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  1. This is getting serious now. If everyone refuses it, it's bound to become mandatory. This whole agenda stinks
  2. I've noticed that you deliberately change the subject when you are at a loss for words. Ha never mind I can answer your question in regards to satellites.
  3. There is and if I know God which I do he'll be putting all this deceivable nonsense deliberately into the none believers heads. Romans 1:28
  4. Well thanks to the Lord I'm not lost in all this Space nonoccurence stuff. Alleluia
  5. You can't possibly believe all this B/S, one must have the mind of a child to believe all this.
  6. No thank you - I've watched enough of this stupid c**p to last a life time!
  7. I usually say 'How many do you know who have died from this covid' but yours is a brilliant answer to use. Thanks - I'll be using this from now on.
  8. alexa


    Sorry Messenger, not living in the US I didn't realize, once again my sincere apologies.
  9. They go where the money is, as per.
  10. For all those interested in the Holocaust, you should watch this, this is a real eye opener. The Greatest Story Never Told. They banned it on the Biased You Tube. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Umg1r5avHcdo/
  11. Here is an Antifa stamp from Palestine in the 1930's Antifa are the Jewish Zionists Commies as stated in their Jewish magazine only yesterday. It was the Jewish Khazrians who infiltrated Israel in the 1920's and killed most of the Jews, the Muslims and the Christians who were then living peaceably together.
  12. alexa


    Chicago Mayor Dresses Up as a bottle of Bleach ( The Rona Destroyer)
  13. We all must say NO. May God help us all.
  14. Thank you Billy for bringing this topic to our attention and for being so honest, especially at a time when it is most needed.
  15. No I'm not trolling, I honestly thought they received there signals from underground cables.
  16. Google knows the truth of FE & the Dome I was under the impression that the way we connect to Sky TV is through cables that are buried under the earth.
  17. Show me some that are not CGI or using fish eyed lenses.
  18. Like David said, just say NOIf we all say this what can they do? They can't do all the above to us all.
  19. First of all it is not my flat earth it is Gods. secondly the earth is no more than 6,000 years old. And finally global warming is all one big lie. So you go and have that drink, you better make it a double, as I know the truth must be shocking for you and hard to comprehend.
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