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  1. Pizzagate. Man, we had a brilliant thread on this back on the old forum. So much good information in there now lost for ever. I really thought at the time that this was the pebble that starts the avalanche.
  2. At the southern border, we are seeing an unprecedented number of single Chinese males of military age. China doesn't permit its citizens to migrate en masse anywhere, unless they're in uniform and invading somewhere. Well, maybe the uniform bit doesn't always apply.
  3. You are quite right. Seppuku is for honourable men. He should be hanged.
  4. So did the Rosenbergs, but they were low down on the food chain. Now they are seen as victims of an anti-semitic government not as traitors. Funny old world isn't it?
  5. It is the Shogun's order that you are to commit seppuku. I will assist.
  6. I was there in 1968 when the only terror we faced was Eusebio.
  7. So do I. To be honest, I don't much care for modern football but Liverpool are the old enemy and I don't want to see them win anything. City are just an oil state vanity project not a football team.
  8. Sellotape would be my choice. You'd have to tie me up in a sack to get me on a Boeing these days.
  9. More news about Boeing, which seems to be staggering from one mess to another. This time the cowling of the starboard engine on a Southwest Boeing 737 ripped off in flight.
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