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  1. and what do these 'faces' symbolise/represent ? something not of the light anyway. reeks of darkness
  2. The ADL have Gab in their crosshairs. been getting the emails from Gab about it and glad to hear that they are not backing down.
  3. my parents. i live with them and can see a real decline in their health and even in their dialogue with each other. It's as if they had a lobotomy/dumbed down, and it's not old age as will be the excuse. i notice it on a day-to-day basis. they ache and sigh and groan all through the day now. and my mum goes in for an operation next week.
  4. i remember his once funny character in the peep show who then went all woke/agenda-driven sodom and gomorrah and turned bisexual out of nowhere. what a twisted storyline for the programme.
  5. Pfizer Senior Director of Worldwide Research Vanessa Gelman RUNS from Veritas' Questions
  6. another recording i took of someone clearly morphing/shapeshifting on BBC's strictly come dancing. her name is Judi Love (another fake name for a fake human) whose wiki says has a masters degree from Tavistock !! Satan's serpent seed.
  7. it's spiritual warfare. they want you to sin and that gives them 'permission' and access to further attack you.
  8. more triple-digit vehicle besiegement that i haven't documented before
  9. this dude's analysis of a car ad compliments these 'alien' organisms i think though
  11. two recordings i took from BBC's coverage of the tory party coverage of two of satan's vampire tares
  12. this smorgasbord just came flashing up on the screen during an ad for the new ted danson series 'mr mayor' on sky
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