and Queen did on Saturday. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-12069205/JENNI-MURRAY-Charles-six-years-hands-reins-King-looks-weary.html
  16. I reckon Prince William was a designer baby & Di was artificially inseminated with the Holy Grail ( the DNA of Christ ). If I'm wrong you can shoot me later
  17. Maybe Jesus will come back tomorrow to kick arse
  18. Well Joshua stopped the sun for a whole day... Joshua 10:12-15 Hmm I wonder if that was on May 11th
  19. This may well bring us closer to designer babies, which is wrong. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4755344/Ethical-concerns-dawn-designer-baby.html Didn't Hitler want something like this ? Reminds me of the movie 'The Boys From Brazil'.
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