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  1. Yeah I agree, but most people on this forum think outside the box wouldn't you agree ? And as for @amy G vid of Mars, I believe it, does this make me gullible, knowing I'm viewing the truth ? Just look at the vid I posted and the comments.
  2. And with China! https://www.trunews.com/stream/news-alert-we-interrupt-this-election-to-bring-you-this-war-with-china-2
  3. My apologies Peter. But why call anyone gullible? We are just here to learn the truth.
  4. I know rideforever, I have one of Gardener's books and it is just full of fantasy & lies about Jesus. I'm glad I never bought into his his lies. He's most defiantly into Lucifer and Devil worship.
  5. Just look at some of the comments about the vid, I doubt if @amy G had the equipment to film this back in August 2017. STARS through Telescope ArcturusProcyon; Astronomy;HOW STARS REALLY LOOK LIKE ;Zvezde YouTube 1 21,134 views •Aug 20, 2017 32223SHARESAVE A U R A
  6. Hallelujah....... It's very rare that you hear the truth come out of the mouth of a Catholic Archbishop.
  7. Funeral = fun- eral Disaster = Dis-aster = star Vikings = VI -Kings ( six kings ) Universe = uni-verse (one verse) Eye = I (I am) Money = Mon-ey (mon is moon) Monday = Moon Day There are many more concerning water/sea with money such as; Currant = currant account Pool = pool of money Wave = fluctuation Float salt (a Romans wage was paid in salt) = sal Salary
  8. There most definitely will be thee anti Christ, ok there has been many, but in these end days there will be one main man who will have the spirit & the power of Lucifer/Satan, he will be the ruling leader over all the ppl of earth, and who shall sit in his temple declaring himself to be God.
  9. alexa

    Utube channel

    All's I can say is that Good Luck to @amy G with the utube Chanel, and I hope it gets loads of subscribers.
  10. There's one good thing about this vid, at least they've got rid of those pesky air bubbles.
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