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  1. No here's something. Does Rome see the Orthodox church as one of its lost children or as something else? We know that Rome never changes and has always viewed the Protestant church as a lost child and Rome as the mother of all churches but not, I think, as the mother or the Orthodox church. Seems to me that Bergoglio - or whoever succeeds him - is positioning Rome as the leader of the new world religion. Most now cede to his authority on spiritual matters including the Methodists, Lutherans, and our own befuddled Anglicans.
  2. I don't think he knows he's a yes-man. I think he believes he's one of the innovators.
  3. I don't think so. Rome will always be a factor until the events prophesied in Revelation occur. Besides, I'm not sure the elites consider Rome as part of the west. All world leaders and their corporate masters have, at one time or another, paid homage to the Pope.
  4. Maybe so, but Blair, in my opinion, would stop at nothing. He has no scruples and believes he is guided by God (or the Pope at any rate). If full rein were given to Blair's megalomania, nobody would be safe.
  5. Good luck. Most of the mainstream churches are drifting inexorably back to Rome anyway. Sola Scriptura, the watchword of the Reformers, has been consigned to history, more or less, and universalism is the new faith which, of course, incorporates woke and it's adjunct deviant organizations. The Anglican Church has been on the back foot for a long time. The BCP is no longer used, and the KJV is an historical curiosity for most vicars. The poison goes back to the influence of Westcott and Hort and that malignant little shit Tischendorf. Any bible published after 1900 is based on a lie; a total fabrication designed to deny the deity of Christ. Evil men doing evil things.
  6. What makes a shill? It's a rhetorical question because I really have no idea. I have no doubt that this site is monitored and that more than a couple of members are on here just to stir shit. It's common knowledge - admitted I believe - that units like the 77th insinuate themselves onto forums to push an argument one way or another, or to distract entirely from the subject under discussion. It's one reason I've never used social media. Too many nutters, spooks, drama queens, and what have you for my liking.
  7. Tam Dalyell wasn't wrong, but Blair - if the tales be true - wouldn't have taken much influencing by the cabal.
  8. Given the choice between the two of them, I'd pick Schwab. True, he has that nasty little Noah bloke whispering in his ear about hacking us all, but Blair's lust for power goes far beyond that. I'm not minimizing Schwab's influence by any means but Blair has sent troops into war before and has held the power of life and death (hand in hand with Bush) over an entire nation or two. He has unfinished business with the world.
  9. http://stormer5v52vjsw66jmds7ndeecudq444woadhzr2plxlaayexnh6eqd.onion/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/591MEME010123-1.jpg
  10. Another young lad falls. https://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/news/people/tributes-pour-in-for-amazing-20-year-old-amateur-footballer-from-northampton-who-died-suddenly-this-week-4000959
  11. In East Jerusalem, just after Shabbat prayers, seven worshippers were gunned down and killed outside their synagogue. A soft target for any terrorist. It's just one atrocity after another but despite the IDF's ongoing action in Gaza, taking down people at prayer is a pretty vile thing to do. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/jan/27/seven-israelis-killed-leaving-synagogue-in-east-jerusalem
  12. St. Mark's church in St. John's Wood is gone, destroyed by fire. Not an ancient church but one rich in beauty as Cundy's designs usually are. Set in an expensive area of London, I seriously doubt that the church will erect another house of worship on the site and it will fall prey to the ubiquitous developers that gather like sharks at these times. Never one to let a chance to push the agenda go to waste, the Guardian did a small vox pop of the bystanders. Here's what they came up with: “I am transgender and the church here, both the vicar now and before, have been so welcoming of me. Even if I go to another church it won’t be the same.” The journalist must have searched high and low to find that quote, https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2023/jan/27/st-marks-church-st-johns-wood-london-destroyed-by-fire
  13. North African refugee apparently. No doubt it will be put down to mental health rather than a rabid hatred of Christianity. I am no big fan of the Roman Catholic Church but I know there are priests and congregants there who abhor the evil doctrine pushed by Bergolio. He needs to be dragged out of hid oozy little palace and strung up. He is in part responsible for the invasion of formerly-catholic Spain.
  14. The Chekists have a history with the Orthodox Church, that much I know: I assume you're connecting the KGB to chabad in that regard. Zelensky is a poisonous tyrant who the West, for some reason, seems to adore. He's a bloodthirsty killer so I suppose he'd fit their profile of a great statesman on that basis alone. As for Welby and the Anglican Church; it is dead. It is a woke parody of itself. They have no right to claim apostolic succession and more than the demon worshippers in Rome. Now the Americans and the Germans are sending serious hardware - and presumably tank crews to train Zelensky's mercenaries. I think it's crossed the line. The first American battle tank the Russians kill will precipitate all out conflict.
  15. Burning Orthodox churches isn't that great for the environment either. Funny, but I could have sworn that Welby and the Satanic nonce in the Vatican might have had a word to say about that. Must be afraid of being labelled antisemitic.
  16. Once upon a time there was a little food bank that doled out groceries to those in need. Those who couldn't afford a meal, those forced to choose between heating and eating, and those with hungry mouths to feed. Then one day, a Prince and Princess stopped by in their golden carriage because they wanted to know all about the food bank and its works. The newspapers caught wind of the story and sent a photographer and, lo and behold, a story duly appeared, not about the hungry, but about the Princess's super pink outfit and they asked, 'could this be a dig at Meghan?' Getting their priorities right for sure, but the Sun might have pointed out that the Princess's pink outfit probably cost more than a family's food budget for an entire month. Still, it's the thought that counts and I'm so glad they royals are interested in what the poor eat. It wouldn't be a cynical PR job would it? https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/21171370/princess-kate-pink-prince-william/
  17. I used to watch them doing that when I was a kid. Dad's gold top Jersey milk was a firm favourite. He didn't mind sharing a bit of the cream with them.
  18. Not to flog a dead horse here, but a gun is an inanimate object until somebody decides to pull the trigger. But, yes, it certainly reeks of agenda.
  19. Then the payouts will be minimal or none. Very hard to prove that sort or lineage.
  20. Sorry MPs but people have always thought that. Especially those with a seat in the Commons where it's money for old rope.
  21. They should all join Heaven's Gate and get after that fucking spaceship. If they hurry up, they might catch it at the next stop.
  22. And the freak show continues. In the UK, the weirdo on the right of the picture likes to dress up as a little girl in school uniform and lurk around the gates of his local primary school. The local plod say he poses no threat and they have censured parents who have complained about his odd behaviour. Back in the day - at least in my neck of the woods - anyone trying this type of thing would get a very stern telling off, followed by an ambulance ride to casualty. I'm so glad our society is so much more tolerant than we used to be. https://reduxx.info/uk-man-loitering-near-school-while-wearing-a-schoolgirl-uniform-does-not-pose-risk-says-police/
  23. Some German TV company should find the balls to film a series called 'Ritterkreuz.' I'd watch it.
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