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  1. I would be ashamed not to know the answers to those basic questions. US Citizenship testing used to be rigorous. If you didn't know the basics and then some, then you wouldn't get a passport. I wasn't even born in the US but I knew the answers to those questions when I was at primary school. We had geography lessons and learned about the USA, its agriculture, its political make-up, and what each State was known best for. So we learned the names by rote, but we had to correspond with American schools and swap information about what life was like there.
  2. I don't know, but most likely. Breaks my heart to see stuff like that. Heads full of cotton wool. It's no wonder the young are so malleable and are pushed from one direction to another without so much as a minute's critical thought.
  3. Apparently Megham Markle rocked up there unannounced, in her role as a 'mother.' Bet they were overjoyed to see her.
  4. What can you say? America, this is your future. Are kids in the UK any wiser or more knowledgeable?
  5. I don't know what he's said about Trump or Xi and Putin. I've listened to his attacks on the Pope and I think his biggest thing is his desire for the restoration of the Roman Church to how it was before 1962.
  6. Football is rigged these days (not that it wasn't in the past). Player misses penalty in 2-2 draw and sets up grand finale for the last day. Favourites for the title go 0-2 down at home and come back to win 3-2. Scripted? Not half.
  7. Undercover right? Looks like they went to Wal-Mart shopping for clothes before attending.
  8. Ex-Tory MP gets 18 months for sexual assault on a 15 tear-old boy. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/may/23/imran-ahmad-khan-sentenced-to-18-months-over-sexual-assault-of-boy-15
  9. He was very funny as the fire marshal in 'In Living Color' back in the day and as Reginald Denny. For those who don't remember, Denny was the man dragged from his truck and beaten during the LA riots.
  10. McDonalds has pulled out of Russia. Could be considered treason as the rates of diabetes and heart disease will plummet there.
  11. Thank you. I learn something on here every day. @wingwang Who are those men? Cops? Gays? Gay Cops?
  12. Not amongst the BDSM 'community' I believe.
  13. Even the currency is going gay. Dunno if this is a spoof or not but the BBC reported it. I have no idea what the coloured chevrons on the bottom of the coin stand for. Any ideas?
  14. Must confuse the cottagers. That time-honoured British tradition favoured by Ted Heath and Tony Blair (sorry, Charles Lynton), if brought to an end, would cause untold suffering.
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