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  1. The Simpsons Always on Time https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=9MXD38ADMSW8
  2. Off to take the vax https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=RB2K7Y949811
  3. Furlough will NOT be extended: Rishi Sunak rejects pleas from businesses and says help scheme will begin to be phased out from July 1 - even though Freedom Day is postponed past that DM today
  4. What the heck is Bojo wearing Head lines in today's Dily file; Well I suppose he's not wearing white socks
  5. I don't usually like Rap, but I like this one
  6. There's only one quote I'll be saying to people;
  7. I know SM, I much preferred the two dices.
  8. It will be soon, but this paradise will be accessible to anyone who wants it, it's a free invite for the unvaxxed. Look forward to seeing you all there.
  9. Well i'll have to make sure I don't get caught alive.
  10. You'd have to consent. The worst they can do is kill you & they would have to to get that poison in me.
  11. No it's not, you can still say NO!
  12. So we will become the hunted Edit The masses will do the Governments dirty work for them ? This really stinks.
  13. I enjoyed watching this vid Orange I was just wondering what are all those Police vans doing there ?
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