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  1. Are we supposed to take the side of these murderous harpies who want to slay their own unborn children? For once a government gets something right. Makes a nice change.
  2. The reason why the world is in the mess it is in today is directly related to sin. Does anyone think God is going to just let humanity live in peace while countless millions on infants are murdered in their mother's wombs, while Sodomy is exalted and foisted on schoolkids, while male is called female, up is called down, ugliness called beauty, evil called good and good called evil? Things are lining up for a perfect storm of Divine wrath. The scamdemic is only the start... there's the nightmare vaccine, the nations gearing up for a world war, economies and incomes devas
  3. What makes you think you have free will? The Bible teaches the very opposite, that man's will is bound to sin and selfishness. The fact that you can't see yourself as either vile or evil actually highlights and proves that you are. Sorry I can't provide you with comforting lies on this subject... it's not a popular message, that's why atheism and false religions are so preferred by humanity.
  4. "The heart is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things". - Jeremiah 17:9 That's where evil comes from: our nature. Don't listen to Buddhist claptrap about man being latently good; man is essentially depraved, fallen, "dead in trespasses and sins" - Colossians 2:13. So what if you're red pill and a decent person? You're still vile, still evil, still living for yourself. You don't love God and your fellow man selflessly... okay, sure, you don't have megalomaniacal plans to annihilate most of humanity like, say, Kill Gates has. That's because you haven
  5. I just keep an eye on Zero Hedge mostly. Sweden, which is very close to us here in Latvia, moved troops and armoured vehicles into Gotland, a large island off its east coast, a few weeks ago due to panic over Russian activity in this region. Plus there's all the stuff with China probing Taiwan and India, Turkey sending tanks to its border with Greece amidst that standoff, the ongoing slow-boil in the Ukrainian Donbass, the Syria conflict and the usual Korean situation. Just seems like a lot of hot spots are getting hotter... Oh, and I just remembered that the UK is to send one of the new aircr
  6. Just as an aside, keep an eye on troop movements worldwide; I wouldn't put it past TPTB to be using this scamdemic and lockdown as cover for WW3 prep, getting the military mobilised, etc.
  7. I think it's the other way round; if they can get enough sheeple to take the vaccine and then, you know, die from it, they might consider that a "result" in terms of culling the herd. The survivors will be the refuseniks, but then they may still have the WW3 card to play on them, among other options.
  8. I'm in Latvia where there is no lockdown, no mask madness, no hysteria, just pretty much life as normal. Even at the height of the scamdemic in the early summer, it was largely lip-service being paid to the "emergency measures". I suspect most people here are naturally cynical about government, whereas back home most seem to believe every word that comes from Number Ten. That all said, if the WHO / UN / EU / NWO / Kill Gates ordered the Lat government to crack down, I think they would obey. The point being, in my view there is no truly safe haven that's going to outlast this thing
  9. I live in Latvia where there are no real restrictions. No face mask madness (apart from in some clinics), social distancing is ignored and no longer mandatory, and life is pretty much normal... But still, I have a sense of foreboding / great calamity / gloom on the horizon, esp. emanating from back home in the UK. I has worn me down, weakened my immune system and now I'm ill with a terrible sinus infection that has me dizzy and with pain in my forehead a lot of the time. The world is going through great distress - seemingly set to get much worse as we approach the November election
  10. This won't go down well but here goes anyway. There is a connection between present and soon-to-come world events and the hearts of the present generation of humanity. In other words, God - Who is real, personal and just - has been provoked by this generation to a level unknown since the generation that provoked the Noahic Deluge. This is a generation that calls up "down", male "female", ugly "beautiful", evil "good" and good "evil". For this inversion of nature, an inversion which incidentally is the essence of Satanism, there is a special curse: "Woe unto them that ca
  11. Utter claptrap. Of course they exist, as everyone will possibly find out in the next few years. File this with flat earth nuttery.
  12. This is what happens when you replace the term sexual orientation (which is based on the premise of mutually exclusive polemics, i.e., straight or queer) with the Newspeak term sexual preference. My sexual orientation is heterosexual, whereas my sexual preference is blue eyed blondes / green eyed brunettes with long legs. But the Agenda has blurred the terms to artificially create the concept of sexual fluidity, that everyone is somewhere on a spectrum spanning the gap between outright homosexuality at one extreme and outright heterosexuality at the other. By doing so, the social e
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