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  1. Supposedly the word 'scapegoat' comes from when Abraham was just about to Slaughter Issac, when angel appeared and said 'No don't do it' so instead Abraham sacrificed a Ram that had got caught up in the thicket. Genesis 22
  2. This happens a lot, especially with gospel preachers on the streets, it's their loss if they don't want to listen.
  3. Controlled Demolition -Ah sht.. Its a 911 ReRrun! https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=WXH2W191DAWH
  4. COVID 19 TESCO WAKE UP CALL https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=2G45RH2O2365
  5. They change stuff to suit themselves, it really saddens me that these normies don't see this.
  6. Oh dear, does this mean that us unvaxxed are going to drop dead from something ? I mean, they have too proove their point, don't they? Vaccines prevent 97 per cent of Covid infections from Indian variant and NO fully vaccinated people in UK have died from it, scientists say Studies by laboratories in the UK and India have recorded no deaths among the vaccinated population from the new strain - which has strengthened the case in favour of jabs.
  7. Dr Max Pemberton claims Prince Harry is starting to embody the characteristics of those who've had too much therapy. Pictured: Prince Harry speaking at the Global Citizen VAX live event https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-9585193/DR-MAX-PEMBERTON-fear-Harrys-therapy.html I wouldn't worry too much about the Dooke, It's just been claimed that he may be suffering from too much therapy. He is starting to embody the characteristics of those who’ve had too much therapy — self-centred, self-obsessed, aggrieved and resentful.
  8. Name them all, I dare you........
  9. In what way has it been changed ?
  10. Well I for one will be playing it safe. Thanks Woodsman
  11. Does anyone still believe in this shedding saga ? https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=556NA3RDRDUX
  12. Simple Maths for the Sheep - Rename this before sharing it with them. https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=2BW8RBKMUYRY
  13. It's b/c us conspiracy theorists question every thing, it's just the way a person is, well in my case anyhow. A person who doesn't question anything is a fool in my eyes. It tells you this in the bible 1 thess 5-21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
  14. Well at least she wont have to do all this algebra nonsense.
  15. I'm totally fucked then, I'm rubbish at Maths
  16. For me it was reading God's word.. literally.
  17. Yes, I was a distributer for this N/P
  18. IMO this is all newspapers are good for.
  19. Indian Vrient That Has The Ability To Bring You Back To Life https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=S6XBH4S682DA
  20. So now they've bought the army in....... I can see where this is all going. All planned from China to India. It's us, the unvaxxed who need to be worried about these STUPID SHITS, give it time & they will turn on us. Just what the Government wanted, Divide & Conquer, get us to turn on each other. We are more or less doing this to ourselves. Why can't these STUPID people see this ????????
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