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  1. I dance to all sorts 80s music. i would of been the best working in that decade.
  2. it would be over in a day. the real thing that needs to happen is to unmask. everyone is a wearing this mask and acting. we all equal so all rise when the play actors enter the court. wearing a badge or being a official... being unauthetnic and playing the role. the most inauthetnic are the politicans you hear them talking to you like its a script they reading and nothing they say is authetnitc or do they mean what they say and we know that. we have to do what we feel is right and not take orders or do what others might think is okay demask and become yourself.
  3. why dont you really defend ya right and get a compound crossbow them thins go through body armour like butter. line up and shoot at pigs. im inciting violence against violence
  4. my video showing i can do it better then michael jackson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUAzfLubR4g
  5. he tyrant. the tyrant allways is the protector who wants youre freedom for his protection. using fear and intimidation and a threat. if you do not agree to his protection he will beat you. the only way to remove a tyrant is to stand up to them and not allow violation. just like a bully in the room. being a hippie peacefull guy will still get you beat up... gain up on the bully and remove him from the room.. its the only way. when will you not allow anymore? you are being humainited and pushed to see what you will take and when you take it more will come. this is playground stuff bully tactics. the petty tyrant can win sometimes and then u can fight another day.. let them have thier little rush... but how much will you allow and not take this shit anymore.
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