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  1. This scene from the Denzel Washington move 'Fallen' is what 'gang stalking' is. Whoever wrote this film knew the truth. Just like Rowdy Roddy Piper's 'They Live'
  2. I've over a decade of bike cam footage and this has never happened before on this level until 3 or 4 years ago, and mostly since the plandemic. IT IS A SATANIC REPLACEMENT.
  3. Now Deca Fauci is bringing his new age witchcraft numerology in to play. Just like with the excess hospitalisations and deaths with the vaccines, it's everything else apart from the truth, eh. You're so obvious and blatant now.
  4. This was on New Year's Eve, where another 2345 variation car plate just happened to drive past me as I was cycling to the shop. You'd think by now it would have hit home that this is not normal. So I'll say to those who want to know the real truth, IGNORE DECA.
  5. I've said before, it's spiritual. It's just like the Holy Spirit gives me a heads-up, then all of a sudden they're everywhere. And it's my duty to give others a head-up ... They are everywhere. The tares (the parable of the wheat and the tares in Matthew 13:24-30), the serpent's seed (Genesis 3:14), the demons that Jesus cast out, what the Freemason luciferians and satanic occult secret societies conjure up to oppress people and who others willingly sell their soul for to be vessels for these entities, and those who are living in sin who unwillingly have dark sprits enter in and out of them to cough, spit, mumble, and wave their hands about as they pass you. That's what perps like Deca Fauci want you to be in the dark about and instead be blaming Cuban satellites. God lifts his hand of protection when chastising. Just like in the Book of Job. It is spiritual warfare and biblical.
  6. And in the same area a vehicle with a MI4 plate (!) happened to turn out just as me and my dad were turning into where I live (known as 'same time entry')
  7. When it comes to your front door step, then you know that you're on to something (just like the pram van) and they want to surround you and give of the impression that they can intimidate and that there's no way out. This 2345 variation plate was parked in the street in front of where I live
  8. This was back in 2020 where 777 plates were abound. Remember, there are no coincidences. I also was watching a YT video and they mentioned the use of greater and lesser magic, and that lesser magic is used in gang stalking. Makes sense.
  9. Deca is a well known troll in the TI community. He infiltrates forums to discredit the truth and disempower victims. He is a CIA plant who has had the same script for over 10 years. It hasn't changed one bit. He is a disturbed individual and gets annoyed when people wake up from the matrix he wants you to be continually enslaved in. He/CIA/cabal wants everyone to think that what we are being subjected to and experiencing isn't spiritual, so then that it can't be fought spiritually, so you remain enslaved and defeated, and that only listening to him/CIA can you find relief and truth. This is a spiritual battle perpetrated by Freemason Luciferians, which more than likely come to think of it, maybe Deca is one also. In all my research ALL of those who have found the truth have come to the same conclusion, and they way out is Jesus Christ, and you gain eyes to see and discernment, something that Deca can't as it's a prop of satan and wants everyone else to have their souls enslaved and damned. Tough, Deca Fauci, so many have woken up to your lies and deceit that we are fighting the minions of satan, which will see you in everlasting fire. Hehe
  10. You have horrible hygiene which is why you suffer what you claim to be 'electronic attacks.
  11. You've a brass neck. You're the one who has trolled and destroyed this thread with tour CIA script that you've been pushing for over 10 years. The same spook shit day after day. You're the one not welcome and should be blocked/ignored. The others are more than welcome.
  12. Given that I posted about it a couple of months ago and now more than likely it lives a few houses down from me, that is downright suspicious.
  13. Just the usual 4567 variation plate today again while I was in the front passenger seat of our car
  14. EW, you can't be that naive when it comes to symbols, if they wanted to do pram wheels they would have done a circle with spokes. This is hidden in plain site. Pretending to be credible and trustworthy, when they're anything but. And now this van is parked on our street. It (the owner) might even live here now !! It is parked outside a house 4 or 5 houses down (!!) that was recently put up for sale and completely gutted and renovated !! As I say, the surround me. There are no coincidences. I'll upload this 'same time entry' video sometime soon as it is a bit of gang stalking 101.
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