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  1. The police will have to pick as side sooner or later. Following orders didn't work for the Nazis in 1945.
  2. Back to Babylon. These slimy fuckers and their Canaanite religion want us all dead. They are the Jews who are not Jews but the synagogue of Satan.
  3. We need to take a lesson from the animal kingdom. A pride of lions, for example, follow the strongest and most able bodied leader who is tough and protects the pride from interlopers. A herd of elephants follow the biggest and baddest bull who is willing to stomp any other male who threatens the herd. We humans follows the sickliest, unhealthiest, weediest twats that come along (Johnson, Biden, Macron, Fauci, who looks like a very sick rat, and Whitty, who looks even worse). Why are we letting these pitiful specimens of humanity lord it over us? What have we become?
  4. The Nuremberg Code, like the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, has about as much worth these days as a chip wrapper. Those documents represent the old world. The Great Reset has done away with them. We live in an anarchic world; an administrative state whose rules are written, not by traditional lawmakers, but by faceless civil servants and by corporations. Ever wondered why corporations started putting out 'mission statements' over the past few years? They now have the force and effect of law. Here's an example from Wall Street, where every college student in the field wants to intern. Tough shit if you're white. https://nationalfile.com/morgan-stanley-bans-straight-white-males-from-applying-for-college-summer-program/
  5. Care homes. That's a laugh. Time was when such places were run by the local council and the care was very good. Ordinary folks who couldn't afford a private home, got the next best thing. The place my gran lived in was really nice with good staff and a very active social calendar. That was in the late 1970s. Now they are run for profit by some of the most dubious dirtbags ever to draw breath. I had to search the old memory bank for the word: geronticide. That's what happened. It was deliberate, cold-blooded murder of our elderly citizens. There will be blood for this.
  6. Whose feast day is today. It's on my Anglican calendar. Why a crypto who founded an order dedicated to countering the Reformation and scrubbing the King James Bible should be celebrated by the Church of England is beyond me. Maybe the CofE wants to crawl back to Rome.
  7. Are we surprised? Apparently, thanks to some slick lobbying and a wee bit of pressure applied to the right necks, 'the Queen... one of the largest landowners in Scotland is the only person in the country not required to facilitate the construction of pipelines to heat buildings using renewable energy. One law for thee, no law for me. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/jul/28/queen-secretly-lobbied-scottish-ministers-climate-law-exemption
  8. Also known as the tyranny of the majority made even worse when allied to the global administrative state.
  9. I hope the Premier League goes broke and all the parasitic owners lose their shirts. It's a globalist business not a sport. Football was once the working man's game and clubs an integral part of their communities. It was a Saturday ritual for lads to go to the game with their dads (I did), it was cheap to get in to see some of the greatest players ever to play the game. Now it's an elitist spectacle and the closest the average bloke gets to his team is through Sky. The game is dead.
  10. What's that address on Sunset Strip again?
  11. Lockdowns, and more lockdowns. More variants. More shots. No freedom. Fucking awful.
  12. That's Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan to us peasants. Actually, he was born Piers Stefan O'Meara but changed it. He's a fucking weirdo, a con-man, a fraud, and a liar. Why people give him house room is baffling.
  13. He fell into the clutches of Marianna Spring, who is an agent of the state. I'm surprised he didn't accuse his mum of the Whitechapel Murders and the Great Train Robbery too. Classic demonization tactics by a (British) Stasi stooge.
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