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  1. it flushed its dog down the toilet because it sneezed.
  2. i'm recalling about 3 years ago something/a demon hit me on the head as i was trying to sleep. i just got up and started throwing punches in the air lol. and now this one is prob one of the most important recollections; in my pre-teens i remember me and my brother and two [ex] friends (the henrys) who live in the house behind me going into their garage and them involving us in some sort of spell or ritual with a bible and a key. i freaked the fuck out and got out of there pretending that i was hungry and wanted to eat but when i got outside all i heard were crashing or rising waves
  3. true man but where else 'reliable' can i buy those items of intrigue and vigilance that they sell ? i did ebay and have been royally fucked over.
  4. Jesus Christ, deny your maker He who tries, will be wasted Feed my eyes, now you've sewn them shut Man In The Box - Alice In Chains Lyrics
  5. i must say my amazon uk experiences has been pretty good. excellent even. of course your buying history and all is profiled but i think they're essential. i've never had amazon prime but still had two day deliveries over the years and even a couple sunday deliveries during the plandemic. but i dumped one of my most recent marketplace purchases, non-flouride toothpaste, because the boxes of the toothpaste were all open (three of them) and even though the silver tab thing was sealed on the tubes the tubes themself were weirdly shaped.
  6. why does my post come up on 'all activity' as
  7. But these systems are not just used to track down criminals. In fact, they can be used to investigate literally anyone. On another occasion, Arthur Holland Michel got the opportunity to test out the “fusion system” that Microsoft had built for New York City… The NYPD official showed me how he could pull up any city resident’s rap sheet, lists of their known associates, cases in which they were named as a victim of a crime or as a witness, and, if they had a car, a heatmap of where they tended to drive and a full histor
  8. i caught and recorded the end of it and holy moly they said: muse concert live bbc there is no virus muse - simulation theory 2 VID_20210220_194039_1.mp4
  9. Given To Fly


    with people probably panic buying food i'd take caution and care on what to buy. i just received this pot noodle: pot noodle VID_20210228_112708.mp4
  10. tried that but it still says i don't have permission. i'm logged in and seems i can do everything except post, like or tweet. aye, i created this one when the other got shadowbanned (again for no reason -- didn't have any warning or email to tell me that i may have crossed the line on anything) i'm on my laptop and kept hitting the 'end' button to go to the most bottom of my tweets to try and save the browser page but it's non compliant. it used to save cos i did i used to back everything up a couple of years ago but the browsers now don't se
  11. PRIMAL SCREAM - Shoot Speed Kill Light (Live)
  12. primal scream -- suicide bomb
  13. the other night on CNN they brought on a thingy "scientist" called william haseltine to push their 1984 orwellianism agenda and what he wore was very creepy, and stalin-esque
  14. i believe it's going going gone :((( i'm logged in and unable to post or ask to archive. it comes up on screen "your account is suspended and is not permitted to perform this action" i tried to log-in in another browser and: i'm scared to log out on my current browser. anyone know how to save all my posts ?
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