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  1. It looks like everybody will have to move to Wales or Scotland The second home and staycation hotspots that could be swallowed by the sea in just THIRTY years: Map reveals nearly 200,000 coastal homes that could be underwater by the 2050s
  2. How's about NEVER Not in a million years & that's being generous. Professor Brian Cox says humans won't get to Mars until the 2040s - and even then it will be an even bigger challenge for NASA than getting to the Moon 60 years ago Putting humans on Mars will be an even bigger challenge for NASA engineers than getting to the moon 60 years ago, Professor Brian Cox has told MailOnline. What a plonker!
  3. Germany considers making mask-wearing COMPULSORY from October to March in restaurants, bars and shops to battle Covid this winter as cases rise across Europe Plans would encompass mask wearing in all public spaces - including bars, restaurants and shops - during the colder half of the year, in a so-called 'O-bis-O' (Oktober bis Ostern) scheme. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10929687/Germany-considers-making-mask-wearing-COMPULSORY-October-March-public-places.html
  4. One of my all time favorite comedians, He's right you know, he's bean there, done it & laughed the pants off us 'The job of comedy is to offend': Rowan Atkinson says comedians should be allowed to make jokes about 'absolutely anything' as he rails against cancel culture The Mr Bean star, 67, said the purpose of comedy was to 'have the potential to offend' and argued that humour is made to make someone look 'ridiculous'. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10930135/Rowan-Atkinson-says-comics-make-jokes-spoke-cancel-culture.html
  5. Unbeelievable stupidity! Thief steals THOUSANDS of bees from Cornish country estate... which promptly fly home to their rightful owner The theft of more than 400,000 bees from five hives on a Cornish country estate has gone wrong after hordes of the insects began returning to their rightful owner by their own accord. DM
  6. I'm afraid the world is lost Mystery Babylon Being Revealed Day by Day https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=43BWY2B3URR9
  7. Just imagine how many sophisticated tools they would have needed, not to mention a skilled work force. And where are all the blue prints for all these magnificent buildings cus these buildings are out of this world. Also imagine the foundations they would have needed.
  8. Gosh-He's getting fat To believe or not to believe this is the question?
  9. I've wondered about this for a while now & I've just come to the conclusion that all these fine buildings were all stolen by the elite after the purge of the Tartarians.
  10. It cost them 87 million to build the new Eastenders set, so 5 million would be peanuts to them, poor bastewards.
  11. They do this through the magnetic toroid fields via sound, these toroid fields surround earth & every cell in our bodies, animals & plant life plus certain sounds can heal. Our bodies are made up of water plus now it is believed that water has memory, it is any wonder that Jacques benveniste & Prof. Luc Montagnier, were ridiculed for their beliefs that certain sound frequencies can heal via your DNA. Just deflate the ball a little & you get the idea.
  12. I luv pulling words apart e.g Funeral = Fun-eral. why is the prefix Fun ? Disaster = Dis-aster, aster meaning star. Disease = Dis-ease. Electricity = Elec-tri-city The third city. Divine = Di-vine, of the wine Earth, the letters make up the word heart. Mary = Mar-y, Mar meaning sea, so when you see any church called St Mary's is probably by the sea. Universe = uni-verse, meaning one song (cymatics comes to mind) Live spelt backwards is evil. Salary= sal-ary, the prefix meaning salt. Contract = Con-tract, the prefix meaning con/ scam How many words can you pull apart ?
  13. 'They've taken the creator out of creation'. Micheal Tellinger
  14. Uvalde School Shooting Hoax - Crisis Actor Academy Award Nominee - Dora Mendoza https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=BB12OWSYXDW2
  15. It's nice to see that you actually got through to this person, when I explain this to someone they usually look at me daft & change the subject, but I'm used to this
  16. They'll never make Tesla's work public, but imo they are using Tesla's technology for themselves, besides I thought we'd all have flying cars by now.
  17. I suppose it depends on what Bible you read, I always read the KJV & sometimes the NIV.
  18. Here's one good thing about Brand......... Marlon Solomon @supergutman As many have said, Russell Brand's been at it a long time: In 2014/15, perhaps when he had the most traction, he not only interviewed David Icke several times on his show but routinely exalted him as some sort of heroic revolutionary crusader.
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