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  1. I wonder about the secrets this women knows The King GAGS late Queen's closest aide: Charles bans outspoken docker's daughter Angela Kelly from sharing Royal secrets in exchange for her new grace-and-favour home EXCLUSIVE: The Mail on Sunday understands that Angela Kelly has been presented with an NDA that would make future earnings based on public revelations about the Royal family difficult.
  2. Mind tricks. Try this for fun: When your next at the cash out, talk to the cashier about a higher number than your due change, they are guaranteed to give you the wrong change in your favor. Now being the honest Joe that I am, I always tell them. Here's a memory trick. Next time you have to memorize: say a shopping list, visualize the first item with an over exaggerated picture of that item in your mind & so on. This works extremely well when learning a new language. Happy Days
  3. Yes - But can we believe the Gospel of Thomas ? It also states that Jesus mixed up some mud & twelve sparrow birds flew out of it. This reminds me of the nursery rhyme 'Sing a Song of Sixpence'
  4. Look as though the King is looking for younger blood. Revealed: King Charles's Romanian hideaway where His Majesty will enjoy the simple life in the land of Dracula to recuperate from his Coronation (without his newly crowned Queen) After the pomp and ceremony of his Coronation, it's little wonder King Charles yearns for the simple life. He intends to slip off in a few weeks to his home deep in rural Transylvania, the Daily Mail can reveal. But Camilla will not accompany him, preferring to remain in her more modern Wiltshire home. Although she is very happy for her hard-working, 74-year-old husband to enjoy some uniquely traditional 'r and r'. The King will sleep in a simple wooden bed, drink hand-pressed apple juice - and maybe even judge the local lawn-mowing competition, as he has done on previous visits. Pictured left: The King on a walk in Transylvania last year. Inset: A wooden bed in his property. Top right: The King's property near the Carpathian Mountains. Bottom right: The house is filled with antique furniture.
  5. You make some very interesting points here sock, especially the one about the 'Ark of the Covenant', the Ark has always intrigued me, as wasn't it the AOTC that bought down the walls of Jericho plus sound.
  6. I get it now: Atonement in the Old Testament was a temporary faith exercise of sacrifice done by those who believed in God and showed it by offering those sacrifices. Jesus did far more than just temporarily cover sin: He destroyed it, rising from the dead, conquering the power of sin and death for all who believe.
  7. This was mainly a Catholic tradition, whereby the Vatican would charge people to get out of purgatory.
  8. The KJV is the only Bible that hasn't been changed. The New KJV plus all the rest has, so these I would stay clear of.
  9. Crawlers - Notice the hand shake. King Charles received a warm welcome from Hollywood and sporting royalty as he joined Woody Harrelson and David Beckham.
  10. Does my bum look big in this ? Adidas is facing a boycott after it used a biologically male model with a hairy chest and bulging crotch to promote a women's swimsuit it its 'Pride 2023' collection
  11. 'Chronic Appetite Dysregulation' what a mouth full Now you're not allowed to call fat people FAT! Experts say term 'obesity' should be renamed 'chronic appetite dysregulation' Dr Margaret Steele, of the School of Public Health, University College Cork, studied the philosophical considerations about how obesity should be classified.
  12. Yes, but it weren't the fallen angels it was the Nephilim who were Giants, Genesis 6. IMO there is still one left which is at the center of the earth based in the North Pole (the garden of Eden) & it is called the naval of the world. It is what is known to be the tree of life & it is known to the Norse as Midgard (a bridge that leads us to Heaven). Watch the movie 'Thor'. It's not so far fetched as one might tend to believe. I reckon that all these Giant trees used to lead us to Heaven and were deliberately cut down for reasons only these secret societies know about. So much of our history has been rewritten by the evil ones & they have tried so hard to keep the truth to themselves but is slowly coming all out. I Watch 'Enterthestars' all the time as this guy is very informative. Thanks for this post
  13. When I were younger I used to play this over and over, it must have drove the neighbors crazy
  14. I'm so glad that you've come along, there is such a lot we can learn from you, keep up the good works I am following you.
  15. So this is the reason why there is no more sacrifices of animals, as when Jesus died we are all covered by his blood that he shed for us. Thanks, I understand a bit better now.
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