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    Puff Puff Remember when a gay guy was called a Puff ?
  2. And this looks like a close up of an ovary in the womb.
  3. These images look like the Neurons in our Brain to me.
  4. This is how I reckon the Pyramids were built, the ancient ones were far more technical minded than we gave them credit for & the Tibetan's never lost this Knowledge that TPTB try their hardest to cover up.
  5. He got rid of all the Nephilim didn't he ? Healed the sick, cured the blind & even fed the 5,000.
  6. I'm surprised he could keep a straight face https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=S523OH5568OW Part 2 https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=5YRYKO79G8OA
  7. Well if the LGBT community keep it up, I can see how this could happen, it's just what the doc ordered.
  8. I know - that poor rabbit but we've come a long way since then, I'm sure they know how to do this without doing more experiments on these poor animals. IMO they know how, but like I said, the elite don't want it as some rich guy would have funded it surely.
  9. "Image on her retina may show girl's slayer," reads a headline from a 1914 article in The Washington Times. A 20-year-old woman, Theresa Hollander, had been beaten to death and her body found in a cemetery. But the fact that her eyes were still open gave her family hope: Perhaps the last thing she saw—presumably the face of her murderer—was imprinted like a the negative of a photograph on her retinas, writes Lindsey Fitzharris for The Chirurgeon's Apprentice. Accordingly, a photograph of the woman's retina's was taken, "at the suggestion of a local oculist, who told police that the retina would show the last object within her vision before she became unconscious," The Times reported. The grand jury would see the image on Saturday.
  10. It beats me why they didn't carry on with this research, imagine how many murders could have been solved. How Forensic Scientists Once Tried to “See” a Dead Person’s Last Sight https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/how-forensic-scientists-once-tried-see-dead-persons-last-sight-180959157/ Maybe the Elite thought that this maybe a little to risky for them
  11. Another yet again Sandy Hook copy cat Hoax, they are getting a bit too sloppy now, so much so it's becoming a joke
  12. Well he is a bit of a globe trotter. I'm just surprised they aren't red
  13. The scriptures are right, the end days will be like in the days of Noah.
  14. IMO - They are of the decedent's of Cain having the Serpent's DNA. Where else could their rare blood type have come from ? I also believe this is why certain Kids go missing to obtain their blood, but Madonna decided to adopt her African kids. David Icke is right.
  15. Either that or there isn't any Aliens - Just Demons.
  16. Flat Earth in the Movies https://rumble.com/v2eqojk-flat-earth-in-the-movies.html
  17. He looks like a real Charley King Charles will don a special gold silk coat worn by his mother, father and great-grandfather for Coronation
  18. alexa


    Sandy Hook Funniest Videos https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=R75YHRMNRKD3
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