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  1. Reading the Bible, I've read it 4 times and every-time I read it I always get some sort of new revelation from God.
  2. I wont miss the pubs but the restaurants yes.
  3. Your blessed, all my son did when he was this age was cause havoc when in the home, couldn't talk too him, still can't. They should have called it the terrible six's not the terrible two's. I'm sure he was born under some dark cloud.
  4. And......... I bet you learnt more than being in a senseless algebra class
  5. @shadowmoon We can't have the brain washing centers closed for too long, can we now ? All this stinks.
  6. Giants......Is this proof that Giants (the Nephilim) were around before the Biblical flood ?
  7. There's only one thing wrong here....... JFK was not Jewish, in fact it wouldn't surprise me if were Mossad (Zion-ist's) who assassinated him
  8. I don't believe KJ did this, more like the Zionists who control most of the world today with their evil Bible 'The Talmud' this does exactly what it says 'tell-mud'. Firstly the Anti-Christ will be Jewish or of eastern origin as when he arrives he will try to declare himself as God in the temple of God, This is why the Jews can't wait for the new temple to be built in Jerusalem, They are so anxious for their Messiah to come back, but little do they know they will be welcoming the Anti-Christ (the son of perdition, etc, etc)
  9. This is part of the big problem we have today, people just don't want to know.
  10. I doubt it @Bombadil, You see it was the Vatican (Jesuits) who tried there hardest to stop the Scripts getting into the hands of the masses, it was only due to the likes of 'Martin Luther' and King James that the masses have the Bible we read today. It was only by the grace of God that king James managed to have the Scripts printed off for the the masses, as on that fateful night 'Guy Fawks. Nov 5th 1605 King James was nearly assassinated by the Jesuits. We have to be thankful to God that King James was never assassinated by the Jesuits on that night else otherwise we'd never have the KJV.
  11. Yes it would se, but how else is he going to get everyone on board to worship him ?
  12. I 100% agree with you @wodens_vengeance. It is the Zionist's who we face on a daily basis. They are behind most of the scenarios which are taking place today. The Whole world is slowly but surely being taken over by Zionism (Israel). Just look at the way they have treated the Palestinians, if they could get rid of them all they would.
  13. No, the elite wont be revealing him ......... The Antichrist will reveal himself as God in the Temple of God, uttering great blasphemies against God.
  14. The Bible does state that it would be man "The Son of Perdition" The Bible speaks of a person coming on the scene of history who will be energized by Satan and will deceive many. He is known in Scripture by a variety of names such as "the beast," the "man of lawlessness," and the "man of sin."
  15. Blimey .........what else are they going to try and fake ? Just think what they are getting away with. Lies, Lies & more Lies. I feel sorry for people who can't see through their b/s
  16. These are not scary, this is scary Found at Carrigaphooka Castle.
  17. Thanks for your replies @Bombadil & @- TZC - Could it be Nimrod ? He seems to be a good contender, they have supposedly found his body in tact beneath the Euphrates River. Revelation 16:12 - And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.
  18. It could be Trump, Obama, Gregory J Hallet, What do you say ?
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