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  1. 5 hours ago, KingKitty said:

    With all due respect, this could be done with just about any popular song, for as long as there have been popular songs.


    Yes I agree with this concept but Adorno was part of a secret society who recognized his amazing skills in teaching/understanding classical music and put them to good use. Before his death in August 1969 (the very reason the Beatles disbanded, as their master composer was gone) Adorno wrote hundreds of songs to be distributed later (1969 – 1975) to various groups, that is why the early 70s music sounded so much better than the late 70s music, and the very reason why Led Zeppelin were musically dead after the last of the Adorno songs, KASHMIR, was included on Physical Graffiti.


     Theodor Adorno, a main figure in what became known as the Frankfurt School — proponents of an obscure academic approach to cultural criticism later branded “cultural Marxism” by communists annoyed they were too arty and not sufficiently doctrinaire — secretly wrote all the Beatles’ songs.



  2. 37 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    I work for a company that sells online, and I can sort of see the logic in this.


    You'd be surprised how many people order stuff to be delivered to their home, and then complain when it doesn't get delivered because they weren't at home to receive their package.


    It must piss off the posties too, if they have to take loads of packets and parcels back to the delivery office, as well as the extra work writing out and leaving "sorry we missed you" calling cards.


    You'd also be surprised how many customers we have for whom it seems to be very difficult to rearrange their delivery for a more convenient date, or to collect their item from the delivery office or Post Office.


    -"I haven't received my item, where is it?"

    --"Delivery was attempted yesterday, you had a card left with instructions on what to do. Rearrange your delivery online or collect from the CSP"

    -"Well I haven't got time to do that, this is disgraceful service, please send me another one"


    Seriously, some people are like this.


    So it would make sense if packet and parcel deliveries were made after 5pm, so there would be a better chance of someone actually being at home to receive the parcel.


    Of course, letters and large letters - those that would fit through a letterbox - could be delivered earlier in the day still though.


    I suppose there is some logic here when you look at it this way. 👍 


    1 Corinthians 15:51-52

    Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. 


  4. On 8/9/2022 at 3:51 PM, Mikhail Liebestein said:

    Anyone know anything? 


    One thing is certain. If Donald J. Trump was not running for President in 2024 yesterday afternoon, he was running by Monday night.


    The surprise raid of 20 to 30 armed FBI agents on the former President’s private residence is unprecedented in American history.


    Everything changed last night. No longer could American citizens assume that former Presidents were safe from political persecution, even imprisonment by extreme opponents.


    No future president will be confident he or she won’t go to prison for his beliefs and policies. No American citizen can assume he or she is living in a free republic under the rule of law.


    You can be certain that Donald Trump will run for President in 2024. He no longer has a choice. He must run to prove that American citizens cannot be silenced by far left commiecrats who work for the China communist party.



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  5. The Land of Cockaigne: a utopian world 

    Like Atlantis and El Dorado, the land of Cockaigne was a utopia. It was a fictional place.


    Or is it just a fictional place ?


    Here is a map; Accurata Utopiae Tabula, an "accurate map of Utopia", Johann Baptist Homann's map of Schlaraffenland published by Matthäus Seutter, Augsburg 1730.


    This map looks very detailed to me.






    The entrance to Cockaigne land is supposed to reside at the North Pole.


    A Neapolitan tradition, extended to other Latin culture countries, is the Cockaigne pole (Italian: cuccagna; Spanish: cucaña), a horizontal or vertical pole with a prize (like a ham) at one end. The pole is covered with grease or soap and planted during a festival. Then, daring people try to climb the slippery pole to get the prize. The crowd laughs at the often failed attempts to hold on to the pole.







    Climbing a vertical Cockaigne pole.



    The land of milk & honey


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  6. Sloppy Joe 😂


    Jill helps Joe put his jacket on as they step off Marine One in Kentucky: President tells flood victims the $740billion Inflation Reduction Act 'takes care of everything like healthcare and God knows what else' as he goes off script

    Jill Biden helped President Joe Biden put on his navy blue blazer as they prepared to depart Kentucky for Washington D.C. after spending Monday touring flood damage. The first lady helped her husband find his sleeve as he struggled to get the coat back on after he stepped off Marine One. The two had wrapped up a tour of Lost Creeek, Kentucky, and were leaving its 90-something degree heat for the air-conditioned coolness of Air Force One. The president also dropped his signature aviator sunglasses on the tarmac but paused to pick them up. They appeared in one piece. Biden also had sweat stains on his dress shirt from being outside all day. 





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  7. How on earth does a 2/4 year old child know about these kind things?


    'I'm a boy!': Child, 4, born a female announces transition with a blue gender reveal cannon at Vancouver Pride Parade - with his grandmother by his side 

    Charlie Danger Lloyd, of Canada, has expressed his wishes to become a boy since the age of two. He has only been wearing boy clothes and short hair since he started his transition four months ago (right). 'Charlie jumped with joy as the crowd cheered him on. He couldn't believe the love and support he was shown from the bystanders,' the four-year-old's mother Alaina Bourrel, 27 said. Charlie, who goes by he/him pronouns, ecstatically ran into his mother's arms at the end of the footage showing his reveal.





  8. On 8/6/2022 at 9:14 PM, The All Eye said:

    This is such an interesting subject, however, like many esoteric subjects, I think it has been inundated with people that are doing more harm than good.  Sure, many of the formations look like a person or animal or whatever, but many are simply just pareidolia.  I don't discount the notion of giant beings or giant trees, etc. being carved into stones or petrification, but we have to look at this subject with some rationality. Some people need to understand pareidolia is a real thing, and maybe get some other "neutral" opinions on a find.       


    You can't get more real than this & his finds.



  9. 4 hours ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


    The sickening, and obvious lies about Sandy Hook all came via the self-contradictions of the MSM, from the giggling bereaved parents, who could switch from mirth to lip-trembling tears at the drop of a hat when aware a camera was pointing,  the chirpy coroner (thought he might break into a tap-dancing routine any minute) - 'facts' like all kids were shot in the head therefore parents weren't allowed to see / identify them, which they must have forgotten about in other articles where they instead explained children had been shot only in legs and stomachs - and by the way, nobody would ever convince me my children were deceased without my seeing them with my own eyes, and Christ help anybody who tried - Obama who demonstratively dabbed at invisible, imaginary tears with his hankie, to the surreal 'star' of the moment, Gene Rosen. Then there were the unexplained sightings of 2 other men in the school grounds around the time of the 'shooting', for which there was film footage but from too far away to make out anything helpful, but that didn't matter as their presence was largely ignored. 


    There were odd, clearly photoshopped photos of parents presented in the media.


    There were known crisis actors identified in the roles of a couple of parents but I no longer recall the specifics and am not prepared to hunt for them now, to satisfy folk who couldn't be arsed checking it out themselves at the time.


    (If memory serves, there was a charitable fund-raising page set up for monetary donations for the parents the day before the alleged massacre, but I'm bracketing this in because my memory is hazy as to the details - several years have elapsed you know).


    None of the official narrative was plausible, but it was a handy opportunity for the continuing attempts at disarmament of the public.


    Not to mention Noah Pozner who (I'm not sure now) happened to turn up at another false flag ???? 


    This is getting as bad as being a holocaust denier......

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