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  1. All this by the lefties...... just so Trump doesn't get elected, what goes on here ?
  2. The problem is here Yasmina, you agree to Satan causing all this suffering and yet you totally disbelieve that Jesus is is coming back to save the masses ?? You do know that Satan is Gods Opposing force.......... Who God is going to destroy ??
  3. Sorry you feel like this Yasmina, but your wrong, so very wrong.
  4. The only thing we can do is to warn ppl that the Devil is on the war path and to get right with God. For it is only God who will lead the way out of these troubled times. Unfortunately during this tribulation (which must come to pass), many will suffer, many will die, some may be flung into prison but with the help of Jesus, we the masses will overcome all this.
  5. The sun can only be systematized by incremental time-phases. Also by Location such as N W E S
  6. Simple Flat Earth Dome Experiment Coinciding Exactly with Biblical Scripture (2) https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=813K67U1RNMA
  7. An upgraded model now offers responsive digital projections. Hmm!
  8. No.. not at all, if I'm wrong I'd be the first to admit it.
  9. Your friend is right. This is b/c most men who tried to patent a car that would run on water which would go and go for miles either got bumped off or paid off. As I've said before Space is for the movie goers, the deluded and the deceived as they are also with the shape of the earth.
  10. Angels are always referred to as a HE and never a SHE ??
  11. Well....... Once upon a time...... John 3:12 “If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?
  12. Talking of petrol........ Me & my husband were driving back home late at night, we had just been to get a Chinese takeaway and we had our Old English Sheep dog in the back of the car, Anyway we were driving up the hill which is a narrow lane when my husband suddenly swerved the car to avoid hitting a brick pillar of one of the houses, the car hit the bank on the other side & the car toppled right over on to it's roof. There we were upside down covered in chop suey, strapped in with seat belts on, luckily my husband rolled down his window and managed to get out with the dog but there I was still struggling to get my seat belt off when a strong smell of petrol was coming from outside, I then started to panic when suddenly my seat belt suddenly unclicked and I manged to quickly get out of the car window on my husbands side. We thought the car was going to blow, but luckily it didn't and a few of neighbors came out to help, who called the recovery truck. The car had took a turn for the worst but.......... Thanks to God me and my hubby and the dog were OK, the dog especially as she got out with a free midnight snack, she was covered in chop suey
  13. @Carlos Totally misguided & deceived.............
  14. Yes, most definitely. I believe it is God who sends these Angels to protect us but only if it's not your time to go. About 4 yrs ago by right I should have died but on that fateful day, due to a load of coincidences I survived. It was February 18th 2016, on that morning I remember I was researching about this supposed immortal guy called Derick which led me to Derick in Mary Land, US, any how by 1;30 pm my husband came home early from work which was unusual for him, (1st coincidence) By 1:45 pm I collapsed on the Kitchen floor, my husband put me in the recovery position and called the paramedics who were luckily at the local park for a rugby match ( 2nd coincidence ) as they only took a couple of minutes to get to my house. They then called the Rescue Helicopter Air Ambulance who flew me to the Heath Hospital, Cardiff where the surgeon who had just finished his shift carried on for another 6 to 10 hours to give me a Triple A Heart operation this was the ( 3rd coincidence). The survival rate for what happened to me is very low and one Doctor told me, that by rights I shouldn't be alive and were all amazed that I survived. This is when I turned to Jesus full time Happy Days
  15. Well at least I don't believe that a big lump of rock just fell to earth, how ridiculous peoples assumptions are. Tell me.......... if this is the case why hasn't this happened since ?
  16. Maybe this is some sort of Quarry made by the Giants who once roamed the earth. ........And maybe they used the stones from these quarry's to build Pyramids. Just a thought!
  17. No not at all, actually he encourages it, however cant say the same about lies ............
  18. It's not the body you need to worry about but it is the soul..... which vaccines will destroy! Matt 10-28
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