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  1. What form would world war 3 take? Would they use nuclear weapons or just traditional warfare? There seem to have been items lurking in the news for years about military agressions from Russia or China, and I take them as seriously as bird flu (ie not seriously). What is the purpose of world war 3 for the NWO? For that matter, I never understand what the purpose of world war 1 was.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11890303/NATOs-warning-Putin-B-52-bombers-flanked-NATO-allies-skies-Europe.html With Pluto about to move into Aquarius, opposite where Pluto was at the beginning of Leo in 1939, is this another world war or just more media noise? This is the current top story, even pushing down trivia about the royals and partygate.
  3. Beyond a certain point it must be difficult for the mega-rich to protect their money against bank failures, stock market drops and inflation.
  4. Wouldn't it be nice if only woke mega-rich celebrities lost their money in these banks, and ordinary people were spared, and we get helpful disinflation/deflation where ordinary people's money is worth something at the expense of celebrities who were never worth anything in the first place.
  5. It is starting to look as though all these things are purely designed to make us feel fear. David Icke has been right all along. Everything from this to when there was cattle food and mouth around year 2000 and they were hauling upside down cows away, even though that disease didn't actually kill cattle and they would have recovered from it. Strange how all these scares pop up and then disappear again quickly.
  6. I noticed this story just now, and hadn't seen it earlier today. Big story, strange how it isn't top story in the main newspapers.
  7. @Truthblast. I am not sure where or when that Aquarius song comes from but my instincts say it is just more nonsense from the powers that be. Aquarius does have a good side, but no sign is all good, or all bad. The Crowley Thoth tarot deck links Capricorn with "The Devil" card, and Greta Thunberg and Justin Trudeau are Capricorns. I am sure there are nice Capricorns who aren't woke. Pluto going through any sign could bring out the worst in that sign. It is more the pattern of what happens when Pluto enters one of the fixed signs, forming squares and oppositions to a point in history, re-visiting things.
  8. I just googled the exact date, and Pluto entered Leo in June 1939. So it squared that point in 1985 at the time of live aid, and now at the end of March 2023 it enters Aquarius, squaring where it was in 1985 and opposing where it was in 1939 when the second world war broke out. For any total non-astrologers, Pluto is the god of the underworld, an outer, slow-moving, extremely powerful, long term and altering force.
  9. At the last live aid in 1985, Pluto had just moved into Scorpio, and right now Pluto is about to move into Aquarius, for the first time on 24th March 2023, forming a square aspect to where it was then. I don't have any faith that Aquarius is a good sign, though it is my Sun sign, but I think "woke" was Pluto in Capricorn. Many of its proponents were Sun in Capricorn. Just possibly Pluto in Aquarius could bring a reversal to the damage done when Pluto went through Scorpio and since, as it is more associated with angelic forces, what David Icke calls the helpful otherworld beings. This transit of Pluto will affect me personally, so I feel a mixture of fear and curiosity. I am not good enough at astrology to know exactly what it will do. From my limited knowledge of astrology, looking at celebrity charts I would describe a lot of them as empty shells, they are nothing special, their charts don't really do anything. I can usually spot a "psychopath" chart, but a lot of these celebrities aren't even that.
  10. Weirdly, Youtube seem to have removed the live version of "Lives in the Balance" that was re-made for Nelson Mandela, with a South African backing band. Or at least I can't find it. It was very good, extremely well made and powerful. Sometimes I wonder why the powers that be seem to tolerate subversive music and speech and other times they clamp down on it.
  11. Being reminded of the first live aid makes me feel ill. Remember that the money ended up in the wrong hands. Just as I made my post a few minutes ago you just made your post with the same thoughts. I sometimes despair that even musicians whose music I like and aren't big live aid names are somehow connected to this nonsense. Though it was strange how a musician as talented as Ian McCulloch got trampled on by the music industry for insulting Bono. In the Daily Mail article linked to by the OP, there is a photograph of David Bowie at Live Aid 1985, and sadly I like his music (I prefer Ian McCulloch's cover versions of Bowie songs).
  12. I don't feel that *any* celebrities are innocent of being sold out, but it is strange how silent Jackson Browne has gone on woke issues and I think he is on record saying he ignores it. His iconic song "Lives in the Balance" he re-made for Nelson Mandela decades ago, and as a piece of music it was beautifully done especially with the talented South African musicians. I am not holding my breath though that he won't join in this nonsense, but he is in his late 70's and never has before. I don't blame him for simply wanting to make no comment. The words in the song "Lives in the Balance" I interpret as meaning those making money out of wars. There shouldn't be a war in the Ukraine, Zelensky should make peace with Russia, this is a manufactured war and money is for weapons.
  13. Where did you find Nicola Bulley's date of birth? There was a conjunction of Mercury, Pluto, and the Moon's Mean North Node in 14 degrees Libra that day. Depending on her time of birth her Libran Moon could also be conjunct these. One possible interpretation of Mercury, Pluto and the Moon's North Node (I always use the Mean Node, not the "True" Node) is that she was in communication with some unsavoury people. The Moon's Node is the people you mix with, Mercury is communications and Pluto is underworldy. Was she chatting to some guy on social media and arranging to meet him? Some guy with bad intentions? I still think she was murdered.
  14. https://news.lancashire.gov.uk/news/inquest-into-death-of-nicola-bulley-opened It seems the inquest won't happen until 26th June. As people here are saying, it will probably be inconclusive and after all that time the public won't be so desperate for answers.
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