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  1. what is your take on the current AstraZeneca suspension? Is it just some 4D chest by cult or local health agencies who didn’t get bought off by cult is revolting against central agencies like EMA/WHO? my guess is the current “scientific consensus” on vaccine and covid is similar to the “global warming consensus”. Few high ranking scientists in key places are bought off and Willfully participating in the scam. Most other well-intentioned but misguided scientists simply submitting to their superiors and being misled. When there are sufficient evidences to break the narrative, the misled scientists will actually revolt and break from the consensus. That’s my optimistic take...
  2. I had this question too but Mr. Icke made a good point. the cult wants absolute control and fear of losing control. They’re obsess about having control. making a real deadly virus that could actually get out of hand and end up killing the cult will not be acceptable risk to the cult. making a fake virus through PCR manipulation and achieve controlled culling through targeted vaccination program gives a much better controllable outcome in the view of the cult. They can dial up and dial down the severity of virus just by changing PCR testing protocol. culling through vaccination will not create uncontrollable spread of deadly virus that can endanger the cult.
  3. I was watching a classical music concert on YouTube. It just hits me that how evil what the cabal is doing to humanity by locking us up. Humanity Have been freely interacting with others for million of years. We go to concert. We go for foods. now the cabal wants to take that away from humanity. They will not succeed!
  4. Forgive him. He's only capable of thinking in black or white.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I will look into these concepts you recommended
  6. The more I “know”, the more I realize living is so exhausting. . We not only have to deal with the physical reality of survival (find food, don’t get hit by car, stay healthy). On top of that, we have to constantly be aware of the non physical part. I not only have to stay away from doing anything physically bad but have a bad or negative thought, oh boy, you’re gonna to manifest negative outcome or have negative entity attach to you. I have to think about whether there is good Fengshui in my home because you know, all the elites know they exist and use for their own advantage. I don’t want to screw up my life based on some badly position astrological /numerological/fengshui placement. Then I discovered past live and reincarnation concept where we came to earth to learn lesson.l and we have spirit guide watching over us. This was comforting because no matter how much hardship we experience on this earth, at least it is worth it after we die. Then I discovered theories that our afterlife is actually a trick by evil alien/archon to manipulate us to reincarnate so we can be their perpetual energy source. Spirit guides are actually there just to trick you. We can’t even get peace after we die and constantly battling. We’re enslaved and no one out there is actually helping us. Then I started hearing archon not just feed on negative energy, but they feed on positive energy... I’m sure not all these theories are correct. Is anyone out there just tired of this?
  7. I think he didn’t start out compromised but was corrupted later...
  8. AJ is a classic Zio shill. can’t believe you guys are falling for him.
  9. I used to be skeptical of the basis of remote viewing but when view with the framework that thoughts are stored externally on the magnetic field around earth, it makes sense that it can be accessed remotely by those who know how to.
  10. Exactly. believing in our 5 senses only reality is the silliest thing ever. Radiowave and microwave encapsulates huge amount of data we use now. We don’t think it is some magic telepathy because we have understanding of it. there are already scientific evidence of magnetic waves around us are interconnected with our consciousness thus paving the path to scientific proof of telepathy . watch this video power only exists when there is information asymmetry. If we know what elites know, they have no power and money over us. Makes you realize why they always suppress these knowledge which can equalize the knowledge gap which will erode their power.
  11. Just to be clear, there is Alan Watts who is a British philosopher but dead and Alan Watt who is still alive...
  12. This woman miscarried after Moderna but still confident they’re unrelated and continue to encourage other pregnant women to get their vaccine in a Facebook covid vaccine pregnant group that I had infiltrated.
  13. 28 yo healthy female. brain hemorrhage and stroke after Pfizer. brain dead and pulled the plug, ready for organ harvest.
  14. 28 yo healthy. Brain hemorrhage stroke after Pfizer. braindead and pulled the plug.
  15. School closures due to vaccine side effect
  16. Check out www.trickedbythelight.com
  17. Ppl in ICU and intubated immediately after vaccination
  18. 37 yo doctor died post vaccination. Looks like ADE...
  19. Matter of fact, just another 37 yo doctor died post vaccination
  20. Nurse got Bell’s palsy IMG_3761.MP4 IMG_3759.MP4 IMG_3760.MP4
  21. We live in two different realities IMG_3762.MP4
  22. https://www.bitchute.com/video/0mT3EcfN2KPY/ Who controls: Federal Reserve Big Media Big Tech Big Banks Big Pharma Academia Hollywood and etc... Surely, it is not the Chinese... What is one country and group that you cannot criticize and will go to jail if you do? Surely, it is not the Chinese... Use critical thinking people... https://www.bitchute.com/video/0mT3EcfN2KPY/
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