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  1. Thanks Truthblast, looks interesting & I'll be watching this later
  2. The adverts on TV are no better, they are nearly all about 'doing away with the cow'. This world is turning into one big artificial blob, but that's what Lucifer is all about 'imitating God'. You can guarantee anything that's artificial, this being is behind it. For example take silk which was replaced with Satin (Satan), this reminds me of that song 'K - Nights In White Satin' .
  3. @Truthblast Home to all the Luciferians..........
  4. He seems just the ticket, but who knows. Can't be any worse than slipping slippery Biden.
  5. I stick with God's word every time, you can't go far wrong. Genesis 1
  6. He's a busy guy, he has more pressing issues these days.
  7. It seems like these days, we don't know who we can trust these days. Best to just trust in the Lord.
  8. https://rumble.com/v2qj3uk-flat-earth-oops-british-telecom-debunks-the-globe-lol-.html
  9. Oops Can you delete the thread I've just made. I didn't realize this
  10. I question the Holocaust ??? We should have a thread on here that does a survey...........
  11. I used to watch her on 'how clean is your house' She can come and clean my house any day
  12. Man stunned after spotting 'magical' winged creature that looks like a children's toy in his garden: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/real-life/article-12135351/Rosy-Maple-Moth-Man-stunned-spotting-magical-winged-creature-garden-America.html#newcomment
  13. We don't come under the law of the Old Testament since Jesus's death & his Resurrection. It is the Catholics who call their priests Father & not the Christians.
  14. Here is the center of the world;
  15. What do to propose this means ?
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