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  1. mental-gymnastic turds part 2 https://slate.com/technology/2021/07/covid-delta-variant-risk-vaccinated-breakthrough-cases.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-en-GB
  2. mental-gymnastic turds ... Most COVID deaths in England now are in the vaccinated – here’s why that shouldn’t alarm you .... The fact that more vaccinated people are dying than unvaccinated people does nothing to undermine vaccine safety or effectiveness. In fact, it’s exactly what we’d expect from the excellent vaccines, which have already saved tens of thousands of lives. https://theconversation.com/most-covid-deaths-in-england-now-are-in-the-vaccinated-heres-why-that-shouldnt-alarm-you-163671?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-en-GB
  3. CNN wankers are also pushing the vaccine-resistant variant bullshit non-stop fucking lies and fear porn to condition and induce total enslavement, obedience and compliance to the beast system. and it's fucking shocking how many people are and are going to fall hook, line and sinker for this orwellian shit.
  4. Jesus is the only person that the occult and New Age try to reinvent or deny. you never hear them saying that we could all be Noah's or Moses's or Paul the apostles, or Mohammad's etc with their techniques.
  5. woke as fuck: Why the age of casual hugging could be over https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jul/01/hugs-covid-coronavirus-the-return includes such gems as 'Accepting hug-hesitance' and 'Navigating the brave new world (of hugs)'.
  6. ^^ they're everywhere. i find it hard now to distinguish between gangstalkers/crisis actors and the vaxxed. when i'm out and about all you hear when you pass people is how they can't wait to get the vaccine or how they've suffered or know someone who has. satan's minions. the Mark of the Beast is heading their way. all we can do is try to save as many people as possible.
  7. i recently purchased Andrew Wommack's Bible study book on Romans and he claims that when Man fell, all creatures fell into sin, including animals. in Romans 8:18-25 his footnotes say that after in Genesis there were no carnivorous beasts, all animals were given green herbs of the field for food and after man's rebellion parts of the animal creation began to devour one and other which we see today. "God subjected the animal creation to the same vanity that man had come into, in the hope of redeeming them also". he says that apparently humans and animals were supposed to have lived in harmony with each other before man's fall, including snakes and lions etc. I don't know but I've never thought about this before.
  8. the whole gender identity agenda thing is a full frontal assault. They don't want you to distinguish between genders. for example just now on Sky Sports news the moving news graphic comes up saying: 'Hearts announce appointment of Eva Olid as new manager ahead of 2021/22 season' it doesn't tell you that it's Hearts women's team. same as when you hit the red button/text on sky remote on BBC and on the football section it says some shit like "Arsenal sign world-cup winner" and you click on it it's Arsenal women who bought the player. for me i can see clearly it's all in opposition to God's Word and to condition for what's to come ...
  9. Chris Liberator & Guy McAffer ‎– RAW 019 Ripe Analogue Waveforms 19 - Guy McAffer & Chris Liberator - A-Side
  10. and for the thread, where to escape to, i don't think even if you go off grid you'll be safe in the end. it's spiritual warfare. put on the armour of God. Get a Bible, save as many souls as you can. and CCTV for where you live, an EMF meter and drink water from a fresh source (not from a tap). Pray for guidance and Discernment through Jesus.
  11. i think KM is deceitful but oz's other stuff is credible enough and he gives personal experience to demonstrate.
  12. Stone Temple Pilots - Still Remains
  13. is this true ? i know he pushed the mollison thing a bit far but that is no reason for restriction, or was there something else ?
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