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  1. Absolutely agree with what you say zArk . I can only say to @Dazzer is find the Lord and ask him before making any decision. edit I thought Sundays was your day off
  2. I can't tolerate the man either, not since he turned over to the pagan side. As for Edwina Currie, what this witch up to these days ?
  3. Don't waste your time Tin, they'll be one big hoax just like the virus. CONVIX UFOs BOTH WE CANT PROVE https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=R26W6YKRU75R
  4. Oh No, not this plonker again, what more does he want a tattoo on our foreheads ?
  5. I'll take a look Edit These comments from folk are very encouraging.
  6. Freedom Day to be 'pushed back until July 5 I hate to say it to the masses, but we told you so.
  7. Anti-vaxxer pundit Beverley Turner is 'blocked from ITV's This Morning' after on-screen row with presenter Dermot O'Leary over the coronavirus vaccine. ITV has blocked pundit Beverley Turner from appearing on This Morning following an on-screen row over the coronavirus vaccine. A discussion about the jab's effectiveness became a heated row after Ms Turner said young people should reject having the vaccine. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9656171/Anti-vaxxer-pundit-Beverley-Turner-blocked-ITVs-Morning.html She's right in one sense but not in another cus there is no virus. But no surprise ITV has blocked her.
  8. You can't hurry God, he will step in at just the right time. If all of us were killed today, God will raise most from their sleep at the first resurrection.
  9. New World Order: The End Has Come (2013) | Full Movie | Rob Edwards | Erin Runbeck | Melissa Farley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku8-F4aR9bM OK the Mark is a bit OTT but you can get gist.
  10. It's got the point where I don't believe a word on the MSM or what they portray, so I'll be sticking with the word of God, you'll not go far wrong, believe me, Edit or rather believe God!
  11. Absolutely, always has been, in many ways too.
  12. This vid gave me the shivers, there's still hope for us yet. London England UK May 2021 THE MONTH THE TIDE TURNED A Million In Motion Oracle Films March Protests https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=43UD84NB98RG
  13. I'm not into Astrology much, what does Pluto entering into Aquarius mean ?
  14. Is Boris Stoned Out of His Mind? https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=WH63DAY7W5SX
  15. Well surprise surprise Facemask rules to 'remain in place after Freedom Day' - as poll reveals more than 70% of Britons back keeping coverings AFTER June 21 The news comes as England's highly anticipated June 21 'Freedom Day' now appears to be hanging in the balance amid the rapid spread of the Indian variant.
  16. Another carrot Are holidays off the table? Grant Shapps refuses to confirm major destinations will be on the green list this summer due to the threat of Covid variants as he hints vaccines hold the key DM
  17. If anything major is going to happen I would say it's going to be September 22nd or 23rd, but I can't predict the year, nobody knows this.
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