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  1. It was a little while after 9/11, I remember walking past W. H. Smiths and I saw this book in the window with a picture on the front cover of the World trade center hit, which I thought looked interesting. so I bought it, I couldn't put the book down, little did I know it was David Icke, so I ended up buying all his books. It was one of those moments when a book shouts at you.
  2. What do you actually mean by this ???
  3. @Comedy Time What do you think about these lot ? I reckon they have it right!
  4. https://www.bitchute.com/video/YZMJTVSeRSA/ URGENT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR FUTURE TheCrowhouse
  5. Served with gravy and
  6. Jesus does warn us of this great deception in Mathew 24;
  7. This is worse than Drakes passage
  8. This vid gives us an idea of how space and these so called planets work, and shows us that these planets are not actual planets at all.
  9. I'd say there are more than just a few ppl who believe in my concept of the universe than you care to realize.
  10. So according to you there is no dome or the heavens and space is absolute, you'll be telling me next that star trek is absolutely true.
  11. I'm waiting for this to all follow suit in the UK, it usually does.
  12. It's funny you should mention this as, I once had a dream that we were camping out in the woods and these soldiers came along ready to shoot us
  13. This is what I am hoping will happen whereby everyone stands up together and says NO MORE
  14. I can believe he was a victim of lies and propaganda. IMO it was due to the MSM where the rumors of his perverseness came from.
  15. When a celeb turns tide on political views so does the MSM. It was the same then as it is today.
  16. Yes, this vaccine is going to rewrite our DNA. It's aim is to take the chromosome 8 out of our systems. See video below. https://www.bitchute.com/video/YZMJTVSeRSA/
  17. So you wanted the link just to laugh ?? I know it was a copy & paste, I never claimed any different.
  18. https://flatearthfacts.com/flat-earth-model/proof-the-earth-is-flat/satelliets-dont-exist/ Scroll down to Supporting Flat Earth Proofs
  19. It's certainly looking that way, what ever happens don't take the vaccine and stay safe and make sure you have plenty of supplies in, as I guarantee you, if you don't take this vaccine you wont be able to shop.(buy or sell) I am- thanks- and I hope you are too.
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