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  1. Ha! The Wizards Brew out of likes
  2. You only have to look to Sodom & Gomorrah & why he destroyed that to get your answer.
  3. OK miss out the scarab beetle bit
  4. I now call it 'Beetle Juice' after the scarab beetle made by Beelzebub. (Satan)
  5. Brings a whole new meaning to the band 'Band Aid'
  6. Google logo today! What's this supposed to be 'The Red Pill'
  7. Another Moderna Vaccine Death! https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=UR43HW33BOA7
  8. Covid Crisis Actors Wanted In case you are wanting to apply for their next crisis acting opening, you can check out the website: https://www.starnow.com.au/listing/1117355/actors-non-speaking-role-nurse-doc-patient-simulated-covid-vaccine-shoot/?fbclid=IwAR2sVUTRmx0gdnOIe9nNT0_4lcOKqsjR_eyp3zjbl-zKawqVEJNcFRZQmY0 https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=6NUW5KKMN7BA
  9. Fake meat is coming! Just what Billy Boy ordered Cyberattack Shuts Down World Meat Producer https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=87Y7564X9ROM
  10. Here we go again, and here's that magic number again UK's daily Covid infections rise 40% in a week to 3,383 amid Indian variant outbreak but just one death is recorded - as minister admits June 21st Freedom Day may have to be delayed Some three in four adults, or 39.3million, have now received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine. And 25.5million, or half of adults, have got both doses.
  11. Thanks, I was just then going to look up the Greek alphabet
  12. They've thought of everything haven't they ?
  13. I thought you were having a laugh, but it turns out your serious. You right it is all Bravo Oscar Lima Lima Oscar Charlie Kilo Sierra, this is the NATO phonetic alphabet. I wonder why they chose the Greek alphabet ?
  14. Yeah, probably with the flu.....
  15. Well obviously God wants your soul, but I'd forgotten about these evil slime balls deep down below
  16. It is all the evidence I need for everything
  17. It's defiantly not extraterrestrial's, that only leaves one other option!
  18. I'll have think about this one
  19. So what are you saying here, that they are trying to trap/take our souls ?
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