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  1. 3 hours ago, Steve H said:

    Because in 2020 I was hospitalised in a psych unit and the doctor informed DVLA.  So, as a result of the inquiries that followed, the doctor spilled his guts to them about my alcohol consumption.  I mean, the whole thing is crazy - drink more than a pint of beer a day, on average for six months and you’re screwed.  At the end of the day, they are only recommended limits.


    I never drink and drive, have a few drinks most evenings which are completely through my system by next morning.


    This is gross injustice.  My 91 year old mother relied on the car for shopping, hospital, etc.  She is virtually unable to walk and now she’s screwed.


    What bastards



    It is a sad state of affairs when a doctor betrays the trust of a patient :classic_sad: I hope you sort it out soon Steve.

    Thanks for letting us know.

  2. 3 hours ago, The All Eye said:

    Is the Bermuda Triangle still a thing?  You don't hear much about it anymore, or any cases (that I know of) of missing planes or ships.


    The Bermuda Triangle is the Rocket Ships grave yard for NASA. They don't like snoops, say no more.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

    You may be right. Remember though,  the talent of the Italian sculptors.


    Sometimes when I look at some of these sculptures, I can't help feeling there is more to some of these. They are so realistic.

    They either have to be very talented or they had some clever machinery back in the day.

  4. 2 minutes ago, The All Eye said:

    I understand that people have created wonderous works of art over the centuries, especially in the way of sculptures.  But The Colossus of Appennino just doesn't sit right with me.  There appears to be more to this than someone just sculpting a work of art.  


    There is, watch this, this guy goes real deep into the subject;



    I did a thread on this subject



  5. 1 hour ago, Steve H said:

    I recently had to undergo a medical assessment with the GP due to DVLA enquiries into my fitness to drive.


    I received a letter yesterday revoking my licence on medical grounds.  The reason given is because I have “persistently” drunk alcohol over government recommended limits for the last six months.


    How did they know ?

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  6. Race for the wreckage: US secures perimeter around spy balloon to stop China from reaching it first as Navy salvage vessel may not be on scene six miles off the coast of South Carolina for DAYS 

    US officials confirmed that an F-22 Raptor fighter jet shot down the Chinese spy balloon with a single AIM-9X sidewinder missile at 2.38pm on Saturday, six miles off the coast of South Carolina.

    A senior military advisor told Fox News that the debris field was about seven-miles wide, with the depth of the waters estimated at 47 feet.

    While multiple Navy and Coast Guard vessels are in the area establishing a security and search perimeter, the senior advisor said an official salvage vessel won't arrive until a couple of days. There is currently no timeline on the recovery of the balloon from the Atlantic Ocean following its week-long voyage across the US (inset).


    US secures perimeter around spy balloon to stop China from reaching it first



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  7. 7 hours ago, Mr Crabtree said:

    'Fuck off man, that gun isn't even loaded'! John Lennon to Mark David Chapman outside The Dakota Building, Dec 8th 1980!


    That was also John Lennon's last hit, unfortunately it was his head, hitting the pavement!🤕


    Happiness Is A Warm Gun

    By Lennon

  8. 4 hours ago, webtrekker said:


    Here's proof that the so-called 'Black Sun' would have to be halfway out of the Hole for its rays to be able to intersect the lines from Polaris to the Equator of Flat Earth in the manner described in the video...


    1.  As depicted in the video.



    2. When the Sun and Moon are on the horizon.


    You can clearly see that your 'Black Sun' has to move up and down according to the positions of the Sun and Moon in the sky, and that the edge of the Hole determines the maximum angle the 'Black Sun's' rays can subtend.


    It's not me who doesn't understand this, Alexa.







    I'm sorry web, you maybe right, I'll have to do more research into this.





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  9. 22 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

    My experience so far of alternate healers etc has been a lot of ego, praying on the week minded and broken. Im sure they are not all like this but the whole new age thing is rooted deep in ancient lore and magik. There seems to be a strong link with Freemasonry and near east mysticism as well. 


    I agree, and the amount they charge is astronomical, they should try Jesus he's good & he's free :classic_biggrin: 

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  10. 1 hour ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    Chaplain Bonnie Leopold graduated from AJR/Ca May 2007. She is a certified Grief Counselor,Morei Derekh (Jewish Spiritual Director) and Energy Healer (national Federation of Spiritual Healers. Ordained as an Interfaith Minister in August 2012. chaplain facilitates Sound Healing and Mediation, Mussar Study groups, and womens Retreats with a focus on Mussar (character trait study).


    I wouldn't trust these spiritual healers at all, IMO they are part & plan of all this satanical stuff.

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