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  1. This will depend on when the tribulation started but IMO we are in the beginning of these dreadful days and so at the end of these 7 years we will see; The Vatican knows the signs & what to look for in the stars formation, why else would they have their telescope called 'Lucifer' (Luci) on the look out ?
  2. Daniel 4.16 translates ʿiddân which defines as simply 'a year'. So the ancient translators of Daniel plainly understood 'seven ʿiddân' to mean 'seven years' let his heart be changed from man's, and let a beast's heart be given unto him; and let seven times pass over him
  3. You are right oz, but I expect it to happen much sooner as Satan only has but a short time to do his worst, 7 years to be precise.
  4. Because God placed a solid Firmament between us and the heavens.
  5. It is God who Judges us. Who knows PP may have repented. Just a thought!
  6. AGENTS OF THE APOCALYPSE The Vatican and Hollywood movie industry have been socially engineering society for the appearing of extraterrestrial entities, the multitude of alien movie blockbusters are all part of this agenda. Some though may not be aware of the pivotal role that the Vatican are playing in this coming event. This video will expose the Vatican’s secret agenda in this monumental deception and explain the incredible end-times book of Revelation’s prophesy of demonic entities that will appear as alien beings, but are in actual fact "inter-dimensional" rather than intergalactic, the book of Revelation describes these entities as the spirits of devils that perform incredible miracles. However, it is the agenda that these demonic spirits have come to fulfil that is the most chilling part of this prophesy. Their purpose in accordance with the end-times book of Revelation is to lead the nations of the earth to the final battle of the great day of God almighty in the valley of Megiddo, known as the battle of Armageddon. Whether you believe in God or not, this event will become a reality, as will the appearing of these demonic entities to deceive the whole world, and one important thing that I would also like to add, is that the current Covid deception is also paving the way for this event as well as the appearing of the biblical Antichrist. We are in reality living in the very end of days, people can dismiss this if they wish, but bible prophesy is being fulfilled at an alarming rate, and EVERY word of God shall come to pass, not a single one shall fail.. https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=9DOSO358X5KK
  7. Thanks Itsa, I'd forgotten about the Chinese
  8. Here we go, the start of a Fake Alien invasion........ getting the public ready......... Pentagon confirms UFO video IS real and says it has no idea what six mystery craft that buzzed warships for days in 2019 are The Pentagon has confirmed that a set of images and videos showing unidentified flying objects buzzing over Navy warships off the coast of California 'were taken' by branch personnel. The photos were leaked from a Pentagon investigation of UFOs by the UAP Task Force, which has been gathering evidence for a report for Congress that's due in June, according to Mystery Wire. In the images, which were obtained by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, show unidentified objects flying above four US destroyers, including the USS Kidd Navy destroyer (top right), in 2019. One of the images appears to be a pyramid-shaped object (left) while others were thought to be drones or balloons; however, the Navy has listed them as unknowns. In a statement, a Pentagon spokesperson told Mystery Wire: 'I can confirm that the referenced photos and videos were taken by Navy personnel. The UAPTF has included these incidents in their ongoing examinations.' Today DM
  9. There is now a long shadow over David Cameron's career - which is why we must have new rules to control ex-Prime Ministers, writes the former Tory leader's biographer So why not start with evil conevil 'Tony Blair'?
  10. It's because the media are so quiet about it is why it has concerned me. And also Turkey, Iran & Israel are also coming into the mix. I don't like the sound of all this. Maybe it will come to nothing, lets hope so.
  11. Today on TRUNEWS, host Edward Szall lays out the prospects for war between NATO and Russia as the conflict ramps over the Ukraine and Crimea. https://www.trunews.com/stream/russian-cities-prep-for-possible-mass-burials-of-war-dead
  12. This is why God is allowing this to happen, to sort out the weeds from the wheat.
  13. It is all kicking off in Ukraine tho!
  15. Is this the future of our Pubs & restaurants ? +6 The proprietors of The Scenic Supper in Moreton-in-Marsh in Gloucestershire have erected seven that can accommodate two or four guests +6 Somerset House, on the Strand in Central London, has put in dining domes to allow visitors to enjoy an alfresco eating experience
  16. When police start raiding our churches, you know the revolution has begun PETER HITCHENS: When I travelled and lived in Communist countries, churches were one of the few fortresses of resistance against the overwhelming power of those secret police states.
  17. Well there one good thing about our green satanic land we call Britain, we don't get earthquakes, hurricanes & volcanoes, well not yet. OK we may get the odd tremor of an earthquake, but nothing to shout home about.
  18. Cheers I would liked to have joined them. Moment two men are caught outside Buckingham Palace preparing to pop open bottle of Prosecco to 'celebrate' death of Prince Philip Two men were caught on camera about to pop bottles of Prosecco outside Buckingham Palace in an apparent effort to celebrate the death of Prince Philip earlier today. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9454359/Two-men-outside-Buckingham-Palace-prepare-pop-Prosecco-celebrate-death-Prince-Philip.html
  19. Death Gun Salute will be fired at noon today to pay tribute to Prince Philip after Westminster Abbey tolls its bell 99 times in 99 minutes
  20. It's hard to make out the words they are trying to convey. I wonder why it is they bother to do this ?
  21. I wonder what time he died, 9 O Clock
  22. Hmm, clever little bugger, this virus
  23. Lets hope it's the BBC news channel
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