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  1. They do, but like any government agency, their job is to spy, gather data, and pass it on to whoever needs it. I dare say that they could find out the real names and addresses of everyone who posts on here.
  2. Do what you like. I'll do the same.
  3. It is but we know that it is populated also by spooks and influencers from 77 and suchlike. It pays to be circumspect.
  4. It was brutal all right. I never delight in seeing someone gunned down in cold blood but they had done just that to so many of their countrymen over the years. The died the death of a tyrant. I doubt the other names you've mentioned ever give a thought that such might happen to them. I'm sure the Ceausescus thought the same.
  5. You think people are going to be prosecuted for bringing us Covid and destroying the economies and lives of millions? Who's going to bring the charges? Boris? Biden? Sorry, but the ICC is not the place to put these people on trial. The Romanians have a good template so let's use that.
  6. I agree. Keep his stupid face in peoples' minds lest they forget the harm he's done.
  7. It's real all right and all over the MSM. They see it as a wonderful and positive thing. Just another day in clown world.
  8. In the proudest moment in the history of the United States Navy, Rachel/Richard Levine becomes its first 4-star admiral. Never mind Midway, the kamikaze attacks, or the island-hopping campaigns of 1944-1945, this is the defining moment.
  9. You could get chimpanzees to run Parliament. Really. If all you had was the sound and no images, you might be forgiven for thinking you were listening to dinner time in the loony bin.
  10. People like him are above the law. He will remain as long as he has a role to play in the government's agenda. As soon as he ceases to be useful to them, he'll be done. No matter how many times he's caught lying, peddling false date, or fear-mongering, he'll be immune.
  11. Even better, let's buy Chinese drones to spy on our own people and then share the data with Beijing. What a great idea. https://www.axios.com/federal-law-enforcement-china-drone-4b33aca2-b6f5-43d0-8d36-be1d447af1a0.html
  12. The language of the Bolshevik. What the fuck is the "consumer class?" Everyone consumes something, and, by and large, everyone relies on someone else to produce that something. We used to create wealth. We once had manufacturing jobs. Now they are in China. We were told we must become a service economy and we acquiesced. Now we have the gall to complain about poor service, or the lack of service. In other words, shut up kulak, be happy with your lot. Or else.
  13. Don't know if I agree with that. Can an untouchable in India change his caste and mix with Brahmans? Can a working class lad from the East End shake off his working class roots and be accepted into the upper echelons of British society? No. To them, he will always be a oik. He may have money, a degree, a nice house, but he's still 'not our sort of person.' It will always be a class conflict, not a racial one.
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