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  1. @Albion You'll be telling me next there is no prime site of Sodom & Gomorrah.
  2. The remains of Noah's Ark have been discovered on a mountaintop in Turkey on Mount Ararat.
  3. Why visit a replica, when you can visit the real macoy?
  4. If this is true, why are all the ppl still here, why haven't we all been raptured out of here ? And why hasn't the sky scrolled back so that every eye shall see him ? And why hasn't 1/3 of humanity been destroyed? This is a lot of ppl you know, it runs into the billions. I reckon your guy in this vid is a Government paid agent. . Mathew 24
  5. That's OK Albion, I thought you may have done
  6. Some believe as I do that Jesus was born on this day September 11th 3 BC. There was a special alignment of the stars on this date. To confirm this you can check it out. What excellent timing for the enemy/Satan to destroy WTC's on this day & to get the whole world in mourning. Some believe that Jesus's return will also be on this day. Plus I don't know if you've ever been to Israel but December 25th is extremely cold and the shepherds would have had their sheep inside and not watching their flocks out by night. In Jeremiah 10 it literally states that to cut a tree down and to place silver and gold on it is idol worship.
  7. I would very much like to listen to this guy if I were going to the event.......... I'm intrigued
  8. I do read, try reading Genesis 6 to begin with...........
  9. No I don't believe in any of the One world anything, I'm dead against it all.......I put this meme up as a warning for all to see.
  10. I'm so sorry you guys but I've been wrong. Last night I was reading Gary Wayne's book 'The Genesis 6 Conspiracy' and it did state, as legend has it, according to the Aztec's, God did send down a ball of fire in South America to wipe out all the surviving Nephilim Giants from the deluge, a bit like what happened to Sodom & Gomorrah . So Soz @peter & @oddsnsods But I'm still adamant that it was these Nephilim Giants who built all these ancient structures & that there is no space as we have been taught to believe.
  11. The odds on this ever happening again is ZERO, Why......... b/c it never happened as you think it did in the first place.
  12. @Kais_1 All's I know is that Pope Innocent III had most of them if not all slaughtered and their cities burnt to the ground, evil bastard.......
  13. I know many on here do not believe in the written word of God in the Bible but it is my duty as a Christian to warn you all to repent & believe on the name of Jesus because we are living in the Last Days, can't you see that the book of revelation now reveals how Satan is coming into play ? We are all living in what is called the 'Tribulation' which is going to last for seven years. We are at the beginning of this seven year tribulation. There is no pre-rapture as many may falsely claim, there is only the one final Day, Judgment Day, where we shall all have to give account for our deeds done on earth. We shall all be raised, whether dead or alive, to meet with Jesus in the air, some to eternal damnation and others to heavenly bliss to live with Jesus for a thousand years. As we go through this seven year tribulation it would be wise for one to believe in the word of God, for there will many who are going to die, 1/3 of the worlds population to be exact. Many Christians are going to be Decapitated & Martyred for the their belief in Jesus & many who have taken the vaccine (the mark of the beast) will break out in sores ,these people will crave for death but shall not find it. Life as we know it on earth is only going to get worse & it's not going to be a pretty sight. This message was given to me through the grace of God to warn all. May God Bless you all & save you from these troubled times Save your Soul Amen
  14. This just looks so artificial to me...................Where did this land ?
  15. Nice to see the Lord has you reading passages from the bible Answer me this then, why hasn't their been anything like this, as big as this, over the recent centuries ?
  16. Well..... what other explanation could there be, God doesn't throw bricks at the earth...........
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