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  1. @screamingeagle I can lean towards the universe being made up by electricity (elec-tri- city = elect three cities) the three heavenly realms. Maybe God is this bright spark where it all began after all we encounter lightening, electromagnetic' s, the sun, the moon, fire etc. And then we have Tesla who I strongly believe, plus it does mention the pleiades & Orion in scripture.
  2. When I was kid when I believed in space, I used to wonder what was after the Universe, how can space go on for ever and ever, whats at the end of the universe ....... this really used to puzzle me until they taught me about this stupid notion of the big bang theory & other galaxies which put my inquiring mind to rest or so I thought.............
  3. It's just a thought!!! I know it sounds crazy but could the Universe be a giant cosmic egg, the Micro & the Macro ? Earth and all of us are the yoke which is surrounded by the albumin. Is this egg in incubation getting ready to hatch when earth & us has reached It's growth time. Or could the Universe be an impregnated womb? Is this the reason the Uni-verse & earth have expanded. Are we the cells inside God, are we his growth ? And is he getting ready to be born which will be the end of the world as we know it when the sky/dome/firmament cracks open ? Just a thought!
  4. I thought this movie appropriate b/c of the times we are living in. Enjoy New World Order: The End Has Come (2013) | Full Movie | Rob Edwards | Erin Runbeck | Melissa Farley https://youtu.be/ku8-F4aR9bM Youtube wouldn't allow me to embed it............
  5. And Hitlers campaign, the burning of books, but the NWO wont need to this as the masses are doing a fine job of this by themselves.
  6. Sorry kj35 but I thought this thread was about the moon being artificial...........????
  7. Because of the Internet we find more and more people throwing away their books, Libraries are slowly disappearing as are Book Stores. I believe this is part of their NWO agenda, so please folks hang onto all your Books especially the Bible as it wont be long before it will be illegal to have a copy. Keep them and pass them down if you can. Don't let them rewrite history.
  8. I agree Messenger, this is why books are so important to keep but unfortunately there are many who are discarding there books for the Internet. I reckon this too is part there plan in order to rewrite History to suit themselves.
  9. I have never said that the sun changes it's size, this is a ridiculous notion, as for the rest I've already explained these over on the 'The reality of our physical plane' thread.
  10. All this by the lefties...... just so Trump doesn't get elected, what goes on here ?
  11. The problem is here Yasmina, you agree to Satan causing all this suffering and yet you totally disbelieve that Jesus is is coming back to save the masses ?? You do know that Satan is Gods Opposing force.......... Who God is going to destroy ??
  12. Sorry you feel like this Yasmina, but your wrong, so very wrong.
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