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  1. OK, so I should have clarified. Any number that is divisible by 9 always has a pythagorean sum of 9. This means that if you multiply any math sum 9 number by a whole number, you always get a 9 sum number. So... No cheating. When we look at popular constants like Phi (1.61803399) and Pi (3.14) they all have decimal points. So, the set of CONSTANTs in this problem must not be a whole number/integer. I already found a whole set of them. The Illuminati are also looking for them. I wonder if there's anyone else who figured this out beside me... As a HINT, since the answer must have decimal points, the easiest solutions are the ones below 1 (less than 1).
  2. 1234. The pythagorean sum is 1+2+3+4 = 10 = 1+0 = 1
  3. Obviously, one such CONSTANT is the number 1. BUT, nvm, I found a whole set of them. What are they? They're a secret! Let's see if anyone's figured this out too...
  4. I'm looking for a set of numbers with the following characteristic: Take any number whose pythagorean math sum is 9. Multiply this number by a CONSTANT. The product of the multiplication always has a pythagorean math sum of 9. Does anyone know of such CONSTANT(s)? (I'm pretty sure the Illuminati are looking for these constants too, since we all know they fear the number 9 in my other thread...)
  5. Um, if we're talking about ancient wisdom, nothing can compare to China's civilization where ancient knowledge had been passed down from one ruler to the next for over 5000 years. When China resorts to reporting something like 777 in the news, we can safely assumed it's infused with 5000 years of ancient wisdom... In other words, I'm more worried about some newbie FreeMason reporting 33 or 777 out of context than something like China's national newspaper.
  6. IMO, 33 and 777 are the numbers the elites use to secretly and publicly convey messages to other members of their sect. The Chinese illuminati are trying to say something to those who know exactly what 777 means in their secret illuminati handbook that they use to decipher such messages: https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202108/1231402.shtml 777 million Chinese have been fully vaccinated, more than half of Chinese population 777 million Chinese – more than half of the Chinese population – have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Thursday: Chinese Health Commission
  7. BTW, anyone of u know how digital cams work? The real ones produce images that are very grainy. The pics you see with plasticky looking faces of people have been passed thru a de-noising algorithm. Those white dots in the video means the video capture is real.
  8. We have to ask ourselves, what does China gain being "in on it" with NASA? Nothing! So, I noticed there are lots of artifacts in this video. Look carefully at this video, u see many white pixels appear and disappear randomly like digital noise. Suspect any other objects like blobs also some sort of video artifacts.
  9. It looks green screeny because it's YouTube encoding. The 4K resolution makes up for it... sort of. But I never watch YT videos because of the terrible encoding. You see, when I watch anime, 1080p on YouTube does NOT equal 1080p when I download a pirated video of the same content. YT pic quality is terrible but fast for streaming.
  10. Video of the new China Space Station (CSS) circulating the Earth. Plz don't tell me this is CGI footage. Fully debunks flat Earth theory.
  11. Number 9 can't be a bad number. If it's bad, then... Why do cats have nine lives? Why do ppl say they're on "cloud 9" when they're entranced by something good? Why is Mega-man clone also referred to as "Mighty No. 9"? The Illuminati fears the No. 9. That's Y they skipped Windows 9 and went straight to 10. But Y? What is it about 9 they actually fear?
  12. Microsoft skipped Windows 9 and went straight to Windows 10. The explanation they gave was some software applications might mistake Windows 9 for Windows 9x. Which is a bunch of bollocks. The number 9 does not appear in Chaldean numerology. Is this Y the Zionists fear to use the number 9?
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