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  1. Is there a preset plan of the general direction of our lives including major events and death? if you look into the story of Dr Mary Neal, she experienced NDE and changes her life perspective. However, her spirit guide during NdE also told her that her son will die before 18. Surely enough, her son didn’t die before 18 but was killed in a car accident at 19. There seems to be some free will in our lives but I wonder if major components are predetermined? Any one have good resources/videos exploring this subject? what’s your take?
  2. Sometimes I think this could be the case. think of the Age of Aquarius/kali yuga. Perhaps we are just about to enter to new (and better) cycle but chaos and destruction must occur before. We and the next few generations will have to endure this darkness and chaos before things start to get better.
  3. Spot on on their analysis on trump. Trump’s job was to neutralize the conservative. He did a pretty good job at it. One issue about these Christian believing there is a evil new world order plan unlike the good old days where everything is rainbow and sunshine. These organized religion massacred millions in their names, the world was not any better under their rules.
  4. Thanks. I’m very curious as well. the artificial moon theory indicates that someone brought the moon here and caused upheaval on earth. Is humanity always controlled or there was a pre controlled time? what about the archon reincarnation grid? Was our soul always trapped on earth or there was a time it wasn’t like this? Are we still under control of dark entity after death? are those warm and loving feeling reported by ppl who Had NDE real? Are those feeing genuinely good or they’re deception to trick us? the biggest trap of h
  5. If enough ppl take the vaccine and die from it, we can actually have the chance to turn this Great Reset around. For instances, most frontline health workers who voluntarily took the covid vaccines are most likely the same health care workers that deny vaccine injury is real and responsible of hurting millions of children around the world. If they start dying from covid vaccine, it is actually doing humanity big favor: 1)Wake up rest of the people that something is terribly wrong with this vaccine and jump start the investigation of the scandemic 2)Cull
  6. Pumping up anti china propaganda and setting stage with a war have been ongoing for years now. Look into the suspicious connection of sudden death of "vaping" related pneumonia back in 2019, Fort Detrick, Wuhan Military Game 2019. You see a false flag brewing in motion. The Q and Alex Jones psyop are so successful that people are even believe there are hundred of thousand of Chinese troops in Mexico and Canada and ready to invade United States at any moment. Whoever brought you 9/11 is the same crew that's setting this up. When the entire world get destryoed
  7. Brainwashed cult. the sooner you’re out of it, the better.
  8. We are not “good” and they’re not “evil “ in the simplistic way. perhaps we are “good” to our own species but we do breed, slaughter, and eat billions of animals and plants. We don’t blink a eye when we do that because they’re not the same species. same goes for the archon. We are their food sources just like how we eat animals.
  9. Curious to know this as well. I understand the potential side effects such as antibodies dependent enhancement, autoimmune disease, and mistaken spike protein in placenta and cause infertility. however, the mind control 5G in vaccine part still escapes me. What real evidences are out there?
  10. Good point. One key point to remember is that we might not be 100% right. David might not be 100% right. We only believed we are right but that doesn’t mean we actually right. Normies believe they’re 100% right too. I happen to think qanon is full of craps but their believers would think I’m the normie for not believing qanon. At the current climate, it is extremely difficult for normies to know the truth. #1, most don’t have time to research due to work. #2, even if they tried to research, information
  11. We have to shift perspective and strategy. There is no point of trying to “wake up” people that are far deep into the other side. It is a waste of energy. instead, speak to those who are on the fence. They’re open to the possibility of there is something wrong . These people are worth your time to share your information with so they can make up their own mind. No one can be forced to wake up until they’re spiritually ready. Each one of us is on a different path. using David‘s analogy, we are all tuned to different frequency. When someone is at a
  12. There seems to be a lot of finger pointing at China as the problem but This theory doesn’t quite for me for several reasons: 1. if China is what cabal wants, why do most MSM demonize China and run fake stories to demonize China? I following many MSM coverage of China and many of them are exaggerated or even fake to deliberately demonize it. Why do we suddenly believe MSM coverage of China when we know MSM is full of shit? 2. Why is the Military industrial complex itching conflict with China? Why was pivot to asia pacific to contain China started during obama, continued
  13. If you are “awaken”, the world seems hopeless and going in a terrible direction. Elite’s plan is working and nothing seems to be able to stop them. Knowing the cabal has been doing this for thousands of years, it seems unlikely we will win against them in our lifetime. this begs, the question, what’s the benefit of being woke? I recall life was more hopeful and simpler when I didn’t know all these things. Now I know these things but also powerless to change it. We are up against governments, scientistic establishment, military, police, money, big
  14. Her facebook post in 2019 to say she's healthy and non-suicidal. She feared for her life. She wants a Gofundme set up so investigate her death if that ever happens... https://www.facebook.com/563231396/posts/10157693347666397/?d=n Brandy Vaughan best friend speaks out for the first time: https://thelibertyadvisorshow.com/exclusive-video-brandy-vaughans-best-friend-speaks-out-for-the-first-time-since-her-death/ Her GofundMe was at $65000 before it got suspended. Please look at the alternative funding here: https://gogetfunding.com/in-h
  15. Any tips/strategy on how to avoid getting vaccinated when they start to mandate it assuming if you don't need to work/travel?
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