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  1. The figures saw Mr Johnson accused of being 'reckless, misguided and dangerous' for not shutting Britain's borders with India earlier after 122 cases of the variant entered the UK from India before the country was added to 'red list' of countries requiring quarantine. Yeah right, pull the other one
  3. And what ever Cumming say's! Dominic Cummings urge DELAY to May 17 unlocking Dominic Cummings also shared on social media warnings by scientists that the roadmap out of lockdown should be delayed. I reckon we've just been dangled another carrot
  4. Yeah, we should all be very ashamed of ourselves
  5. I'll be praying for him, what a good job he is doing
  6. This is a shame he took the jab, I always liked Eric Clapton It's good tho, that he's he's come out and said about his adverse reactions to it.
  7. The third temple is us. I'm also surprised at how many people do not realize this.
  8. Well I reckon it will soon be time to put on my face mask & keep my distance from folk, I'm not taking any chances The road to de-mask us: Face coverings in shops, social distancing and working from home 'WILL all be scrapped on June 21' and wedding limits could be lifted too, Whitehall sources say Meanwhile wearing masks in shops and offices will reportedly be dropped from that date, along with social distancing. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9571553/Boris-Johnson-confirms-advice-work-home-set-June-21.html
  9. These just look like glorified fire works to me
  10. Defiantly a Controlled Demolition Job!
  11. Israel is a physical place just like Jesus was a physical man who walked the city of Jerusalem and who was murdered there.
  12. IMO Hitler never gassed 6 million Jews, apparently he had most of them shipped off to Israel for this very reason.
  13. Well they've fallen for everything else.
  14. One only has to look at the filth written in the Talmud.
  15. Agreed they do It's these Christian Zionist who are the worst.
  16. Better off landing in Switzerland then
  17. Jews dancing while fire rages on Temple Mount lights up social media https://www.jpost.com/arab-israeli-conflict/jews-dancing-while-fire-on-temple-mount-burns-lights-up-social-media-667844
  18. Fake vaccine cards, another means to digital implants..... https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=4DW12W4BD84W
  19. This gets more obvious by the day, what they are planning........ Indian variant could spread 60% faster than the Kent strain, scientist claims after SAGE advisers admitted it 'may be more transmissible' than currently dominant version of the virus Professor Tom Wenseleers, a biologist and biostatistician at the KU Leuven university in Belgium, said the variant could be 2.6 times more transmissible than the original Wuhan strain.
  20. Spot on jack They are getting ready to build the Third Temple.
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