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  1. Oh I think I have, I see the whole picture of earth, it is you ballers who haven't got it, soz to say.
  2. I know this sounds absurd but so is the ballers theory that the earth is spinning at such and such, hurtling through space at such and such mph.
  3. When ? If so you should be feeling this all the time, If the earth is spinning so fast why should aircraft's bother to fly? Why don,t they just hover off the ground and wait until the earth spun to their destination and then just land ?
  4. We can't do anymore until NASA decides to tell us the truth. Cant you use your own god given senses and logic? Do you feel the earth move, Does the sun, moon and the stars really seem like they are thousands of miles away ? When we look up at the night sky, don't you see that is only the stars and the moon that move and never change their course? Soz.... but you ballers only know what you have been told or read in your text books and it's all one big lie. And why should we believe their lies, after all it's what they are known for.
  5. I reckon this is all one big ploy to bring down Pres Trump, just watch and see how she will continually drip feed Trump into the equation.
  6. Job 27;7 He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.
  7. Agreed! Could this be b/c of their planned fake alien invasion that so many believe will happen ?
  8. Bingo! these elites just love to copy God's design
  9. I have to agree with you ink, but they are not ET's they are demonic entities. oh and bflat's not one.
  10. This says it all about Copernicus....... Quote by Martin Luther
  11. alexa


    God has a sense of humor too
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