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  1. Totally disagree, the Bible is full of the truth and as for it being rewritten well that's just ludicrous.
  2. @tommydrifterWhen @oz93666used to to post about Karl Mollison, I never payed much attention as I didn't realize he was channeling from God. I will have to look more into him. Thanks.
  3. Thanks sickofallthebollocks, the Bible is a true f/e book I particularly like Job 37: 10
  4. More lies & it wouldn't surprise me if they try and ban the bible sometime in the future.
  5. As Rockets can never go straight up because of the firmament, have you ever wondered where all rockets end up: Point Nemo in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
  6. The first ever pub come diner
  7. This is interesting, there's not many who know the history of their locals, thanks
  8. An Orwellian one.
  9. Or we could go back to the way pubs and inns started off in the first place & use our homes.
  10. The elderly pay a fortune for these care homes, some even have to sell their homes in order to pay the extortionate rates they charge.
  11. How does this save energy, I would have thought this to be the opposite
  12. No they leave the candles to their Satanic rituals down in the dungeons.
  13. Just who the hell are we saving all this energy for ? CERN Life in Blackout Britain: Experts warn energy rationing this winter could see people told not to cook until after 8pm, pubs close at 9pm, 'three-day-a-week' school, care homes cancel outings for residents and swimming pools left unheated Experts have told MailOnline there is 'no escape' for the 66million people in the UK who will be encouraged to cut their use of gas and electricity and even turn off the lights when the wind drops.
  14. Russell Brand faces backlash over plans for recording studio to record his You Tube channel at Grade II-listed 15th century pub Russell Brand, 47, (pictured) bought The Crown pub in the small village of Pishill, Oxfordshire for £850,000 in 2020 with plans to turn it into a vegan restaurant.
  15. Minority Report was the first thing I thought of when watching the vid. Thanks for the link to video.
  16. Yes, its all by design, I did read an article some where, that this American entrepreneur had designs on buying all the UK pubs that were forced to close & were sold off cheap during covid. I can't find the article anywhere now. But it just showed what these greedy monsters were up to. All in click together!
  17. Why's it cost them billions to produce these images ?
  18. I've just watched this video in 'YOUTUBERS Are Spreading LIES About HOLOGRAMS' thanks to @Puzzle Is this part of their next plan ? To be like God and know your thoughts.
  19. Thank goodness that most here are awake to smell the coffee.
  20. And yet these latest pic's are all composited images.
  21. What saddens me, is there nothing anyone can do about it.
  22. And they've spent billions on recreating images that we had 75 years ago. They don't want you to seeing the firmament that these lights were placed in as it could lead to a relationship with the one who made them. see this video: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=3X25W3XYH32G
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