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  1. They can;t even take a true picture of earth let alone these other so called planets, I suppose your the type who believes in A-lie-ns too.
  2. Why was it, isn't there supposed to be approximately 100/200 billion galaxies out there?
  3. Didn't he have something to do with the writings of the book 'The Book of the Giants' ?
  4. Yes the earth is round but it is a round disc, surrounded by an ice wall that keeps the oceans at bay, period.
  5. 100 billion galaxies lol's Didn't God do well ??
  6. What do think 'earth at the centre of the universe' is ?
  7. No it wasn't, it was designed for a flat fixed stationary earth.
  8. Astrolabe - Magnificent Computer of the Ancients s
  9. The stars, the moon and the sun are out there and they are within the firmament but as for the planets, no way are they what you think they are. Yes, all these so called planets are even named after Greek and Roman gods and godesses. This should tell folks something, wouldn't you agree ? Especially when it comes to the scripts
  10. Tesla also claims that space is full of either/plasma which would ring true in my book. space is not what you have been led to believe, it is fake just like the ball you think you live on. All the pictures of planets in the world are not going to get me to change face.
  11. Nicola Tesla Tesla was one of the few people granted access to the Vatican archives, so he should know the truth.
  12. Well Tesla didn't have much luck at all did he. We can all visualize.
  13. Are you sure about that ? what do you mean some trolling exercise ? what problem is there ?
  14. I know all this, but you can't deny he was one clever guy.
  15. Well Frank Drake uses a probabilistic formula that uses random guesses and wild speculation as inputs b/c he didn't really know a lot about the universe, what a joke, his equation is meaningless.
  16. She's right Michi, I suspect that we are at the start of this 7 yr tribulation & a few more years to go and wallah, as all things written in revelation are now coming to fruition.
  17. You prove it isn't ..............a joke that is ??
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