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  1. You just don't know WHO to believe theses days 'Case numbers are DOWN': No10 slaps down Justin Trudeau after he claims Britain is facing a 'very serious' Covid third wave - with Tories accusing him of 'fake news' to distract from Canada's woes DM
  2. Ha! Tesco has always been the worst for me, even before Covid.........
  3. Only if you believe whats written
  4. Not to worry lib, you can always register to not be a donor. https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/register-your-decision/
  5. I thought the same, so I ticked off 'Very Bad Health'
  6. I was only thinking about this morning after reading this article in DM. I said to myself, 'This stinks of ill gates' Here's the article; Time to ditch the burgers? Eating red and processed meat increases your risk of heart disease – including smaller ventricles, poorer cardiac function and stiffer arteries, study warns UK researchers have conducted an observational study of nearly 20,000 people Greater intake of red and processed meat was linked with worse heart function Prior studies have already warned of dangers of regular red meat consumption
  7. alexa


    This guy thinks he's Jonah a whale.mp4
  8. I blame America for all this, Biden is just baiting Russia, look how many lives he's putting at risk here ? Like someone once said, 'If there is ever a WW3, the next war after that will be fought with bows & arrows'..... Utterly disgusting
  9. Jan 2014 Anthony Patch - People will beg for vaccinations (January 2014) So did he know something back then ?
  10. Pack up all my cares and go, and here I go, buy buy black bird... All aboard! Motorist in Mexico packs ALL his home belongings including couches and cabinets on top of slowly moving Ford pickup truck a here.mp4 The Ford F-150 pickup truck has been billed as the type of vehicle that can practically meet every single challenge that's thrown its way - including moving all of your home belongings in a single trip. DM today
  11. I bet this was staged........ Look at the women behind just standing there with he arms folded. Post-lockdown freedom is too much for some! Ugly melee breaks out between two women drinkers in York as jubilant Britons enjoy their second night at outdoor pubs a vidfigh.mp4
  12. Either that or he's not dead at all., he's just shed his Lizard skin
  13. Queen's not bothered she back at work today......... The Queen, 94, returns to work by hosting retirement ceremony for her right-hand man at Windsor - just four days after Philip's death - as it's revealed Covid rules may force her to sit alone at his funeral DM
  14. Should get rid of them, the evil B's
  15. Thanks .......Just seen it now!
  16. I've just listened to this, very strange song indeed!
  17. On 4/12/2021 at 8:37 PM, perpetual said: Enjoy your freedom while it lasts. No doubt the government will announce the raise of R rate and next lockdown. This is how it goes. We are let out on a 'day release' for a short period and will be locked up again during the summer. Complacent comes to mind......
  18. Most defiantly, there's no such thing as coincidences.........
  19. LOL'z Actually Gods day of rest is on a Saturday, so how many Saturday's would this have been ?????
  20. How are we going to stop this from happening ?
  21. Lucifer's been on our trail since the Garden of Eden & like God he never sleeps.
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