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  1. they're fucking vampires how many wild and sinister 'studies' are the mainstream going to propagate before humans say "what the fuck did they just say ?" this esther choo is another for the watchlist.
  2. f'n hell, an image search shows eerily similar to tony blair. they're making conspiracy theories a bit easy.
  3. no matter your opinion on trump i find this funny and to the bone (+ the CNN muzzled gimp)
  4. Anne Rimoin being flouted on CNN is another plandemic fascist.
  5. the things that are known as reptilians exist. they're more than likely demon shapeshifters. was watching an episode of malcolm in the middle a bit back and saw dewey reading a comic clearly displayed as "REPTILE REVENGE". did research and the comic doesn't exist. but serpents do ... oh and there's a 6 visible there
  6. chill dude though not the thread for this discussion do you not see that hollywood and all of media (movies, TV, news etc) have become dechristianised ? instead of confronting demons spiritually they use their fists and a lot of celebs promote anti-biblical meditation. why.
  7. predatory gang stalking in action ? an upload from my youtube account: this footage is from thursday 23rd march 2016 taken from my bike camera as i was cycling my way up the road to home. as i would be wary of being under vehicular surveillance and harassment i was very aware of the car to my left which was about to drive on down a one-way road but i seen it just stop suddenly 'coincidently' as i passed it, so i decided to stop and record this odd behaviour. the car reversed out to the main road and drove up a few yards to park, it then slowed, then again went up a
  8. open to all my friend. i'm going to mention how sick it is. before i got proper CCTV there were children playing and doing theatre ('theatre' is a gang stalking term) outside my house a lot a good few years ago. this was before i knew i was targeted. they would jump around outside our front gate just when my parents weren't home (during summer my mum and dad would go to a caravan in donegal). they would use one of them eraser boards that children use writing god knows what. i would look out thinking WTF. so i got a shitty CCTV device recording from inside the living room
  9. no. all that paths lead to God is deceitful and a road to ruin.
  10. don't know why but perps weren't counting on me having CCTV with audio recorded lol. i have soooo much revving perps documented. but guess what ? their cars all broke so they were unable to continue . divine intervention. imo.
  11. you're totally negating the fact that a lot of TIs have recorded evidence of these loud noises (noise harassment) -- which i think is meant to not only sensitize a target to a noise so he/she reacts negatively but also to infiltrate the area they live by making it inhospitable so satanic freaks can pervade.
  12. MOTHERFUCKERS. from their site the gates foundation are contributors
  13. true, their tactics are such. but it doesn't stop them giving away their tactics, such again as on the programme 'road wars'. this is what they do and pretending it doesn't happen gives them a green light to more infiltrate instead of being exposed: what's the saying, it's better to shout fire than help to get more attention. so many people are shouting help instead of fire, including TIs. i shout FIRE.
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