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  1. I think he didn’t start out compromised but was corrupted later...
  2. AJ is a classic Zio shill. can’t believe you guys are falling for him.
  3. I used to be skeptical of the basis of remote viewing but when view with the framework that thoughts are stored externally on the magnetic field around earth, it makes sense that it can be accessed remotely by those who know how to.
  4. Exactly. believing in our 5 senses only reality is the silliest thing ever. Radiowave and microwave encapsulates huge amount of data we use now. We don’t think it is some magic telepathy because we have understanding of it. there are already scientific evidence of magnetic waves around us are interconnected with our consciousness thus paving the path to scientific proof of telepathy . watch this video power only exists when there is information asymmetry. If we know what elites know, they have no power a
  5. Just to be clear, there is Alan Watts who is a British philosopher but dead and Alan Watt who is still alive...
  6. This woman miscarried after Moderna but still confident they’re unrelated and continue to encourage other pregnant women to get their vaccine in a Facebook covid vaccine pregnant group that I had infiltrated.
  7. 28 yo healthy female. brain hemorrhage and stroke after Pfizer. brain dead and pulled the plug, ready for organ harvest.
  8. 28 yo healthy. Brain hemorrhage stroke after Pfizer. braindead and pulled the plug.
  9. School closures due to vaccine side effect
  10. Check out www.trickedbythelight.com
  11. Ppl in ICU and intubated immediately after vaccination
  12. 37 yo doctor died post vaccination. Looks like ADE...
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