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  1. This I can agree with, they only need their one world leader, and we will all know who this is going to be when he takes up seat 666 at the UN.
  2. Why are images from our space program always in gray scale instead of color?
  3. Good on her for standing her ground.
  4. This reminds me of grandpa bush's speech about NWO being a success. They must all have their crystal balls at the ready
  5. Water always finds it's level, that's why they call it sea level, surely this must give these heliocentric's some insight that they are being lied to.
  6. What gives this man the right ? Biden ORDERS private companies with over 100 employees to mandate vaccines and strict testing regimes or face $14,000 fines for violations in bid to get shots in 100 million workers President Joe Biden will announce an aggressive new plan to get 100 million employees across the federal government and private sector vaccinated against COVID. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9975171/Biden-push-vaccine-shots-100-million-workers.html
  7. She must have taken her second booster jab Holly Willoughby DEVOURS pack of doughnuts
  8. My Son was in this Cypriot Hospital, when he got knocked over at 11 years old, on the Dhekelia road, that picture just bought back flooding memories. Thankfully he survived it. Sorry to go off topic.
  9. You can see by this alone, just how prepared they are for this so called 'man of perdition'.
  10. The masses will only take so much, wait until you can't go to the supermarket (or any shop) to shop for food, that day is coming. They are setting the scene for this man of perdition to step in & lead the world into destruction. We will have to fight back at some point even if it's against the Zombies or hybrids. Zombies Are A’ Comin’ - Nyla Nguyen https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=RKYGNY36GY2K The only way to kill a Zombie is to severe their heads so do make sure you have a sharp sword handy
  11. The tide is turning, I see a revolution just around the corner.
  12. And me .............I will go for the chop with a smile on my face
  13. It seems to me that all this is pointing to their Luciferian agenda, a one world Luciferian leader & religion. It's going to get much more weirder & ugly than this in the months to come.
  14. Israel seems to be at the forefront of every thing just lately.
  15. Oh sorry I thought you said you had one I know my video was about heat detection, so how did we get onto lumens ? I question every thing these lying toe rags try to tell us, don't you ?
  16. If he has they are not going to say, are they ?
  17. True....... But we need to be totally awake to these lying scumbags, Lucifer has been lying to us since the dawn of creation & it has come to a point, once again, of a potential extinction of the Human race. We need to start distinguishing the truth from the utter BS they have given us over the millenniums. To know the past is to know the future. We need to know why they have lied to us & for what reasons.
  18. The heat differentiation between the sun and the moon. The Sun’s light is golden, warm, drying, preservative and antiseptic, while the Moon’s light is silver, cool, damp, putrefying and septic. The Sun’s rays decrease the combustion of a bonfire, while the Moon’s rays increase combustion. Plant and animal substances exposed to sunlight quickly dry, shrink, coagulate, and lose the tendency to decompose and putrify; grapes and other fruits become solid, partially candied and preserved like raisins, dates, and prunes; animal flesh coagulates, loses its volatile gaseous constituents, becomes firm, dry, and slow to decay. When exposed to moonlight, however, plant and animal substances, tend to show symptoms of putrefaction and decay.
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