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  1. I don't have to wait for a Savior he's already here & the masses need to take heed of Gods words before it's too late. Before the flood God gave the unrighteous a hundred & twenty five years to repent, I'm wondering how much time we have left ???
  2. More woke madness! Women's health writer is censored on Always website... for saying that females have periods Writer Milli Hill (pictured) said she was 'outraged' when the website changed all mentions of women or girls in her recent article about periods - reportedly at the request of the sanitary pad brand.
  3. The whole truth & nothing but the truth.
  4. Well I hope it's not Chatham House as according to Mr Icke it gives off very bad vibes....
  5. Most already get free energy especially Windsor Castle & Buckingham palace.
  6. Daniel 7:25 He will speak out against the Most High and .. The Man of desolation....... "This king will speak evil of God Most High, and he will be cruel to God's chosen ones. He will try to change God's Law and the sacred seasons
  7. I'm not saying........... I don't want the opposition knowing.
  8. One the MOST influential documentary I have ever seen. It blows all your history schooling out of the world. it also blows the zionist out of the world. Amazing footage. .https://ugetube.com/watch/europa-the-last-battle-all-10-parts-complete-and-final-version-2019_pQMr9SWDPKjUjVx.html#
  9. What the hell is this ? https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=7G66M5U3Y6AR
  10. Remember Spontaneous Human Combustion ?https://www.reddit.com/r/MysteriousFacts/comments/15pcinr/the_mystery_of_spontaneous_human_combustion_how/?rdt=64817 Now watch this short video about Patents she talks rather quick but stay with it. https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=38DXSMM7OBSW
  11. Maybe they should have painted the towers Blue
  12. Yes I've noticed this in the dog stories, what that all about ? I thought XL was a size in clothing.
  13. Hi Trakmaster & welcome. They've always been here on earth for millennia's but b/c of all the Hollywood movies we now see Aliens in a different light, which is what they wanted all along.
  14. Yeah....... She looks like she's been mauled by a crazed dog Girl, 11, mauled by crazed XL Bully reveals how she's 'too frightened to leave home' as she describes dog's savage attack on her and multiple other people.
  15. alexa


    Why Not It's now or never! Elvis Presley fans' outrage as video shows moment British tourist jumped into swimming pool at Graceland before being kicked out by security guards
  16. This is all rubbish, don't let them do it....... If we don't crack down on these savage Frankenstein XL Bully dogs AND their owners then more people will die, writes canine behavioural expert STAN RAWLINSON STAN RAWLINSON: There are no bad dogs, so the saying goes - only bad owners. But that is a lie.
  17. There's been a load of articles in the news lately about Bull Terriers attacking, I'm beginning to reckon that these articles are all fake & the above video is staged to get these dog's banned as people could use them as a weapon for protection. The same apply's to Guns in the US. Well this is my opinion.
  18. The high way of death which happened in Iraq in 1991 was supposed to have been bombed by the US, this was when DEW was unheard of. It doesn't look like the cars were all bombed to me.
  19. Eric Hecker who worked in Antarctica spills the all....
  20. I feel for the pets More DEW Attack victims and bodies & the 1991 highway of death https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=X5189NAKDBAK
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