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  1. I never said they were mining for gold................Obviously it would have been for these enormous megalithic stones that are placed around the world.
  2. Like I've said before, IMO it is a quarry that has been mined by the giants to build the pyramids etc, who else could move stones this big with such precision engineering. And like you said Morpheus 'there are no remains left from what caused this crater, but this is just my opinion of course.
  3. @Carlos I thought you weren't into these silly video showings...........
  4. Honestly I did, this was a good few years back, what reason would I have to lie ?
  5. Well it wouldn't it, ? Think about it.........
  6. I'm sorry kevinwayne but all you links keep on coming back to this page???
  7. I wouldn't trust this guy in the vid, for one he's still on YouTube and secondly all those masonic hand signals he's making.............
  8. I've always said it and I always will, JM is a Government paid agent & a Freemason.
  9. @peter, I haven't mentioned FE or religion in my last post, so what are you talking about ? I only mentioned the moon may be a giant mirror ?????
  10. Well I've read all Davids books & I've never come across anything anti-semetic, they just love to pin this label on anyone they want to ruin . Take Rick Wiles from trunews.com they have banned his video's from You Tube plus they have banned his site from using Pay-Pal, plus he's had countless death threats. It all stinks!
  11. What book is that from? I've read similar in 'plea for a flat earth'. I couldn't get any further using the descriptions there. Sorry NN .....I've forgotton , I took a screen shot of it a good few years back, I think it may have been 'The Cold Sun' or something like that.......
  12. IMO the moon is a giant mirror/looking glass which reflects earth back to us;
  13. David Icke....... It was bloomin marvelous, Ace OK
  14. Ha....... How remarkable oz, It's not even on the market yet.
  15. Your soul awaits for judgment day, the final day, when we are all resurrected, some to be presence with the Lord and others to to be presence with Satan in the lake of fire. I reckon Princess Di's soul will be OK
  16. A movie (a must watch) It's about the mark of the beast and how it will be implemented, OK the actually mark is a bit silly but you can still get the gist of the film. To me this film is worse than a horror ........ as we now know it will soon becoming into play. New World Order: The End Has Come (2013) | Full Movie | Rob Edwards | Erin Runbeck | Melissa Farley https://youtu.be/ku8-F4aR9bM D evil-tube wouldn't allow me to embed it............
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