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  1. His advisers do, and he employs an army of them.
  2. Nonsense. Elvis would never work in a chippy. He'd work in a burger bar.
  3. I don't think Welby has ever read the Bible; at least not the one we know.
  4. At least it didn't come up 'The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing.'
  5. First they take our freedoms away, then they give them back to us with a load of harmful conditions attached. Those freedoms were never theirs to take away in the first place. Fuck these scum. They deserve a rope.
  6. I wondered about this back in 2017 when he surrounded himself with swamp creatures. He appointed Sessions, then Barr, Bolton of all people, and he had Pence hanging round like a bad smell. His sleazy son-in-law was always there too whispering in his ear while working for Israel first. The anti-Trump hysteria that we saw for four years, the Muller fiasco, the impeachment fiasco, the torn-up speech; all theatre. People were even comparing him to Cyrus the Great. Hell, the Israelis even minted a coin with his head on it. Looking back on it all, Trump was controlled.
  7. Probably why Hoover denied there was anything such as 'organized crime' and hamstrung the AG, Bobby Kennedy, at every opportunity.
  8. Set up Martin Luther King too. Even King's widow believes that James Earl Ray was not the assassin. Again, fingers point to Hoover's FBI.
  9. In the USA, people are losing their jobs for refusing the shot. https://nypost.com/2021/02/17/nyc-waitress-says-she-was-fired-for-not-getting-covid-vaccine/ Big chain stores are already refusing service to those without a mask so it's logical to assume that the next step will be to refuse service to the unvaccinated.
  10. The 'refugees welcome' brigade can help you out there.
  11. Is there anything Gates can't turn his hand to? He's fighting Covid single-handed, producing vaccines in record time, and now he's weighing in on the extreme weather and consequent energy problems in the State of Texas. This power-mad creep wants to be the global dictator. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6234101150001#sp=show-clips
  12. Lots of questions about this. Smells like another deep state hoax although Maria Farmer has stated that she met Trump at Epstein's mansion and Epstein was alleged to have told Trump, 'she's not for you.' I have no trouble believing that Trump was hip-deep in Epstein's schemes, none at all. Makes you wonder what happened to Trump in December 2020 when he had the momentum to fight the election results. He stopped and backed off; or at least he did not fight like people expected him to. Anyone who rises to that level does so with unclean hands.
  13. Interesting video about Gates and his shady past: https://ceflixwebusergen-6923f64a.s3.amazonaws.com/processed/2349-160926730210057632680.mp4
  14. I didn't know the Noahide laws were represented by a rainbow. You learn something every day...
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