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  1. Yes, and isn't it best to be prepared ? The parable of the ten virgins comes to mind...........
  2. Not by making mistakes as these can be forgiven, but by taking the mark of the beast!
  3. I agree rideforever, to understand God and Israel (being the apple of God's eye) is the key to understanding this problem.
  4. @AOP I agree with you 100%, we need something major to happen as this can't carry on. It's caused much civil unrest and I can see a civil war of some kind on the horizon............
  5. This is all bad....... All's your doing is entering these Demonic Realms. Be careful.........
  6. Soory if I've upset this thread, I just couldn't help it, I just had to play this! https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=KRKU7M6SWOAA
  7. Jesus said, " mee's shouldn't take it or I will fry in hell for all eternity'.
  8. This video was made Nov 2013 Watch from 1.01.06 where Rob Skiba mentions the pandemic........
  9. But they did 2200–2154 BC . This was under King Nimrod who built the Tower of Babel. Check him out.
  10. CoronaVirus Tribute Jet crash in Canada (Hoax) https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=8DH8MGM9OBKO
  11. Ha! Is this guy for real ? https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=7X2BWOXD4SY6
  12. I reckon God is trying to tell you something. I do this very often with the Bible.
  13. Get right with Jesus this is all I can propose you do, It's the only way.
  14. Jesus is God, made flesh, this is to understand the Trinity!
  15. I'm not Anti Semitic, but I am Anti Z ionist and this should be talked about as it is most of these world leaders who are the Z ionist's.
  16. Ha! No need to go to these extremes OA, all's we need to do is repent and ask Jesus for forgiveness of our sins and have faith in Jesus. And you will come through all this evil. Amen! This is the hour when Jesus return's and I cant wait.
  17. I'll Die first in Jesus's name before these Evil Bastards vax me.
  18. Talking of Fraudsters...........Seattle "Hero Cop" Greg Anderson Quit Police Department 3 Years Ago Full Video https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=2WD53HNDR8XA
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