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  1. Given that I posted about it a couple of months ago and now more than likely it lives a few houses down from me, that is downright suspicious.
  2. Just the usual 4567 variation plate today again while I was in the front passenger seat of our car
  3. EW, you can't be that naive when it comes to symbols, if they wanted to do pram wheels they would have done a circle with spokes. This is hidden in plain site. Pretending to be credible and trustworthy, when they're anything but. And now this van is parked on our street. It (the owner) might even live here now !! It is parked outside a house 4 or 5 houses down (!!) that was recently put up for sale and completely gutted and renovated !! As I say, the surround me. There are no coincidences. I'll upload this 'same time entry' video sometime soon as it is a bit of gang stalking 101.
  4. Has anyone got a list of articles that the bullshitters recently published about scapegoats for heart issues and blood clots (like they did with the fella who had a heart attack induced by excitement while watching Avatar 2) ?
  5. Well, well, well ... If this doesn't convince you of my gang stalking then I don't know what will ... A couple months ago I posted about this pram van with the swirly spiral 6-like logo on the back: In what is know as 'same time entry'. as I was walking into my house the pram van just happened to drive in my street and past my house as I was walking in the front door I'm onto them and they know it. We are surrounded by Freemason Luciferians involved in heinous abuses and trafficking.
  6. Your experiences are similar to those who have poor hygiene. Maybe if you stopped smearing shit over yourself, your body won't break out in rashes and feel like it's being stewed.
  7. AGAIN, I be surrounded by variation licence plates (vehicular gang stalking). As I was in the passenger seat of our car, a 5678 was right in front of us A few days before a 3456 was to the right of us, again I was in the passenger seat of our car
  8. Porn never interested me. But interestingly, I see on the pornography wiki page they claim that the earliest usage of the word (Greek in origin) was probably from a 300AD Greek work, but the Greek translation of Jude (written probably between 50-100 AD) in the New Testament uses the word 'ekporneuó' in Jude 1:7 when speaking of Sodom and Gomorrah and translated meaning: whoring, fornication, gross immorality. https://biblehub.com/greek/1608.htm https://www.biblestudytools.com/lexicons/greek/nas/ekporneuo.html IT IS SPIRITUAL DARKNESS. CEASE.
  9. We recently received a letter asking us to be a part of a dodgy neighbourhood networking group through some online site called 'nextdoor'. I looked it up and went through a few of their links (Goldman Sachs is an investor), and on the investor page this is the banner heading (notice the odd one out [critter]) : I've seen numerous of this type of propaganda even where I live, in Argos and outside Sainsbury's for example too. Where it's mostly non-whites in advertising. And they are flooding Ireland with refugees. But I can say with my hand on my heart that this is not the end game. This sort of shit IS going to happen whether people like it or not. They will continue to manufacture wars and crises to create this scenario time and time again, and of course the new one 'climate refugees'. What they are deliberately doing is causing division and looking to provoke and instigate civil and racial strife and conflict. Distracting away from the primary and ultimate battle, which is spiritual. I know its hard to see this sort destruction of occur, but I 100% know that Biblical scripture has to play out, and we are going to be facing all sorts of deception, divide and conquer like never seen before.
  10. Just more obvious vehicular variation plate (5678) gang stalking today as I was in the car:
  11. I'll say no more, except birds of a feather flock together https://www.derrynow.com/news/derry-news/937363/breaking-special-needs-school-principal-that-faced-trial-on-series-of-rape-charges-has-been-found-not-guilty.html
  12. This video explains a lot of what gang stalking is and, mostly imo, what people think electronic and DEW attacks are - WITCHCRAFT. WITCHCRAFT & AMERICA
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