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  1. They lie yet again, don't they know when to stop ? Bizarre 'bulldog-faced' dinosaur that was as big as a school bus but had tiny arms and roamed the Sahara Desert 98 million years ago is unearthed in Egypt Remains of the dinosaur species, which is yet to be formally named, were found by experts at the Bahariya Oasis of Egypt's Western Desert.
  2. The Lady in red........... Their high school lies in ruins (main, in a billowing red ballgown, pupil Valerie, 16, stands before the school) from the brutal Russian onslaught. But these Ukrainian pupils were still determined to mark their graduation in traditional fashion by dancing a waltz (top right). Members of a graduating class in Ukraine usually dance a waltz in front of the entire school as students hear the bell rung for the last time.
  3. Would you trust the big C jab ? New vaccine could prevent deadliest cancer returning as early tests suggest it could help stop pancreatic disease from coming back Early trial results suggest the personalised vaccines prime the body to stop the deadly disease coming back. Only a quarter of patients survive for a year or more after pancreatic cancer diagnosis. DM
  4. Excuses, excuses, excuses, Royal experts say Harry and Meghan would have been 'incredibly cheeky' if they asked to bring photographer to capture Queen and Lilibet - as it emerges Sussexes 'spent no solo time with William and Kate during Jubilee' The Sussexes reportedly wanted their own photographer to capture the Monarch meeting her great-granddaughter Lilibet at Windsor. DM
  5. Cus it was published in the Daily Fail https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10891893/Inside-Lilibets-birthday-party-Photos-reveal-Meghan-Harrys-intimate-backyard-picnic.html She does seem to have the same button nose tho.
  6. Well it's the 7th today & zil, maybe we should try the next 666 date, 15/6/2022
  7. If you receive a knife as a present, you should always give the giver a penny cus if you don't this means death to the you. I remember the queen doing this after receiving a knife as a gift from some Arabian king.
  8. School Newsletter Mentions MICROCHIPS In Students Brains / Hugo Talks https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=X2RARMXR2O5N Couldn't get this video on Jewtube.
  9. So apparently you can choose when you die..... 'It was a JOKE!' Dame Deborah James hits back at critics after saying she 'wouldn't die over the Jubilee weekend' because she 'didn't want Meghan Markle to steal her thunder' Deborah James, 40, from London, who is currently receiving hospice at home care, posted on Twitter to clarify a comment about Meghan Markle had been 'a joke' as she hit back at critics. She apparently said it as joke...........Or did she ?
  10. The Queen reportedly banned Harry and Meghan from having a photographer snap the Monarch meeting her great-granddaughter Lilibet for the first time. I wonder WHY ? A supposed picture of Lilibet on her first birthday but still no picture of Archie. DM
  11. They should have stuck the sword where the sword dunt shine.
  12. And if you see one on it's own, salute it.
  13. I agree AFS, as the truth has a nice habit of showing up when you least expect it. If anyone can work out the truth I reckon it could be us lot on here.
  14. All very odd indeed, mind you the circle of friends she kept were all a bit shady.
  15. Wasn't Jill Dando married to the Queens doctor or was it surgeon, I can't remember now ???
  16. I must watch this F****d up film again, I've forgotten half of it
  17. CERN is the New Tower of Babylon, they really wanna break through this Glass ceiling and when they do we will all have to look out.
  18. I used to be very superstitious from black cats, ladders, umbrellas, magpies etc etc. What's your superstitions & why? Did you ever forget to be superstitious then something happened?
  19. I don't mean to pick on the little guy as I reckon he's cute as they come, if this is true he wont be be in power for sometime yet. These pictures got me reflecting on this idea; Rosemary's Baby Here he is making the 666 sign, thanks to @DaleP for Picture Tongue out LGBT Tongue out again Just a thought..........What are yours ?
  20. Thanks @whatthefoxhat I really enjoyed watching this vid
  21. Hilarious and barmy... the final parade was so very British: This barmy and delightful three-hour compendium of memories and tributes was part-carnival, part-Olympic opening ceremony, part-Cup Final procession. I reckon Louis had the the right idea The Best Bit -The End
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