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  1. Great, where can I get this done ?
  2. I'm glad he's not my surgeon Cuban healer who uses a MACHETE to perform surgery and prescribes half a bottle of rum to beat Covid after a 'spirit' told him to help people is flooded with customers as word spreads of his miraculous work https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9475299/Cuban-healer-uses-MACHETE-perform-surgery-prescribes-half-bottle-rum-beat-Covid.html a sugeon.mp4
  3. You just don't know WHO to believe theses days 'Case numbers are DOWN': No10 slaps down Justin Trudeau after he claims Britain is facing a 'very serious' Covid third wave - with Tories accusing him of 'fake news' to distract from Canada's woes DM
  4. Ha! Tesco has always been the worst for me, even before Covid.........
  5. Only if you believe whats written
  6. Not to worry lib, you can always register to not be a donor. https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/register-your-decision/
  7. I thought the same, so I ticked off 'Very Bad Health'
  8. I was only thinking about this morning after reading this article in DM. I said to myself, 'This stinks of ill gates' Here's the article; Time to ditch the burgers? Eating red and processed meat increases your risk of heart disease – including smaller ventricles, poorer cardiac function and stiffer arteries, study warns UK researchers have conducted an observational study of nearly 20,000 people Greater intake of red and processed meat was linked with worse heart function Prior studies have already warned of dangers of regular red meat consump
  9. This guy thinks he's Jonah a whale.mp4
  10. I blame America for all this, Biden is just baiting Russia, look how many lives he's putting at risk here ? Like someone once said, 'If there is ever a WW3, the next war after that will be fought with bows & arrows'..... Utterly disgusting
  11. Jan 2014 Anthony Patch - People will beg for vaccinations (January 2014) So did he know something back then ?
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