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  1. I've only come across this youtube channel a few nights ago and have been watching it for many hours, it seems to be on 24/7, and is mostly about flat earth. I must say it is making me think A LOT ...
  2. Latest update: It turned out to be fluid build up, they say was probably caused by too much of a certain medication they were giving her so they cut the dosage of it in half. scum. But a fortnight ago they said the cancer had spread a bit to her liver. Then last week she woke up with a broken ankle, so was rushed into hospital to the cancer ward where she still is, doped up to her eyeballs. She had to have a blood transfusion, is low on calcium and has pain everywhere, and is getting worse. They (NHS - National Hardold Shipman) are using her it seems as guinea pig and pharmakeia-ing her. They still were/are making a lot of mistakes and apologising for them when she was in the house getting care by the National Harold Shipman 'carers' (witches). My mum was confused and upset by the way they are treating her in the hospital. They would just turn up and give her injections, medication and take blood and say nothing to her. There is no communication. She said to us it all seems 'odd', I have different terms for it. Even when my dad phones up to check on her they would put him on hold for ages, send him on a merry-go-round, say they'll ring him back and don't or they'd just hang up. Then when they did ring back it was a person who could hardly speak a word of English. My dad is too polite to make anything of it. But not me. I've already looked into the possibility of making a complaint. This is beyond mistakes, and incompetence. It is negligence, malpractice and wicked. I can't say I was too surprised when I did a bit of research into National Harold Shipman negligence. It is horrific. By any standard definition they are a murderous and criminal organisation. I have no doubt the jab contributed to my mum's illness. I'm looking for the right to time to discuss this with my dad and I will be shouting from the rooftops. This isn't about compensation payout. Don't want a penny. This is to expose their wickedness so they don't have more victims. I was down a friends' mother's house earlier and told them about the situation, and she relayed to me a horror story about the National Harold Shipman. And a certain Dr. Black who was the face of the covid plandemic here in Northern Ireland (and the piece of shit who said "don't hug your granny, please don't hug your granny"). My friends mother's husband died a few years ago. Dr Tom Black diagnosed him as having indigestion, when in reality he had a heart attack. He kept visiting the house where he was ill and still insisted it was indigestion, so the family believed him, but he kept getting sicker and sicker, and lost weight down to 5 stone when they decided to take him into hospital where they did a check and said that he had a massive heart attack, and it wasn't recent. He ended up dying after having another heart attack soon after. He would have still been alive today had that bastard 'Dr' Tom Black did his job properly. These filth are engaging in human and blood sacrifices and pharmakeia. Make no mistake about it and I'm going after them.
  3. What 'club' are you on about ? Stop making up obstructions and excuses. There isn't any secret handshake, no fee to be paid or signature required ... your salvation is FREE ... have you even asked Him or seeked for it ? He wants you to sitting with Him in eternity higher above angels, forgiving you of all your sins, crimes and wrongdoings. That's love. That seems to be one of Humanity's problems that we have accumulated so many sins and wrongdoings that we don't want to acknowledge them, but that doesn't matter to Him.
  4. It ain't me who'll be coming at you my man. Your so-called moral and intellectual superiority won't be able to comprehend the trials and tests to come, then hopefully you'll humble yourself.
  5. You're in for one rude awakening. All atheists are.
  6. Bill Gates' farmland acquisitions are making a lot of sense right now Dodgy bastard. But of course these things (food shortages) have to come to pass as prophesised in the Bible in Luke 21:11 and Matthew 24:7. What we're seeing is the worldly illusion and reasoning for these things. They're conditioning us for their narrative of these constant chaoses occurring and to accept their solution. They're never going to tell you the truth about what is happening, which is the end times.
  7. “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." Can't wait
  8. No doubt he is a mossad satanist but I see him being pushed as the poster boy for a worldly smokescreen. Shit's going to go utter mental, spiritually.
  9. I think this/he is too psycho and too obvious. He's a prop of satan to distract from his dominion.
  10. He is Risen .... He's Alive - Laura Hackett & Cory Asbury w/Lyrics
  11. Came across this new business yesterday in town Couldn't find anything about it. The name obviously alludes to illuminati, which is what I first thought it was called, but upon a bit of research I believe it says Acuminati. It being a barber 'society', acuminate means to taper to a sharp point. But I think it's clear about the objective to its existence. The conditioning, what it is precipitating, what sort of atmosphere and mood they are feeding into and creating and the influence behind it. Shit is getting very dark very quick around here. Nothing innocuous or coincidental about this.
  12. I had this mad shit happen to me every day for years. When I started to get a recording device/bike camera it kind of receded, but I still caught similar many times. The description mentions the Squirrel Busters of Scientology. Also should mention their Fair Game policy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_Game_(Scientology) There are shills who think that people are paranoid or delusional when the above methods happen. But it has been documented in other programmes such as COINTELPRO or Zersetzung, but these are different to what's known as gang stalking though. Gang stalking is demonic/spiritual harassment. A lot of the perps are soulless.
  13. All this AI and transhumanism is basically for empty vessels and organic portals for demons and fallen angels.
  14. I said similar the other day. Darian has now become the Follow The Science guy (kindred to Don Lemon).
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