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  1. Beware, CGTN are known for propaganda in China. Interesting non the less ...
  2. Deny it. Your life is worth more than your job. This is so infuriating. Could anybody explain why it's a requirement to have a flu jab, when the flu isn't a pandemic or related to COVID?
  3. I haven't seen this talk. I shall watch. But you're right about one thing ... people should always question what they're told by whomever they're told. Obtain facts. Scrutinize the details. If you don't understand something, go to people who do and ask them to explain it. We live in an age where people want the details yesterday. They expect information on demand. Genuine research takes an awfully long time and some degree of literacy. Most will take the headlines, trust the source, and go about their daily business. It's this trap of being stuck in the cycle of "daily business" that stops people having the time to sit down and think/read/write. And I think that's the point ... the more distracted people are the less likely they want to entertain anything outside of what they're told.
  4. My son hasn't been back. He's early teens. But, it's so hard to home school. He doesn't want to do any writing type work. The only advantage is he spends most of his time programming games. He's got an intense focus on programming. This is a valuable skill in the digital world that he's good at. I don't know if it's worth sending him back or not. I've given him ample video courses on writing, science and mathematics. I'm able to help him in various areas. I'm not sure whether or not to send him back. The things they teach in schools today is peculiar to say the least.
  5. Neat! Would be good to have a list of all the Rothschild's and cronies patents. Roths. seem to have their fingers in advertising. They're patenting methods so that if anybody wants to use them they get paid. They'd no doubt got developers who work on this stuff, then they sell licenses to the software which is sold the big companies. That's just a complete guess from looking at their patents. They're greedy ... we know that much.
  6. Thanks folks, that's solid advice. Agreed Michael. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. The Government and media have continued to fool everybody, and even when people know this they will still blindly follow the narrative. We're lied to so much. It often feels like the Truman Show. What if what we're shown about the outside world via the media isn't true at all? Like the New York lie spread in movies. They make it look beautiful and amazing, but when you get there it stinks of garbage, there's a**holes everywhere, and unless you plan to spend money it's a typical crappy city.
  7. Thank you Mr. Pope, but you're old and vulnerable. You go first. We insist.
  8. I've taken a look, my translator sucks. I have a question about this data. There's a patent before this one that was filed in 2015: https://nl.espacenet.com/searchResults?PL=true&ND=5&DB=&query=PR%3DUS201562240783P Is the new patent an extension of the old to include COVID in their "System and Method For Using, Processing, and Displaying Biometric Data"? If so, it's not as bad as we think but it's still sinister that they want to patent a method for dealing with COVID. Still digging on this.
  9. Great find! I'd use a URL archiver on those URL's in case they get removed.
  10. I'm terrified, lol. Not because I fear I will die, but because I have no idea where this is going and how it's going to effect my circle long term. What's going on now is enough to make anybody mentally unstable. I feel like a lamb, waiting in line, ready for slaughter. I own a software development business and it has gone downhill since this COVID crap came about. I'm financially in a mess. Pre-COVID I was financially good. I'm angry because this is all a lie and normal folk like myself are being hit hard.
  11. I can put money on it that these vaccines involve synthetic RNA. That's why the Blackpool trial was shrouded in secrecy. I'm not sure if they've published anything since, but when they reported they were starting a new phase of the trial I was shocked I couldn't find the name of the drug, the results of previous trial, or any information for that matter on the drug used in the Blackpool trial. The dead giveaway on this trial was in the media reports that stated "You will not get coronavirus from this drug". That can only mean one thing ... RNA vaccine. There has never been an RNA vaccine approved for human use because of the dangers, risks, and ethical reasons about messing with DNA.
  12. This part is scary. The Government can call on manufacturers to supply large amounts of unlicensed COVID vaccines, that they would roll out nationally, and the makers of the vaccine have a "get out of trouble" free card. If anything goes belly up there's nobody to blame. This reads like a legal document for enrolling humans as guinieypigs.
  13. The irony is the guy with the mask took his off to argue
  14. I've never wore a mask. They irritate me and make me feel like I'm struggling to breath. I've never wore one or had any problems. I'll move out the way of people who are wearing a mask purely out of respect for their paranoia. I was in the pharmacy yesterday waiting for a script my doctor sent over. Nobody was bothered by it. I was half expecting them to kick me out but I think the lady at the pharmacy fancies me. She always stares and smiles at me
  15. Hey all, See the image I posted. 3 days ago I screenshotted the Google COVID graph (just type coronavirus into Google). I did this because I was trolling my brother on telegram with the number spike. If you open the image I've attached this is the image on the left. Today, I googled "coronavirus" and noticed a stark difference that seems to point in the direction that the data is being manipulated (image on the right). Thankfully I had the first image backed up on Telegram, so I was able to put todays numbers (on the right) with numbers from 3 days ago. Note the additional numbers added to around 18th April. I posted this on Reddit and it got removed with the comment "The data compressed in the first image". This is wrong, the numbers are clearly different. There are also other odd spikes in the graph if you look. I can't get this to stick anywhere on Reddit with communities instantly deleting it. Also notice the spike around 17th of August. As of today Google isn't showing anything for the UK from the 2nd of October onwards. I speculate the numbers are being distributed across the entire graph to hide the spike?
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