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  1. Hi, Just made an order and would like to share for people making non UK orders. In case anyone else overseas has been put off before by very high past shipping rates from the store, it appears to be now just 20 UK pounds flat shipping, which is actually amazing. I just ordered 3 books, 2 cds and the football shirt and as said, shipping was just a flat 20 pounds as compared to the last time I tried to make an order in which shipping was more than the products I was wanting. Thank you to the shop for this.
  2. Thank you. We really live in very disturbing times. I don't know and I am not strong enough to accept dismissal. Thank you for the understanding and sharing.
  3. I've been told I have to get the 'vaccine' or lose my job. I can't afford to lose it as my back-up funds will last me 6 months at most, plus I have dependents. I have argued against it and provided so many articles that have all been ignored. This pressure is too much as the alternative is basically to say 'no', be fired and not be able to support dependents etc. Really, really pissed off by this fascist situation and I know the vaccines are fake, useless and that there is no Covid. But I need my job for my wife and dependents. I have been given a choice of the Pfizer fake vaccine or the Sinovac fake vaccine. At the moment, I am wavering towards having to take the Sinovac, but have not decided what to do. It would be a last resort to have to take the useless Sinovac jab, but there is no way I would take the Pfizer thing. For normal, working people across the globe, the current fascist globalist world is totally cornering us. I feel my example is an example of the fascist world we are now living in and people of our persuasion are massively up against it. There's no choice unless I leave my apartment after a couple of months and start to live on a park bench. The globalist elite are absolute bastards and while David Icke writes we must send love to them no matter what, I am struggling to do this at this time.
  4. Wow! It was amazing to see David live online via Ruptly from his short speech in London. He really spoke so well and got the crowd of aware people cheering. I rushed home this evening in HK to see this and it was brilliant. To be able to see David speaking live (I live in HK) was absolutely amazing and the first time I have seen him live online since his Wembley event. It's also great to see that David has a mullet again :)
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