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  1. I can see this happening, it's all part of their script but just remember this the earth will be cleansed by fire, but not by Nukes.
  2. Why doesn't this surprise me Scramble to save Freedom Day: Second jabs to be accelerated for over 40s with wait between doses cut to eight weeks - while officials draw up secret plans to delay end of restrictions until JULY after daily infections rise above 6,000 DM
  3. I can imagine, must remember to take my Bible shopping next time
  4. Carrying a Bible hey ? Good on you. There's nothing like the Good Lords protection when you need it, it frightens most of these conformists to High HELL
  5. No not at all, I never noticed else I'd have probably done the same, thanks for pointing it out
  6. Excellent vid! What is happening in the world today would be Albert Pikes best dream ever. We need to fight the good fight, to be Christian Warriors, be ready for it, cos many battles will have to be fought before that final day when Jesus returns.
  7. I didn't know this Edit How come ?
  8. Lets see if the bbc ever tells the truth https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=87SM4UK1557A
  9. How come his video is still up on you-tube ?
  10. We need a fake Alien show to entertain us
  11. Yeah you can see for miles up there
  12. Sorry Pina, I don't understand French, I only do Spanish
  13. To me he didn't seem to make an ounce of sense, maybe b/c I was to busy watching him keep doing all these 666 signs with his hand, and also the picture behind him seems to show the one eyed symbolism. I dunno it could be just me.
  14. Well how about the Forest of Dean or somewhere up Scotland.
  15. WOW just bloody WOW, that's some find Pina
  16. If they should ever pull the kill switch on the internet, we should all arrange to meet at a certain place. What do yer all think ? I thought of the Tor in Glastonbury!
  17. If there is anyone left to riot.
  18. I don't have to be let in to see Gods wonderful creation, the sea, the mountains & the nooks and cranny's
  19. They have to keep this charade going until everyone on earth has been vaxxed or killed off.
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