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  1. Watch from 8:08, Here Dean Odle talks about how & why the vaccines are so dangerous, Worth listening to if you want to save yourself! https://youtu.be/kCFcqUxZbYI Couldn't embed the link for some reason!
  2. Whats this about Hegal Schmegal ? I've never heard of it..........
  3. They are full of utter garbage and tripe, what gets me is that they get paid Millions from the gullible masses in America to put out fake everything.
  4. I believe evil is rooted far in the brain and nothing can stop it. If your going to do evil you will. But I do believe you can rid a person of it by the cleansing of the mind, a bit like an exorcism.
  5. Yes I believe they were used by the Ancient's but God put them on the earth for medicinal uses not to to go and blow your mind out in some car!
  6. I am having trouble clicking on something, it seems to be taking ages ??
  7. I just had trouble signing out ??
  8. alexa


    Are you suggesting that God is a Globalist !!!!!!!! Lol'z Spitting image of NASA's fakes
  9. I know, he's the one who's forbidden singing in churches, it wouldn't surprise me if California try's and ban's the Bible next........
  10. Sorry @Eldnah but this is exactly what it means. There is no space (as we think of space) to enter. We can't get past the Firmament.
  11. One of the reasons is that earth is enclosed by the Firmament (Dome) and it's impossible for rockets to penetrate this, and there is no where to go. Here is Bill Nye admitting to it, which is unusual for him as he is usually all about space.
  12. LOL'z Well you know me Peter, I only give the truth
  13. I was just about to post this vid when I saw yours @FrankVitali
  14. Yes, but who is the gentleman with the glasses on the note ?
  15. Who is the picture of who is now at the present, on the 100 bill?
  16. It certainly does @labrats what with this planned covid I reckon this Dajjal is coming back sooner than we think.
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