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  1. Jeff Nyquist for his strategic analysis of the communist revival and the state of global stability as we approach what looks like a major war with China and possibly Russia too: https://jrnyquist.blog
  2. For now all I could suggest is that off-grid preppers cultivate trust-based friendships and be ready and willing to do what they can, in principle, to help each other out. Kind of like the "barn-raising" mentality some share, but without committing to huddling together, which in my view draws attention at a time when greyness might be the best survival strategy.
  3. Preppers tend to be strong-willed, independently minded people who do not get along in community settings, even among others of like mind; at least, that's what I've heard. A better strategy is to form alliances and be ready to help, but do not live out the fantasy in a small commune, etc. It's also a security risk to go all-in with a little group; for example, everyone is just one moody / rebellious teenager's act of indiscretion away from being compromised.
  4. The primary target for depopulation is white Anglos, who also happen to be the primary target for every weapon the Left has. The reason for this is, I speculate, to do with 2 things: an immediate cause and a higher cause. 1. The immediate cause: Lebensraum has to be created for the Chinese as their own generals have openly spoken about the long term danger of China being trapped in its own homeland and the need to take the best land on earth from the undeserving Anglos, meaning the US in particular. One of their generals - I forget who - said that ideally 200 million Americans would have to die for this project, reducing the resistance combatants as well for a future invasion. And we all pretty much know our own elites are in bed with the Chinese, so they are either compromised and going along with it for that reason or they have their own agenda, which is the "re-wilding" + cull, and are happy to play along with the Chinese for so long. 2. The higher cause: Satan knows the Kingdom of Heaven is soon to emerge on earth and he knows the role the Anglos probably will play in it; one of the major nations of the West (probably the US) will break away, under God-energised Christian leadership, from the globalist fold at that time, causing a total collapse of the western globalist system. The Jews in Israel will also turn to Christ as a trigger to that, so that makes them a vaccine target too, in the interim. If this theory is correct, look out for Russia mediating a "peace in our time deal" in the Middle East, perhaps even as early as this year; however, it would be a deception, designed to mentally and, who knows, literally, disarm Israel in advance of a future assault to take its Leviathan gas field which Israel is hoping to connect to southern Europe, a direct threat to Russia's Nord Stream pipelines.
  5. Any chance you could stop spamming the thread with irrelevant claptrap?
  6. Rev 11:14... I know this is hard to believe but the elites are apparently going to be executed en masse when one of the western nations "falls" at the time of the recovery of the Lord's public witness, which is currently being silenced by Marxist wokery worldwide. Melinda might be trying to save her hide long before Nuremberg V.2.0 arrives because if any insider knows what he's up to and the full depth of his depravity, it's her. Also, one other point. For the Kingdom of Christ to emerge on earth, there actually has to be a populace to populate it, so this aggressive and dangerous vaccine has to somehow be halted in its tracks. Maybe this is a step towards that.
  7. Suicide is technically murder, but it's not done out of self-hatred so its motive is escapism, not hatred and it's hatred that's the greater sin. Samson was the Lord's child and yet he committed suicide in an act of valour against the Lord's sworn enemies, albeit he was serving under a special commission from the Lord; by the same token, there is no greater display of love than when a man lays down his life for his friends, so self-sacrifice to save someone else's life is, while technically suicide, not a sin if motivated by "agape", selfless love for one's fellow man. Now, that all said... it is a great sin to commit suicide to escape sorrows, because of the collateral damage to those left behind (the pain the parents, siblings, children, spouses, friends, et al suffer at the victim's loss) and seems contrary to the sentiment of laying down one's life for one's friends. the Devil wants as many suicides as possible, so it would be handing a victory of sorts on a platter to him and doing despite to the Scripture which states that the sufferings of this present life are nothing compared to the glory that shall be revealed in Christ to those who are His. Despair is therefore, by implicit command, not for the Lord's children to exercise; we must not commit suicide out of despair, in other words, nor must we actually despair either. Remember: "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all" (Ps 34:19). --- Just as an aside to this, we are living in a very dangerous time that will soon see the silencing of the public witness for Christ in the western world. I won't expand on that issue in this post beyond saying we have a very short time left until this happens; even this very day, there was an article in a Russian newspaper here in Latvia predicting a ban on the Bible in the EU in the near future, based on the trajectory of the "hate speech" / trans-gay issue. Although in my view, speaking as an Anglo, the Russian press love to use such things as sticks to beat the West with, it nonetheless aligns with recent documented discussion in American communist party activist literature, which designates its supreme target as "the ultra right" aka... wait for it... "evangelical Christians" and its primary means of putting us down, they suggest, should be the gay-trans issue. So what I'm saying is, it's pretty clear a terrible storm is coming for Christians in the West and we're going to have to dig deep to survive it. But I believe it portends the most monumental event in world history, the beginning of the Lord's Kingdom on earth as foretold in Daniel 2 and Romans 11. That's why Satan is in overdrive now... he knows the time is short. So, man up, chin up, and be ready to sit this thing out because what comes at the end of it - by my reckoning before the cursed Agenda 2030 can be fulfilled - will make your heart leap for joy if you love the Lord.
