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  1. Yes he was, as not to derail this thread, I'll have to explain else where, maybe I'll start a new thread.
  2. As I've just quoted above. You have to understand the Holy Trinity to comprehend this, Jesus is God incarnate, 'the father the son & the holy ghost.'
  3. Jesus was God who was incarnate. To understand this you have to understand the holy trinity, the three in one, which I don't expect you to comprehend. But never mind, your globe still keeps on spinning away, Zooooooooooooooom Then the Jews said to Him, “You are not yet fifty years old, and You have seen Abraham? Truly, truly, I tell you,” Jesus declared, “before Abraham was born, I am ' this, they picked up stones to throw at Him. But Jesus was hidden and went out of the temple area.… John 8:57
  4. Yes exactly, they have to show the world how they are doing their bit for the cause, that they themselves are causing in the first place.
  5. Or will it be in the vaccines that they will be dishing out. Reading this made me wonder again; Rev 16:2 and ugly, festering sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped its image
  6. The MSM will more than likely fake images of people who supposedly have it, but it won't be as easy as covid was to falsify figures. This is another ploy to finish off the job they started to get us all chipped. I'm just wondering if they'll put this virus out for real this time
  7. Seems like they'v ran out of fake scenarios for Mars Could YOU design a Martian metaverse? NASA challenges developers to create a virtual reality environment to help train astronauts for Mars missions - and is offering $70,000 in prizes The US space agency put out a plea for 'a new virtual reality research, development, and testing environment to prepare for the experiences and situations that will be encountered on Mars.
  8. Well this is good of ol Liz, whats she gonna do eat them ? REVEALED: Queen and the Royal Family 'have secretly opened their doors on their estates to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war-torn nation' Queen and the Royal Family have secretly opened their doors to Ukrainian refugees Palace sources say a number of members (left, the Queen wearing yellow and blue) have vowed to 'do their bit' after being moved by the tragic events following Vladimir Putin's invasion. Royals have also made substantial cash donations but insist they want to keep their efforts to help under wraps. Almost 54,000 refugees (top-right and bottom-right) have arrived under the Government's scheme, with the royals now joining politicians, business leaders and huge numbers of other Britons in offering to house the six million people desperately escaping Russian invaders. Edit- They do like this number 6 million
  9. I reckon your onto something here, they seem to have turned all our best comedians into game show hosts & comedians are now limited to what they can joke about, making comedy these days so very unfunny & drab. But who needs comedians when we have these clowns.
  10. Yeah, I read about this little episode of time travel, too many coincidences not to be true. And thinking aloud, did he go by the name of 'John Titor' for a laugh ?
  11. At a long guess .......................................................................................................................................................................................................Jesus
  12. Nikola Tesla As a young boy, Nikola Tesla accompanied his father on trips to Rome, where he was able to study the lesser-known works stored in the Vatican’s vast scientific repository. What might he have uncovered ?? Secret knowledge ? Would love access to those Vatican files.. https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/375417318915099560/ Here....... does half resemble Peter Cushing.
  13. I feel sick Nice to meet U2: Wheelchair-bound Pope Francis beams with joy as he shakes hands with Bono at Rome university Just look at that handshake. U2 frontman Bono Vox and a wheelchair-bound Pope Francis launched a women's education foundation together in Rome on Thursday. The Pope inaugurated the Scholas Occurrentes International Educational Movement on May 19 during a meeting with young people in Italy's capital. The event took place on Thursday evening at the Pontifical Urban University, called the Urbaniana, which lies within walking distance of St. Peter's Square. Daily Fail today
  14. Here we go again Britain's monkeypox outbreak 'DOUBLES in size': Eleven new cases 'will be announced TODAY' as UK stockpiles 'thousands' of vaccines amid fears infections are spiralling The monkeypox outbreak in Britain has doubled in size, health officials will announce today. Britain has been stocking up on thousands of vaccines and treatments amid fears the current spate of cases is only the tip of the iceberg. Nine Britons had been diagnosed with the contagious virus so far but a further 11 are set to be confirmed today, The Times reported. The majority of cases are not linked, suggesting it is spreading more widely, although ministers are considering a public health campaign to warn gay men it may be more prevalent for them. Although monkeypox is not classed as a sexualy transmitted disease, many recent cases in the UK were in men who have sex with other men. The UK's drug watchdog told MailOnline it was monitoring the current outbreak and 'working with companies to speedily bring forward suitable treatments'.
  15. Where's the entrances ? Hows about this for parroting 'THE EARTH IS FLAT'. This image reminds me of this ........ Or this......... the stars spiraling. Or this.......A cells division- Mitosis
  16. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now investigating 180 mysterious cases of hepatitis in children. The outbreak has been reported in 36 US states. A total of 520 children have developed hepatitis in 20 nations so far this year. Eleven children have died and over two dozen have required liver transplants. Most of the infected children are under age 5. Could there be a link to Covid 19 vaccines? We’ve been looking into this story and have something to share with you. https://www.trunews.com/stream/baby-deaths-coverup-study-links-covid-19-vaccines-to-mysterious-outbreak-of-hepatitis-in-children
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