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  1. Immortalized in Bronze, well done Tommy Bobby Ball immortalised in bronze: 9ft statue of beloved British comic 'with a twinkle in his eye' is unveiled in his adopted hometown of Lytham by long-time comedy partner Tommy Canon
  2. Extra Land/Earth = Extra-Terrestrial Terrestrial derives from the Latin root terra, which means 'earth.' Of course, terrestrial refers to anything on or from the Earth.
  3. To do this would be to tempt fate & the Lord sez lead us not into temptation, so noway would I walk across a road with my eyes closed....... (especially if it's rush hour)
  4. Can you really believe that this man hasn't eaten or drank for 70 years ? Hmm
  5. Rhosili, Gower Coast, not far from where I live, this is where I was on the morning of 9/11. Looking out to Worms Head
  6. Not funny & definitely acts the clown.
  7. Meet the world's youngest transgender model: Born to a mother who is now male, Noella, 10, 'became a girl' aged four and is now tipped to make MILLIONS of dollars on the catwalk. But the father who raised questions has been airbrushed from her life Young model Noella McMaher, 10, first identified as transgender at 'two-and-a-half nearing three', according to her biological mother Dee, 35, in an exclusive interview with The Mail on Sunday, Noella 'socially transitioned' at four and the family changed her legal birth certificate from 'boy' to 'girl' when she was six. She hit the headlines in America last week when she became the youngest transgender model to walk the runway at a fashion show in New York. Now, she is being bombarded with modelling offers and will walk the catwalk at Paris fashion week this year. Noella lives with Dee, who now identifies as a 'trans masculine male' and has been married to Ray - a 32-year-old biological female who has also identified as transgender since 2019.
  8. Russell Brand doing his masters bidding. Villagers' anger as Russell Brand plans to turn their traditional Grade II-listed 15th century pub into a trendy vegan restaurant The comedian and actor (left), 47, purchased The Crown pub (right) in the rural village of Pishill, Oxfordshire, with wife Laura in March 2020. The rustic pub, the only in the village and currently temporarily closed, was popular both among locals for dining and as an idyllic wedding venue. It comprises of a former coaching in dating back to the 15th century, along with outdoor seating, a car park, a detached barb, a two-bedroom cottage and a garage. But Brand, who is said to have upset locals after using the pub to perform a stand-up set, is now understood to want to turn it into a vegan diner.
  9. 'The Bermuda Triangle', I read somewhere that the Bermuda Triangle isn't what we think it is. Apparently it's all about the magnetic fields that protect earth & they are experimenting on down there. Maybe it has something to do with time itself ?? https://youtu.be/bHx2dxqxxmg
  10. Manly P Hall was the only Freemason that I know of to understand the shape of the earth. ❝According to Pythagoras, the position of each body in the universe was determined by the essential dignity of that body. The popular concept of his day was that the Earth occupied the centre of the solar system; that the planets, including the Sun and Moon, moved about the Earth; and that the Earth itself was flat and square❞ Manly Palmer Hall
  11. Exactly, it's all by design just like the LGBT it's all to stop procreation, keeps the population down.
  12. Yep & lets see the numbers increase in missing kids, this all stinks.
  13. Usual excuse.. 'safety' reasons, which allows parents to track their location. The article goes onto say: Schwab & Musk should be locked up for everybody's safety
  14. Huckleberry Finn gets trigger warning for university students over character's use of the N-word Exeter University has put a 'trigger warning' on Mark Twain's classic, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Staff described the representation of a slave as 'problematic in a number of ways'. DM
  15. Hey look me over This is definitely Woke madness that's for sure! How a legendary Sydney club will introduce hi-vis STARING police who will kick patrons out if they don't have 'verbal consent' to look at a stranger across the dancefloor Club 77 overhauls safety and harassment policy to promote culture of consent Staring at stranger from across the dancefloor or bar without consent banned Giving unwanted attention results in being ejected from venue, police called. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11141449/Club-77-Darlinghurst-Sydney-bans-staring-strangers-bid-safe-space.html
  16. Have you seen this video @sickofallthebollocks? Martin Kenny explains all of the above image you've posted with his model he has built. Again he gives much food for thought.
  17. Whats wrong with Solicitors ?
  18. The difference is barristers are over paid, jumped up big wigs & most are Masons who only look after their own. I do know of such a case which involved a close friend of ours, all lying & underhandedness going on, the works.
  19. Who needs barristers anyway?
  20. Maybe! But when have you ever known Governments to do anything for the people, no, IMO they're hiding loads from the masses, It's either the Dome or extra land.
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