  8. Utter tripe from start to finish. The Bible is not based on any such thing, but is the inspired Word of God and nobody needs a paedophile priest to tell them what it means.
  9. The Creator has the solution for it. It's called heterosexual marriage and is the only societally, medically and other which way you can come up with, healthy realm to release libidinous impulses.
  10. Preppers / survivalists are strong willed / independently minded people and as such, they don't function well in communes / survival communities. The only way they can do it is to form alliances with other such people in their locale, a kind of "banding" to use an outdated term.
  11. David promotes pantheism which is a false, Satanic view of God and man. Apart from that, he's a genuinely decent man and means well.
  12. The Bible appears to hint that the coming Golden Age of the Christ's Kingdom on earth will commence in a white Anglo nation, which would make us a target for urgent DNA pollution and sterilisation, culling, etc., via RNA-altering vaccination. Interestingly, the 4 leading nations in the race to vax their populations are: Canada, UK, USA and Australia: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-03370-6 Every world war, every empire, every global crisis, every false religion (including atheism) has been about trying to stop the Kingdom from coming, but the time is almost up and Satan is going berzerk trying to roll out his last ditch effort to stop it. He will partially succeed but only for a very short time, a very dark and unprecedently evil time. And then it comes crashing down in a way that nobody can stop.
  13. It's not random if we consider the Israeli ex top brass guy talking about a "Galactic Federation". Two possible / probable reasons why this is happening now: 1. TPTB are going to pretend we're under threat from ETs (which don't exist, BTW) to somehow crank up / accelerate the control mechanisms further, or, 2. It's a sideways threat to China along the lines of "We have ET on our side, so do you really want to go to war with us any time soon?"
  14. The last thing I want to do is discourage anyone, but we have to deal with reality and the reality is we, the proles, have no power. We can talk a good fight, but what has anyone actually done? Maybe that guy in Nashville (if he wasn't a patsy for the alleged feud between the NSA and CIA), but that's it. The near future is extremely bleak and people have to grasp that fact and the underlying reasons for it; society embraced the Sodomite agenda, fornicates like rabbits and murders its unborn infants. Seriously, how can any peace or good follow that? However, things will turn around and the dystopian hellscape planned by Gates and Schwab and the Rothschilds and Xi et al will come tumbling down, but only through a very special act of God foretold in Daniel 2, Romans 11 and Revelation 11. But between now and that turning point, things are going to get worse and while we must resist and do all we can to remain free, we must also understand it's a battle we will lose until God moves and that accordingly, we should be making preparations to survive what's coming. I think we have at most 4 years before the lights go out on liberty worldwide; the thing to look out for, based on Rev 11, is a total ban on calling Sodomy a sin and on telling people that Christ is the only Saviour and King of humanity. That point marks the beginning of what will probably be the darkest age in human history, but it will be very brief, a mere 3 and a half years. And then the Marxist NWO / global system comes tumbling down and Satan will be unable to continue deceiving the nations from that point.
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