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  1. 24 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    If this does turn out to be use of DEW - which I wouldn't rule out - it then raises the spectre of 'what actually happened on 9/11'.


    A lot of people including Dr Judy Wood and researcher Andrew Johnson believe that the World Trade Center was brought down using a DEW, and for their beliefs they were widely mocked and ridiculed by other so-called 'truthers' keen to push and promote their own theories.




    These were my thoughts exactly, although we know they were controlled demolition, they first had to be fired upon to catch fire, as I don't believe in the planes theory. 

  2. On 9/7/2023 at 7:51 PM, legion said:

    As far as I remember it was around 21 Trillion just before the fake con-1984 hit.. 

    Over 10 Trillion in a few years. 

    Where the fuck did that go..? 🤔 


    I really shouldn't be telling you this but I stole it.😂 

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  3. Outraged at having to pay £12.50 a day for driving your 'non-compliant' car in Genghis Khan's Ulez zone, or one of the other cynical low emissions rackets popping up everywhere? You ain't seen nothing yet.


    The eco-maniacs are coming for your house next, as part of their deranged mission to make us all colder and poorer.


    Under new legislation, which sailed through its third reading in the Commons this week, homeowners and landlords whose properties don't meet Net Zero targets could be fined £15,000 and jailed for up to a year. Yep, you could end up behind bars if you fail to fit a heat pump.





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  4. 1 hour ago, RobinJ said:

    Your God of fear peddles the same concept that we just went through during covid with NWO megalomaniac rulers.


    I feared nothing during the planedemic, did you ?


    1 hour ago, RobinJ said:

    Alexa, You constantly contradict yourself with your mind controlled indoctrination belief in a book with a much changed story.


    The Bible hasn't changed it's narratives since the word dot, what makes you reckon it has ?


    1 hour ago, RobinJ said:


    Finally, why do you quote god as a single male presence?


    God is the three in one, the holy trinity.


    1 hour ago, RobinJ said:

    Again you contradicted yourself. You say theres nothing to fear but God, then pretend you'll be fine because you read his book and are a good girl following rules.


    I not only read the Bible but I have faith in everything he does for me.


    1 hour ago, RobinJ said:

    If serving god is so wonderful, why are there so many paedophile priests?


    God gives us freewill, It's not Gods fault if these priests choose to be unrighteous. It's not God's fault the way the world is now but in the end days he allows those who are gay, murder or steal to carry on, he more or less wipes his hands of us & leaves us to our own devices like he did before the deluge.


    1 hour ago, RobinJ said:

    Why did christianity seek to destroy every other belief system such as native indian, aboriginal etc? Not very loving to wipe out races is it?


    God hasn't wiped out any race, what gives you this idea ?

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  5. 13 minutes ago, dirtydog said:

    I think this is going to happen though, there is probably no point trying to prevent it, it's a fait accompli. The only question remaining is how long we have left to use the old system. ie. is it late 2025 for everyone, or sooner for some? Could it be extended another 5-10 years? We don't know yet. 


    What ever the time scale, they'll do it, just be prepared for it.

    It's the elderly & the sick who I feel for. 

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  6. 7 hours ago, legion said:

    Eric West AKA Hawaii Real Estate is under attack. 

    He's having his character assassinated, he's getting death threats and his business ties have been cut. 

    All because he was asking questions and trying to share videos with the World and help funnel money directly to those on the ground that really need it.. 




    Eric West, Gang Stalked by Police


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  7. 2 hours ago, RobinJ said:

    The bible is like most conspiracies; a mish mash of some truth with a lot of other reworked made up stuff. 


    Have you read the Bible ?


    2 hours ago, RobinJ said:

    You contradicted yourself "I know the words have been rewritten many times over but they are still the truth". No they aren't, plenty of books are missing and/ or badly translated from previous languages, either deliberately or accidentally.


    This is the reason why I read the KJV only.


    2 hours ago, RobinJ said:

    Religion is about fear and control and, largely, fear of death.


    I don't fear death, I rather die first than to ever deny Jesus's name as this is what's coming.


    2 hours ago, RobinJ said:

    Religion is about fear and control and, largely, fear of death. Just like covid.

    Fear comes in many formats, the most prevalent is fear of self autonomy, the ability to trust in oneself and the power already within.


    Fear is an emotion, the only thing you should fear is God & just knowing that he is in control and that he is good & reassures us that he can protect us and our family because he is Lord over all.


    And you don't have to fear death anymore because you know you will be with him for eternity.


    It never ceases to amaze me how many of elites believe in Lucifer & wants the name of Jesus censored, if he's just a fictional character then why bother ? 

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  8. 17 hours ago, RobinJ said:

    The "dark powers" dont hate religion, it was created by them from old beliefs to control the people. Control via a belief system is still control.


    Your belief was created by Satan himself & your playing right into his hands as he knows the Bible inside out.


    17 hours ago, RobinJ said:

    During this discussion you all miss one thing; by worshipping some deity outside yourself, you give away your true power. Our power is within, not in some bastardised book that was re written hundreds of times, or, with some magical hero coming to save you.


    This bastardised book gives us the truth & nothing but the truth, I know the Bible has been written a hundred times over but the words are still the same especially in the KJV.  The Bible condemns these Satanist's ? Read the history of the Bible before you condemn it.

    Did you know that in 1600's if you were found with a Bible, you & your Bible got burned at the stake?


    Why would they do this if they had nothing to hide & fear ?


    The only hero of old coming to save you will be Satan himself, if you don't start believing & trusting in the Lord. 🙏 you do.

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