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  1. Any chance you could stop spamming the thread with irrelevant claptrap?
  2. Rev 11:14... I know this is hard to believe but the elites are apparently going to be executed en masse when one of the western nations "falls" at the time of the recovery of the Lord's public witness, which is currently being silenced by Marxist wokery worldwide. Melinda might be trying to save her hide long before Nuremberg V.2.0 arrives because if any insider knows what he's up to and the full depth of his depravity, it's her. Also, one other point. For the Kingdom of Christ to emerge on earth, there actually has to be a populace to populate it, so this aggressive and dangerous
  3. Suicide is technically murder, but it's not done out of self-hatred so its motive is escapism, not hatred and it's hatred that's the greater sin. Samson was the Lord's child and yet he committed suicide in an act of valour against the Lord's sworn enemies, albeit he was serving under a special commission from the Lord; by the same token, there is no greater display of love than when a man lays down his life for his friends, so self-sacrifice to save someone else's life is, while technically suicide, not a sin if motivated by "agape", selfless love for one's fellow man.
  4. Utter tripe from start to finish. The Bible is not based on any such thing, but is the inspired Word of God and nobody needs a paedophile priest to tell them what it means.
  5. The Creator has the solution for it. It's called heterosexual marriage and is the only societally, medically and other which way you can come up with, healthy realm to release libidinous impulses.
  6. Preppers / survivalists are strong willed / independently minded people and as such, they don't function well in communes / survival communities. The only way they can do it is to form alliances with other such people in their locale, a kind of "banding" to use an outdated term.
  7. David promotes pantheism which is a false, Satanic view of God and man. Apart from that, he's a genuinely decent man and means well.
  8. The Bible appears to hint that the coming Golden Age of the Christ's Kingdom on earth will commence in a white Anglo nation, which would make us a target for urgent DNA pollution and sterilisation, culling, etc., via RNA-altering vaccination. Interestingly, the 4 leading nations in the race to vax their populations are: Canada, UK, USA and Australia: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-03370-6 Every world war, every empire, every global crisis, every false religion (including atheism) has been about trying to stop the Kingdom from coming, but the tim
  9. It's not random if we consider the Israeli ex top brass guy talking about a "Galactic Federation". Two possible / probable reasons why this is happening now: 1. TPTB are going to pretend we're under threat from ETs (which don't exist, BTW) to somehow crank up / accelerate the control mechanisms further, or, 2. It's a sideways threat to China along the lines of "We have ET on our side, so do you really want to go to war with us any time soon?"
  10. The last thing I want to do is discourage anyone, but we have to deal with reality and the reality is we, the proles, have no power. We can talk a good fight, but what has anyone actually done? Maybe that guy in Nashville (if he wasn't a patsy for the alleged feud between the NSA and CIA), but that's it. The near future is extremely bleak and people have to grasp that fact and the underlying reasons for it; society embraced the Sodomite agenda, fornicates like rabbits and murders its unborn infants. Seriously, how can any peace or good follow that? However, things will
  11. J.R. Nyquist interpets this as a message from the US to a war-hungry China: https://jrnyquist.blog/2020/12/30/the-challenge-of-2021/
  12. Nonsense. They are not remotely terrified of anything we can do. They have all the power and hold all the cards, which is why they are feeling so bold. There is no way out of this without God's intervention.
  13. Okay, well he's up the left about the Antichrist thing, as that's a diversion from old red socks in the Vatican. We're past that now; this is Satan's big push to stop the Kingdom from coming. Daniel 2 and Romans 11 and Revelation 11 are the pertinent scriptures at this time in history. If you can see that the Reformers and Puritans like John Bunyan were right about the Papacy being the office of Antichrist, then consider these dates in history after you read all of Revelation Chapter 11: 754 - A treaty is made promising that the Papacy can become a temporal power
  14. Any chance of a synopsis? The second video is 2 and a half hours long and some people don't have the free time to watch it, plus comments are turned off so we've no idea of what's being discussed.
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