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  1. COVID19 Vaccine Shedding is HAPPENING AND REAL https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=BKDG9WUA16W8
  2. Out of likes Zig , good on yer......... So do I, but it will soon become hard to spot the ones who've been vaxxed.
  3. Out of likes oz, I guess we'll have to starve, maybe this is when the Anti-Christ arrives on the scene to save the day, this is when many will bow down and worship him, but not those in the know.
  4. Power cuts galore coming soon, this is part of their next agenda https://youtu.be/o6OlNEEboNo
  5. Lies, lies, lies & more lies. What is he ?
  6. Nurse warns: Stay away from vaxxed people! https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=B6U99DXK5RUW
  7. I know the Daily Fail spurns out some shit, but this is getting beyond Archbishop of Canterbury urges public to show 'forgiveness and compassion' to politicians - and says standards are much higher in Westminster than they used to be Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby agreed it was wrong to 'help out your chums or lobby inappropriately'. But he insisted moral standards are much higher than they used to be.
  8. Here we go! Four-month-old kitten has to be put down after catching Covid from its owner: Study confirms two cases of cat-to-human transmission in Britain during 2020's first wave A study by the University of Glasgow pinpointed two confirmed cases of human-to-cat Covid transmission in the UK, which led to one cat suffering critical lung damage. DM
  9. Is this the book pete? Notice the cover with the DNA logo on it. I'm gonna buy this. Thanks.
  10. I reckon Billy Boy is ushering in the Anti-Christ, getting the masses marked for his arrival, I don't think we are very far off now. I never thought I would live to see it. We are all known as last generation.
  11. Cor.....Quick, where can I buy a pair ?
  12. I know, she gone down real quick, bastard jab
  13. My son's Mother-in law, who's had the jab and had shingles has just been rushed into intensive care. We are so worried about her, just praying that she pulls through.
  14. Living on the EDGE! Families living near crumbling cliffs are urged to abandon homes before ANOTHER landslide crashes hundreds more tons of mud and rocks into the sea Residents whose homes (left) are teetering on the edge of a crumbling seaside cliff in Nefyn, on the west coast of Gwynedd, north Wales, have been advised to relocate 'until further notice' amid fears another landslide could hit the coastal area. North Wales Police and Gwynedd Council officials have advised families to avoid the area as emergency teams evaluate the scene. It comes after a huge landslide, which was an estimated 130ft-wide and spanned across two back gardens (left and top and bottom right), hit the Welsh beach at around 11am on Monday - leaving a large pile of dirt and rubble sprawled along the beach.
  15. These Reppies do like their sugar, so I'm told.......
  16. I'm sure God would agree with you here........
  17. Mother's legs erupt in agonising blood-filled blisters 'after getting AstraZeneca's Covid vaccine' - as 34-year-old reveals rare reaction left her wheelchair-bound and fearing she'd need her limbs amputated https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9496075/Mothers-legs-erupt-horrifying-rash-blisters-getting-AstraZenecas-Covid-vaccine.html
  18. What ever would we do without the internet ? Matt 24-35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.
  19. The Next Crisis ??? Will It Be A Cyber Attack?
  20. You'll have to read Revelation for yourself, there's too much to put in just one post. It say's a lot about the people who haven't had the mark
  21. How politicians, celebrities and all satanic sellouts get their vaccine https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=N5K1784K7OW4
  22. Cor Ziggy's not going to like this
  23. Don't they already have this in China ?
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