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  1. This will kindle Gods wrath....... Help us remember the loved ones we lost: Magnificent memorial to 127,000 Covid victims is to be built in St Paul's Cathedral - with your help Each life lost to coronavirus is a tragedy. And today the Daily Mail launches a campaign to help create a memorial. DM
  2. Hug your friends and family in just over a FORTNIGHT: Covid-19 rules on social distancing with other households 'will be eased on May 17' thanks to success of vaccines and lockdowns No thank you very much, not if they've had the jab.
  3. A group of anti-vax moms called the "Mamalitia" says they're leading a growing national revolution of women. I wish I could join them.
  4. Sorry to quote myself, but as Rick Wiles said on this vid, 'We the masses are the virus'. This vid is off line until later tonight.
  5. How about going underground, I bet this is where the elite will be going when the Zombie Apocalypse starts. Or maybe a cliff cave, I know of a few here in Wales.....
  6. This vid may just save your life, please watch. UK COVID ADVISORS: THIRD WAVE WILL KILL UP TO 70% OF VACCINATED PEOPLE https://www.trunews.com/stream/uk-covid-advisors-third-wave-will-kill-up-to-70-percent-of-vaccinated-people
  7. Maybe one of the Scottish islands is the way to go although it's a bit colder up north. Just thinking out loud, 'what if everyone else has the same idea' ?
  8. Who knows.... you may even set a trend off.........
  9. Thanks for the suggestion TOK but we already live on the coast. We'll need to move somewhere more rural if we are going to be safe from everyone. But hey, thanks again, much appreciated.
  10. Isn't this what they always wanted ? The end of the 'Town Centre'? High Streets in historic market towns are being demolished and converted into flats and new builds in overhaul of the once thriving hearts of the community - as shops relocate to new retail parks As online shopping leaves Britain's once bustling high streets shadows of their former selves, officials in the capital and elsewhere are increasingly looking to housing to fill the vacuum left by empty units. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9516055/Locals-tell-frustration-shops-converted-homes.html
  11. I live in the UK, South Wales. We are debating whether to buy a camper & get lost in some forest somewhere, also I am going to be putting together a survival kit, A knife first aid flint salt etc ect Whiskey Oh yeah and maybe a bow cross for good measure.
  12. Shot in the arm for summer: Over-40s are told to book jabs TODAY with 30-year-olds to be offered vaccines within two weeks - as report finds it will safe to SCRAP social distancing at all big outdoor events DM This is good right, Not for the unvaxxed, we better get our masks ready Not that we'll be able to go to any of these big outdoor events.
  13. At least 44 are killed and many more critically injured in Israeli bonfire festival disaster: 'Stand packed with hundreds of Orthodox Jewish Lag B'Omer worshippers collapses' at Mount Meron https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9527659/Several-people-feared-dead-dozens-injured-incident-northern-Israel.html Dm Headlines today Notice the one shoe missing on this supposed corpse, always a sign the Freemason's had something to do with it.
  14. This is b/c the elite know's the score, they know all about this shedding business. It couldn't be more obvious.
  15. I've said this before, it is us the unvaxed who will be wanting the masks & a 20ft distancing, it will be the unvaxed who will be locking themselves away. The tables will become reversed.
  16. I always did wonder about this passage in the Bible. Rev 18:4 Then I heard another voice from heaven say: "'Come out of her, my people,' so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues;
  17. Quick......Get all yer money out, NOW
  18. Why is it always the Christians who get persecuted, it was the same for those poor Christians who got fed to the Lions by Nero. Ugly bastard.
  19. It's going to get worse, especially for us Christians.
  20. Praise be, I was fine while having the jab for B12, they gave me a good energy boost.
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