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  1. I appreciate your thread and information. Don't let the negative comments take you off your stride. There's a lot of trolls out there whose sole purpose is to derail informative threads.
  2. What a silly propaganda video. Show real football goals and saves and near misses and then show goals and saves and near misses from this AFL garbage, which as I understand it is not even a national game in Australia: great game, NOT!
  3. Vaccine or not watching a group of ugly, debased, dumb as faeces, tattooed imbeciles spitting on the turf? Let me think about it. Oh yeah, I'd rather go for a walk in the woods.
  4. There's countries in Europe where it's 15: Bulgaria, Germany, Liechtenstein et al. It must be something else?
  5. It would be good of you to do so. We are all like minded here. I'd think even DI would want some kind of a hint/summary of what's going on before delving deeper, especially if it means going across the country for a week or so.
  6. How does the Hadron Collider show there is no evidence for spirits? My understanding is that spirits reside in other frequencies and/or dimensions. Doesn't the HC just operate on our frequency/dimension?
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